Michigan Republicans Call for Resignation of RNC Official Dave Agema Over Anti-Gay Facebook Post


More than 20 Michigan Republicans are calling for the resignation of Republican National Committeeman Dave Agema over an anti-gay update Agema made to Facebook, the Detroit Free Press reports:

2_agemaAgema’s posting Wednesday, during U.S. Supreme Court oral arguments regarding the legality of same-sex marriage, was based on an online article titled, “Everyone Should Know These Statistics on Homosexuals,” which appeared under the byline Frank Joseph, M.D.

The post depicts gays as sexually promiscuous, rife with sexually transmitted diseases and responsible for “half the murders in large cities.”

Said the group, in a statement: “This isn’t about what we believe either politically or as women and men of faith. This is about common decency and realizing that you cannot win an election by insulting a wide swath of the electorate, whose votes our Republican Party needs to once again form a national majority.”

Michigan Republican Party Chairman Bobby Schostak is also telling Agema to get out.

(via talking points memo)


  1. Chitown Kev says

    This is a very coordinated PR effort by the Republican Party…it may change the tone but I, for one, need to see policy changes.

  2. chris says

    So, essentially, “This isn’t about human rights. It’s about winning elections.”

  3. Jerry says

    This guy is right. Thats how I turned gay. Homosexuality was SO popular in my school in a small super religous town in the south that eventually decided to try it for myself so that I could totally fit in to the community standards.

  4. says

    What a horrible Facebook post. However, there was a very interesting quote: “‘realizing that you cannot win an election by insulting a wide swath of the electorate, whose votes our Republican Party needs to once again form a national majority.'” They have finally realized this. Perhaps this is why Republicans have become a lot more open-minded since November 2012…they realize that their alliance with social conservatives is now hindering them.

  5. Patric says

    Where does the linked article state that Michigan Republican Chair Schostak is telling Agema to get out, as this post alleges?

    The statement from Agema appeared to be doing no such thing and instead only, as Chitown Kev noted, reaffirming the Party’s support for discrimination but in a manner which is less likely to be politically damaging.

  6. says

    yeah. because the last thing anyone who cares about “the family” wants is for that kid who comes home and says “I’m a homosexual” is for their family to welcome him/her with love, hugs and acceptance.

    this man is a vile bigot.

    good on the michigan GOP for doing something. now if they could only find the orbs to call out the anti-gay prejudice from their more prominent “leaders”….

  7. Keppler says

    Oh, pleeeaze. This is Michigan we’re talking about. There are more bigots per square inch in Michigan than anywhere else in the country…maybe the world. Agema fits right in.

  8. AJ says

    I love the half the murders in major cities part. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA What will they think of next. Excuse me while I go murder a whole bunch of people while having promiscuous sex and spreading disease.

  9. Derrick from Philly says

    LOL@ “… is finding the right shoes to go with our killing outfits.”

    Yes, and I haven’t pulled those stilettos out of my closet in years…and I thought I was totally “out”.

    And the Michigan lunatic is absolutely right. When I have a chance I intend to murder Rick and Old Lady David Hearne. If you knock off Old Lady Hearne you’ll get her creations Tonnd and Tyler too.

  10. Jack M says

    I love when these Bible-thumping, cultish Christians use the word “indoctrinate” when referring to gays. If anyone indoctrinates children, they do.

  11. Onnyjay says

    A Repig fop with a Peter Graves fetish should just keep quiet. He isn’t the first blowhard to rant about gay promiscuity (of which he is undoubtedly deeply envious), and won’t be the last. Meantime, we’ll keep on living the good life and helping however we can.

  12. DannyEastVillage says

    As far as I can see, filthy homosexuals are far more loving, tolerant and civilized than chrischuns.

  13. woodroad34 says

    I grew up in Michigan (left when I was 20). It’s not the same place. It was always conservative, but in a more rational way–almost like moderate Democrats are now (that how far right Democrats have gone). I just don’t recognize the filth of mind that permeates Michigan society now. It’s as if a poisonous cloud flew over the state and corroded it’s brains.

  14. Paul R says

    I’m concerned that I might be homosexual. I’ve slept with men and seemed to enjoy it. I also seem to spend a lot of time on websites with gay themes.

  15. AdamTh says

    TEA Party 2016 Prez ticket? Agema/Carson

    (Surely by 2016 the Republicans & Tea Party will have parted ways)

  16. DC Arnold says

    In the back rooms Repugs are applauding this with no real concern of the backlash.

  17. Jeff Long says

    Tell the 20 weenie GOPers to take a hike! Keep spreading the truth Mr. Agema!

    This is the platform of our Party.

    A former GOP chairman and state executive committee member.

  18. noone says

    It’s interesting observation I made, that pro-gay people are having something broken inside of them bein uncapable of understanding and embracing the most basic condition of a humanity – being a heterosexual. It’s saddening because understanding such simple fact of human identity and integrity is probably one of the most basic notions in human life. That is to say, that homosexuals have no integrity, and no notion being truly human.