1. jamal49 says

    Of course. His defiance has made him even more popular to a certain constituency. He will fit in nicely with the new evangelical/conservative claim that Agema and anyone who speaks out against LGBTQ people in the most foul manner and are denounced for their vile opinions are martyrs and victims to the “homosexual agenda”.

    Look for Agema to make the rounds of the FOX/CBN/Heritage Foundation talk circuit discussing his new-found martyrdom.

  2. Bernie says

    and when he falls; and he will; it will be the gay’s fault!! and as the Republicans continue to shoot themselves in the foot even with their so called post mortem they will face a continued uphill battle and if they do not make real changes, they will become the party of obsolete

  3. excy says

    Ridiculous…and am I the only gay guy in the world that feels insulted when someone refers to my life as a “lifestyle”? I thought we settled that years ago. That word has been reappearing in social dialogue at an amazing pace.

  4. PAUL B. says

    It took me all of 10 minutes to do a search on the source he uses in his facebook rant for his “statistics”….and then backpeddles from it. Dr.Frank Joseph…catholic fanatic of course….linked to all kinds of hysterical catholic propaganda. I think if you quote a source to persuade opinion, you’re foot is already in your mouth. If the source is credible…you look good. If the source is borderline insane…you don’t look so good.
    Take your pick !

  5. Jay says

    Dave Agema knows in his heart that he is spreading lies. He can’t claim morality over lies, it just doesn’t work.

  6. Mike says

    Evangelical conservatives cannot accept gays as being natural or normal and to justify their non-acceptance they repeat again and again that being gay is a “lifestyle”. They want gays suppressed as they were in the past and encourage gays to go back in the closet, hide your real sexual orientation and use the brainwashing technique to claim being gay is a lifestyle – something we chose to follow not something we were born with.

    Again, the evangelical conservative, the Catholic Church and all other religious faiths who continue to discriminate and promote hate need to be removed from the American culture as well as the American shores. There is no justification being a member of the Catholic faith.

  7. Jim Stone says

    “The lady doth protest too much!” I wonder what his favorite all male porn sites are on the internet?

  8. Kevin says

    Keep in mind this guy is also the one who filed a lawsuit against private companies and colleges who dared to give insurance and other benefits to LGBT couples,saying it violated the gay marriage ban.
    Piece of garbage is what he is.

  9. says

    As another poster commented, he should investigate the legitimacy of his source before quoting it. Moreover, he needs to realize that people like him are the reason why homosexual men and women supper mental health issues. Unbelieveable.

  10. Hagatha says

    For those of you who were born recently, the life expectancy claims made by jackholes like this are all rooted in the work of discredited psychologist Paul Cameron. He brilliantly calculated this damning figure by surveying the obituaries in gay newspapers at a time when they were the only places that many gay people could get published a proper obit complete with names of lover and friends. So in essence, he did an average age at death of people who died from AIDS in the 1980’s and compared that to the life expectancy at birth for the general population or that of white males.

  11. Hagatha says

    I think that one thing that none of these various studies takes into account is the fact that almost all studies of gay people are self selected from a pool of gay people who live in urban enclaves.

    For comparison purposes, I think that if you were to survey white rural females who still live on the farm you would find that few would report the mental issues that the same demographic but moved to a major city might report. The poor rural woman doesn’t have the time to sit around contemplating her emotional issues and chemical imbalances. She doesn’t have a circle of friends who drink loose leaf tea and diagnose each other.

    Gay people, at least the ones I know, amuse themselves by becoming experts and throwing around expert terminology on mental illnesses and emotional issues. I have never met a group of people more delighted to discuss depression, compulsion, or bi-polar disorder… in fact I would go out on a limb and say that a good drag show would be impossible without the three sisters of mental illness.

  12. walter says

    more outreach by the gop to another minority . so far this week they called hispanics wet backs insulted blacks and passed laws against women’s rights . hey reince how’s the rebranding going

  13. Hagatha says

    He didn’t call hispanics wetbacks. He referred to a group of migrant workers as wetbacks, presumably because they were.

  14. mike says

    I know you’re not supposed to feed the trolls but Hagatha really. Using that term to refer to migrant workers is exceedingly offensive and you ought to be ashamed of yourself for tacitly endorsing its usage.

  15. Lynel says

    hahah these old religious farts are DYING day by day.

    Their frustration over equality is making them act out irrationally.

    So Christ like.

  16. Dr. M says

    When you read the paper it may say “Homosexual Murder.” This usually means a heterosexual has murdered a homosexual. Homosexuals, in terms of numbers in the population, are much less prone to sexual violence and murder than are heterosexuals. Read Homosexuality by Weinberg and Bell.

  17. Rick says

    Congrats – this item made it into Washington Posts’ ‘Worst Thing to happen to the Republicans’ this morning. I celebrate daily that the Repugs are literally ‘dying off’ ! Enjoy HELL !

  18. DC Arnold says

    Didn’t the “legitimate rape” guy do this as well? Waited out the storm and continued his campaign when the coast was clear?

  19. Onnyjay says

    Half the murders — really, half?? Thank you, half-baked nitwits, you show yourselves far more stupid than we cogitos could ever portray you.