1. Icebloo says

    Oh good. More non news about Anderson Cooper. It’s been at least ten minutes since the last Towleroad update about Anderson and I was beginning to get withdrawal symptoms.

    I will check back again in 5 minutes. I’m sure we will have at least 3 more non stories about Anderson by then.

  2. CommonC says

    Expect an enslaught of Anderson bashing on the comments to follow. He’s, for whatever reason, considered the Hitler of the gay community. But machismo gays who do jack SH-T for the community sure are opinionated about everyoen else.

  3. DaLurker says

    @ CommonC
    I don’t think the people who bash Anderson are well adjusted gays. They are usually the same bitter -Jason- types who bash anything that is identifiably gay or part of the fabric of gay pop culture. They truly resent anything like that. Be it Madonna, Lady Gaga, Pride events, and now Anderson Cooper. They are so shamed and insecure in their own sexuality, they hate anyone who isn’t. And is perfectly happy to be part of the gay subculture and community.
    That’s your truth syrup.

  4. Jordan says

    I find it interesting that this is really the only gay site you observe intense anti anderson cooper posts. And not a few, but like a plethora of anti Anderson cooper posts. It makes it pretty clear to me that it’s coming from the same looney tune poster. That I don’t observe anti anderson cooper sentiments on any other blog, and people are perfectly happy to have him part of our community and celebrate his success tells me there’s one or two (at most) posters here with multiple handles who have an axe to grind with him. I agree with the poster above that they are probably not yet comfortable within their own sexuality.

  5. Jake says

    The blind vs. the blind. Why give out awards? Send the “Monsters” out door to door in Texas to drum up support for gay marriage. That Gaga woman left a long trail of sewage.

  6. J.T says

    I’m afraid until Andy forces posters to login in order to post, the crazy @$$ troll (ratbatard, jason, rick, uffda, andrew) will keep posting their drivel. We need to look at it and remind ourselves how much better we are as a human because of it.

  7. Leo says

    Let’s get something clear, the only people bashing Anderson on here are the types who bash EVERY gay person on here. They are the ones who bash adam lambert, and niel patrick harris, and shows like modern family, and forget poor chris colfer, they’ll stone him. They don’t like gay people, gay things, just gayness makes them have to confront the fact that they are still hiding in a closet. The whole meme about anderson not being out fast enough? child please. these are the same b-tches who can’t ever be seen at a gay club and hate Logo because it has drag queens on it.
    The self hating crowd talks a big game, but in public? they are the oens who describe themselves as straight ACTING and introduce their boyfriends as a roomate.

  8. Junior theo says

    God I love ANDERSON COOPER! Love him and his fantastic shows and his phenomenal success!
    What an amazing role model he is.
    Congrats on all the fame and MONEY and success Mr. Cooper!

  9. Joe says

    @ Dalurker

    I think people tend to bash what you call “identifiably gay” as a reaction to being pigeon held. To start, I am fine with Cooper. Seems like a smart, affable fella. To your point, I am quite secure and content in my sexuality. What is defined as gay subculture has nothing to do with my life and I do dislike that all gay people are assigned to this one tag. Being gay is more complex and multidimensional than that. What you are taking as resentment might be someone reacting to being put into a very limiting box that has no defining qualities of that person.

    For me, I am tired of people assuming the usuals.

  10. MikeBoston says

    I have no problem with Anderson Cooper. In fact, I would be happy to join Ben and AC for some recreation anytime. And I often watch his show – all good. But I don’t think he deserves an award from GLAAD for being an out media personality. He has been out for about 5 minutes after spending the first 2 decades of his career either denying his sexuality or being extremely evasive. Surely they could find someone more deserving as being identified as a role model.

  11. Amir says

    @ Joe
    In your quest to be edgy and not like every other gay person, you’re in fact predictable, very concious of it, very aware, and predictable- as I said earlier. And that’s your right…but where your “I’m passsable hetero” crowd gets into trouble is when you pass judgment on gay subcultures you don’t get or want to be part of, that’s when you lose the validity behind any of your argument.

  12. Justin T. says

    Joe (although you sound like a more toned down Rick)
    no one is trying to box you, it’s just, when you see lements of gay/queer culture like some pop music, or a pride event, or the rainbow flag….because YOU resent your sexuality being part of you, you demand others do as well. When they don’t, and when they freely and openly wave a rainbow flag, and happily go to Pride events, or celebrate Lady Gaga, you being insecure in your own skin, automatically assume everyone is enforcing you to do the same. They’re not. You’re projecting. And you want all gays to blend in with society and be hetero-approved like yourself. Not all of us want to, nor need to be lectured by your kind.

  13. Scott Johansen says

    If you bash identifiable gay traits, hobbies, interests in others because you feel it pigeon holds you, then not only are you absolutely insecure in your identity but you’re attempting to judge others for manifesting their life as they see fit. You are not qualified to do that.

    Much like a closeted man who feels threatened by male on male displays of affection, I notice guys like yourself feel threatened by that gay subculture mentioned above. Why is that? Why is it you need people to opress their likes, interests, hobbies all so you can feel validated as a gender conformative man? Great. You’re seemingly masculine, and not part of mainstream ‘gay’, yet others are. Until you learn to accept that, you’ll never ever be content in your skin. I assure you that.

    As Pride events will continue on for hundreds of years to come. As will gay clubs. As will the waving of the next gay iconic pop star, and rainbow flag. You’ll never have control over those things. Ever.

    Once you realize that, accept they may not be for you, and respect they are elements for others, you’ll be in a more enjoyable space in your life.

  14. 2 Dads says

    Scott Johansen,
    I have to say…I’ve really been loving all your posts. I don’t post here much, but I read and love your contributions. They are raw, candid and speak the truth in a very organic and real way.

  15. LazerLight says

    Anderson is a personal hero of mine. I love how outspoken and very transparent he is about being gay on his show. He’s not shy of mentioning attractive men, or gay rights, or his coming out at all.

    @ Scott Johansen
    Preach it!

  16. Tundra-Speaker says

    What I find interesting is there has NEVER been outrage over all the undeserving hetero celeberities who have gotten GLAAD awards in the past and have done absolute ZERO and I mean ZEROOOOO for our community.

    Anderson Cooper has shed light on gay rights and gay bashings and gay concerns for YEARS on his show and him getting recognized by gay media is making people angry?

    Shame on some of you. Truly. Shame on you.

  17. Jose says

    The reason some gays here passionately hate on Anderson and make snarky rmarks about him is because he’s gay. They won’t tell you that. They won’t admit that fact to themselves. But there’s an innate trait in many gay people that hates, yes *hates* seeing other gay males succeed. It infuriates them. They love nothing more than to see the failure of fellow gays. It’s partially their own internalized homphobia, and partially because misery loves company. But follow the trail. And examine any post on this site about any gay public figure…’s nothing but horrible, witchy, rude, nasty, catty remarks.

    Now post a picture of an athletic straight man and see those same people fawn over them.

    Anti gay isn’t just a disease that travels through heterosexual minds. Some gays are guilty of it without even realizing.

  18. Okie LAX says

    I agree with Jose. It’s very telling to me that a post regarding any anti gay politician, or entertainer gets about a fraction of the negativity a post about Anderson Cooper generates. That tells me our own community has to address it’s own self hate before we request others to.

  19. Thomas says

    Everyone, let us pause for a moment from the intense debate about Anderson and gay culture/subculture and remember: Lisa Rinna is now a spokesperson for Depends. Yup, Lisa Rinna.

    If that doesn’t make you feel old and help you realize that life is WAY too short to care how others live their life or think about the world (unless it directly harms you, of course), then nothing will. Just make sure you’re doing whatever you’re doing in a positive way and at least trying to make others’ lives better, and when you’re in Depends you’ll look back and feel pretty good about everything.

  20. Jerry says

    Gays often have a problem with more successful gays. No surprises there. I’ve encountered it many times. That’s why my partner and I have so many more straight friends.

  21. Chorus Banter says

    Seriously? a post about an anti gay basher gets like 6 replies and a few commenting on how attractive that hetero straight basher is, yet any post with Anderson Cooper gets dozens of replies, most of which berating every sqaure inch of him. If someone of you all hate gay men so much, why not just go do through with the conversion therapy already and get the ex gay rolling? You don’t have to be gay, and reminded of other gays who ARE indeed role models and WILL indeed be celebrated by the gay community.

  22. Joe says


    Did I bash anything? I was expressing a point of view to show how one might feel that way. You take an awful lot of liberties in your summation. I never once judged anyone for anything, nor did I condemn anyone. It seems to me that you are the condemning, judgmental and insecure individual. The mere notion that someone could exist outside of what you define as “gay” obviously threatens your existence and need to be defined as a person by what society determines. You have made some extremely incorrect, offensive and sweeping generalizations in your post. You are not qualified to do that.

    What my post was in reference to (and you have proven my point) is that there are gay men/women who are completely confident and secure in themselves that just do not subscribe to what is defined as gay culture. Much like someone just not preferring green over blue, it is just about personal leanings. Has nothing to do with insecurity and judgement. The fact that you jump to that conclusion shows your insecurity to me.

    You really have a limited understanding of what being gay is really about. I have plenty of respect for all individuals no matter what tastes they have. Not much respect for you, however.

  23. NOT an FDA says

    A lot of the anti anderson cooper comments are coming from a bitter, old, angry at the world, jaded, rather nasty shark named UFFDA. If you do a search on UFFDA’s commentary, it’s laced in anti Anderson Cooper comments. UFFDA has in the past said he knows very few gay people and doesn’t like to surround himself with gays. He also resents anderson for coming out because that makes him part of our gay community.
    Self hate is a mental disorder. UFFDA is that.

  24. jamal49 says

    Lady Gaga, you might wanna tell your “little monsters” to STFU. I was there in the beginning of the AIDS crisis. Madonna was in the forefront of advocating safe-sex. She was in the forefront of supporting gay men during that very difficult era when not many others were speaking up or speaking out.

    I hate know-nothing brats.

  25. Jay says

    Actually, don’t try to play martyr like your kind very carefully attempts to. This was your first sentence to Scott
    “I think people tend to bash what you call ‘identifiably gay’ as a reaction to being pigeon held.” so yes, indeed you did start your narrative with a judgment. You want every gay person to be fixated on masculinity and hyper masculinity and a facade like you do. All to appease a heterosexual approved norm. We all won’t. I know I won’t. I’m fem, gay, happy and not apologizing to a single soul about it. Certainly not gay men who think now that they have one foot out the closet door, they can start preaching to other gays about what being a dignified gay person is. Spare us your masculinity lectures. The gay community is once and for all calling out the femmephobia in it. And don’t think you’ll get a free pass by going in a corner and playing victim.

  26. Duration & Convexity says

    Stop reminding everyone how you’re not part of this subculture or that subculture. Stop defining what being gay is. Stop trying to school gay people on how they are misguided on what really being gay is. You’re doing exactly what you claim you’re a victim of. You think gay culture is fabricated and unneccessary, yet for some, they get great enjoyment out of that culture, movement, club, gay oriented event, and shouldn’t have to sit and listen to an apologist like yourself tell them what being gay really means. And I absolutely agree with others. You sound incredibly insecure in your own self. Skin. Being. Otherwise, you wouldn’t fixate so much on ‘identifiable gays’ and try to define them.
    Get a life.

  27. MikeBoston says

    Giving the Vanguard award to Jennifer Aniston (or any other pro-gay celebrity) isn’t a problem for me. And if they want to give a Vanguard award to AC I will be on-board. But the Vito Russo award is for being an ‘openly out media personality’ – and I just don’t think AC’s recent self-outing is sufficient to warrant the award.

  28. Joe says

    @ Jay

    I’m actually what most would call a “fem gay.” Nice try.

    You really missed the point. Nothing to do with pleasing the hetero crowd. It’s only about a broader understanding that gay culture should not be limited to anything. It really is not about masculinity.

  29. Gastelien says

    Oh God. I’m so over some gay men having to remind us how ‘not gay’ they are. STFU and stick a dickk in your mouth already. No one gives a damn. Stop caring so much about your image and how you’re perceived. Just be.

  30. Real Talk says

    Joe: Instead of looking for validation, and people to represent you. Learn to represent yourself and not rely so much on finding others to be like you. That is a sure sign of insecurity.

    Anderson Cooper knows he got it goin’ on! You go silver fox.

  31. Joe says


    Last response as it seems any deviation from what you believe is cause for rage on this site. Clearly that deviation leads to calls of self hate and insecurity.

    I never said how not gay I was. Not concerned about my image either. Which was my point. Meaning there are millions of gay individuals all with different interests and passions. That was my intention from the start. Does it bother when a co-worker female wants to go shopping with me as I would totally know whats hot? Yup. Not because I’m embarrassed, but because I am not a cartoon character. Would it bother me if we discussed a guy I was dating? Not at all. There is a difference. Being gay to me is probably the best thing in my life as it gives one a much greater insight into the human experience (not to get all new agey). It’s not about validation, it is about a broader understanding.

  32. Zee says

    I’ve watched Anderson bringing awareness about issues within the LGBT community on CNN for years in addition to his involvement with Elton John’s AIDS charity and the $50,000 Jeopardy winnings he donated to The Trevor Project recently. Sounds to me that he deserves this honor from GLAAD.

  33. Carlos says

    @ Joe
    STFU. No one gives a damn how you want to be defined as this diversified, non scenster gay man. NO ONE BUT YOU GIVES A SH-T. Trust me, and I say that respectfully. Guys like you with this irational fixation with how you are perceived by the public are so consumed with telling the world who you aren’t, and which type of gay you aren’t, that you aren’t actually living your life…and worse, you’re not letting the rest of us live ours. Be whatever person you want to be. You don’t like shopping? cool. Say so. Stop making yourself a martyr because there happen to be many gay guys who may like shopping, and you saying you aren’t one of them is this big dramatic issue in your life. No one cares. They don’t. They don’t care that you didn’t go to whatever gay bar. Or that you didn’t go to any gay parties. Or how normal you are. The frequency of guys like yourself highlighting how normal you are is coming off abnormal tot he rest of us.
    Just be, and live, and stop with all the observations.It’s annoying.

  34. Pixie says

    @ Carlos,
    that may have been one of my favorite posts I’ve read on here. For the cookie cutter gay crew who are so determined to tell us how they go against the gay grain; we’re all sick of hearing about it. You want a gold medal for being different, and dire need to remind the world that you exist. Sooo tired.

    @ Anderson Cooper
    He’s done more in the past few years for gay rights than I’m willing to bet every commentator on this thread combined. Now what?

  35. J.J. says

    I love to go shopping. I love trends, and would be considered femme. You said (verbatim) you don’t like to be assumed to go shopping because you’re not a cartoon character. Are you suggesting I am? see that’s the thing with your ilk. You think your intentions are far more noble than they are when you’re just as critical, catty and judgmental as the type of gay men you think you’re so above.
    I’d rather go shopping, be myself, be a gay, smiling, strutting, shopping happy guy then live my life through the lens of others labeling other gay men.

  36. Molc says

    @Jack M. The site was started by the Gunther Parche of Madonna fans-Jamuel da Silva, who also started the ‘Examiner’ website. He stalks Gaga and her fans and has already had similar sites-one about Madonna’s mother’s death-pulled, not surprisingly for legal reasons.

  37. Caliban says

    Out of curiosity, did AC’s show get un-cancelled? The only reason I ask is that months ago it was announced it was, but he’s apparently still on. FWIW I have nothing against him, in fact I think his show has improved since he came out, become more honest and feels less evasive. Which is why I thought maybe they’d changed their minds.

    And this “little monsters” BS is just another example of pre-teen Fan-dom, same as Justin Beiber, Twilight, etc etc. Whoever is their “hero” of the moment is THE ultimate and anyone or anything similar must be attacked. Just a bunch of ankle-biters swatting each other over the head with Tiger Beat magazines so far as I can tell. (And I say that as someone who has never liked Madonna.)

  38. Ted says

    @Joe…”The reason some gays here passionately hate on Anderson and make snarky rmarks about him is because he’s gay.” LOL. No. I don’t hate A/C because he is gay. I hate A/C because he is over exposed and really brings nothing new to the table.

  39. t says

    with an album titled “MDMA”, she certainly isn’t doing anyone any favors, except herself

    this blog stated earlier that she supported marriage equality. what did i miss??

  40. testington says

    I don’t have strong feeling about Anderson either way, but I don’t have cable so I only ever see him in these little clips.

    But can we talk about how damn psycho Lady Gaga fans are? Seriously, why does she think it is a good idea to observe her fans attacking veteran artists and not tweet at them to knock it the hell off.

  41. Graphicjack says

    Considering Gaga is such an advocate for anti-bullying, it is so ironic that her fans and supporters, from Elton John on down to her “little monsters”, are some of the biggest bullies out there and will stop at nothing, including spreading outright lies, to try to damage someone else’s credibility and career. Gaga needs to put her money where her mouth is and say that hey, bullying Madonna is just as wrong as straights bullying gays. If she doesn’t, she’s a hypocrite and deserves to be called such. I used to like her until her fans turned into “little liars and psychos”. Back off the Queen, bitches…

  42. keating says

    Anderson’s award is well-deserved.
    One question: is there any woman in his life, from his mother to madonna to Kathy Griffin to Lisa Rinna, who hasn’t had some scary surgery done on her face?

  43. andrew says

    @Joe; I really like Anderson Cooper and think that he is a great gay role model and deserves the award. You are of course entitled to your opinions. However, on this site, Little Kiwi and all his aliases and sycophants don’t tolerate disagreement. Hope you realize that Scott Johnsen, 2Dads, Duration& Convexity, Real Talk, Carlos, JJ and others are all aliases or sychophants of the intollerant Kiwi. Don’t let them or should I say him intimidate you.

  44. jd says

    I don’t think that people are really bashing Cooper, so much as GLAAD, which has come to be viewed as more interested in kissing up to stars than actually fighting homophobia. To some degree that’s just because the battles it used to fight so valiantly aginst casual homophobia really don’t pop up as often.

    And I sorta suspect the Gaga story is manufactured, though if you search Twitter for Madonna and AIDS, you’ll find like a million posts from idiots (mostly in Portuguese and Spanish,) going on about how listening to Madonna gives you AIDS and how listening to Lady Gaga cures you of it.

  45. FunMe says

    Who cares when Anderson came out. He is OUT and proud now and has a history of doing stories about GLBTs that helps brings visibility and more. CONGRATULATIONS ANDERSON! It’s a well deserved award.

  46. millerbeach says

    Congrats to Anderson. You have, indeed, worked for everything you have. All the best, kiss that award for me…LOL As for the haters here and elsewhere, shove it. I am sick of it. Madonna was there in the freakin’ FOREFRONT of the AIDS crisis…study history before taking up hate. I was literally flabbergasted when I heard of this. One may not like her, her music or anything else about her, but it simply CANNOT be said that she did anything anti-gay. I was there in the beginning. I remember. She was there for us. End of story, monsters. Go pick a REAL fight. Lay off, as you are pissing off a lot of “elder royalty”. We get really bitchy when we are pissed. Remember, Hell hath no fury like a scorned “elder royalty”.

  47. says

    if you dont’ want to be “lumped in” , “pigeon-holed (held? really?)” or whatever you can simply do what every other Out person does: live Out.

    you can’t be assigned something that doesn’t fit you. duh.

    guys like “Joe” always pretend, and lie online, that “stereotypical gays are forcing me to be More Gay and telling me I’m Not Gay Enough” and blah blah blah.

    not true. never happens. never will.

    what he’s actually saying is “I still worry about what Straight People think about me, and i listen to them when they mock and belittle gay stereotypes and i don’t want them to include me in that mockery”

    here’s my advice: start living the way those gay men you think you have little in common with are living; namely, stop being such a wuss and caring so much what others think.

    the madonna-loving twink doesn’t give a f**k. neither should you.

    nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission.

    you can’t blame out and proud gay men who enjoy being gay for your own refusal to check your own issues and do the same.

    and Coop, rock on.

  48. Jake says

    Anderson’s whole life has been an award. Maybe they should give him some back issues of Muscle and Fitness. As for the Gaga crowd, Why are we fighting each other, There are a lot of heterosexuals out there who would like us eliminated. Gaga should stop this or she’s responsible.

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