1. AJ says

    I was blown away that she went through. Wait until the public votes. She will be spinning on her a55 on the pavement so fast! It was BAD. There were easily two others that should have gone in her place.

  2. ATLJason says

    She had some problems in the middle of it, but it was the only performance last night I rewound and watched twice. I haven’t quite decided yet if I like her but there is no denying that I was entertained.

  3. busytimmy says

    Seems like she doesn’t have very good control of her breathing, tone, pitch etc. Why are people so easily impressed? Give me the Met Opera regional finals.

  4. Chip says

    Yeah, she’s just not very good. She’s belting/screaming at the top of her voice, so she’s loud, but not good. Even if she were good, she wouldn’t be good for very long with that kind of vocal abuse. Cute hair though.

  5. CKNJ says

    not particularly impressed… pitch all over the place and messy…. she is passionate about what she does though. Seriously though? A standing ovation from 3 of the judges? What were they listening to, it can’t be what I saw…

  6. Thomas says

    I like artists like Justin Vivian Bond who punch you in the face with their vocals.

    A few bum notes don’t matter, she assaulted that audience, which is better then boring them.

    I thought it was a good performance.

  7. Scotsman says

    This franchise is dated, screams “producers” over any merit of public vote, same as xfactor – the choice of judges alone causes most of the public to tune in only to encounter spoonfed wisdoms about being ‘en pointe’ when clearly anybody that can listen, can hear different. Most watch for the muppets that clearly are delusional. It’s point at tv. While we sit on our arses not doing anything credible, just munching.

  8. KM says

    I have to admit that when they first put her through to Hollywood and then when she survived Hollywood week I thought we were being punk’d by the judges but after that performance she is now my favorite thing about American Idol. I hope she makes it to the top 10.

  9. my2cents says

    did anyone else notice that Mariah, the only on on the panel who’s career has legs (whatever you might think of her) wasn’t full-on in the love fest? i do appreciate the others supporting this singer’s history and journey. a little ripple in this pond can make a big splash in the lives of others.

  10. Zach says

    I think she did amazing, for someone to do this song the way she did, Like Nicki Minaj said, I dont care what anyone says about you. I dont like Nicki, but for once she was right. I think Zoanette is amazing. Who cares what she looks like, she does have a bit of a voice. All people casre about is “looks”. Life isnt all about looks. She has passion and spirit, THATS why he made it.

  11. alexanerson says

    you guys don’t get the fact that it’s her personility. she’s the best in the competition right now believe it or not