Towleroad Talking Points: Niners, Koch & Coach of the Year

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Blasphemy! A shirtless scene was cut from Ryan Gosling's new movie! 


A look back at today's top stories


Well if this isn't coach of the year material, I don't know what is. A high school football coach in Alabama is being investigated after he was recorded making homophobic remarks and calling Michelle Obama a "fat gorilla". Classy stuff. Next door in Tennessee, the creator of the "Don't Say Gay" Bill thinks that anyone who disagrees with him should be medicated

It turns out that the world's most famous Catfish, Ronaiah Tuiasosopo, is a little more than just confused as he now tells Dr. Phil that he is a "recovering homosexual". Good luck with that. And in case you forgot, it seems like every anti-gay bigot is really secretly gay



In response to Chris Culliver's anti-gay remarks, gay marriage advocate and Baltimore Raven Brendon Ayanbadejo continues to show his intellect and his devotion to the cause. Who else is gonna be rooting for Baltimore on Sunday night? Meanwhile gay-related controversy continues to swirl around the San Francisco 49ers as the two players who appeared in an "It Gets Better" video seem to be trying to distance themselves fromit because they didn't know it had to do with gay kids. 


Rest in peace to former New York City Mayor Ed Koch who died today at 88. His lack of response to the AIDS crisis during his term in office continues to be a source of much vitriol. Also a new documentary explores the world of violence and bigotry that the LGBT community faces in Jamaica. 



If something your boyfriend keeps doing makes you want to crawl out of your skin then maybe you can relate to Vincent and Daniel's trip to therapy. All that high-school level biology boiled down to one short video. I know I am very slow thinking on this Friday. And now that Jimmy Kimmel is back at the reigns of his own show, he is free to present this week's tribute to the FCC


  1. says

    “History will not smile kindly upon those who advocated against equality,” said Kruzan. “The reason I was so pleased to participate this evening is that I want you to know that there are many elected and public officials willing to and wanting to recognize these unions. It’s time same-sex marriage was recognized by all. I would like you to meet some people who agree.”

  2. Casey says

    The Ronaiah Tuiasosopo case should give us all pause. If he was indeed sexually abused as a child (and it seems he likely was), given his circumstances (family, church brainwashing, cultural experiences, etc.) it isn’t surprising to see his behavior play out in such a bizarre manner. The abuse may well have led him to think he is gay when he may not be and in fact he may be “recovering” but not in the manner that we think of when we hear the term “recovering homosexual.” He may have been targeted as a child because his abuser perceived him as “gay” (and he may well be so). But it takes an understanding of the cycle of sexual abuse and how it can so violently destroy a child’s sense of self and obliterate healthy adulthood development and especially so if that child is indeed gay. It seems to me that recovering is exactly what he is doing and hopefully he’ll get professional assistance so he had discover exactly what he is recovering from and to further discover who he actually is.

    Clearly this is a very odd case and I understand why so many have jumped at the opportunity to comment on it. But as the facts continued to come out, I, for one, am reminded of myself as a younger and sensitive man and how painful biting comments could be and how grateful I was for the compassion and patience of others as I learned how to move appropriately in the world.

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