A Slice of Kellan Lutz Beefcake


From Men's Folio Indonesia, via Just Jared, from a cover feature promoting his new film Java Heat.

And here's a bit of Friday trivia for you, via Neatorama:

In October of 1949, The Chronicle Telegram of Elyria, Ohio, made a reference to a growing trend in the movies. The paper noted that moguls were beginning to realize that the female half of the population enjoyed seeing well-built men. So in the movies, males with muscled chests were increasingly featured stripped to the waist. The Chronicle Telegram reported that movie cameramen had started to use the term "beefcake" to describe the phenomenon.


  1. Chriso says

    “The female half”? Who’s kidding who? I dislike how the gay fanbase is disregarded whenever mainstream press talks about men being the objects of desire. It’s obvious to me “Java Heat” will be way more popular with gays than women.

  2. jaragon says

    Kellan looks nice but the director has a perkier ass- oh please beefcake at the movies is nothing new- ever since the silent days with Valentino and Ramon Navarro Hollywood has been selling shirtless hunks.

  3. Tom Cardellino says

    From what seems to be water-retention in his face, with a much more “full” appearance from his neck up, my past experience tells me he’s on a heavy regimen of steroids. What’s so attractive about that? An aging beauty Queen resorting to dangerous drugs to amp up his supposed “appeal?” No thank you, and best wishes for your medical future, a la Schwarzenegger’s multiple late life surgeries and organ transplants. Such a shame that a natural beauty like Lutz should see it essential to do such harm to his internal organs to continue his career. Better make a ton of money, Kellan, because the doctors who’ll soon be doing their best to undo the ravages of steroids will be demanding quite a pretty penny indeed!

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