1. ratbastard says

    What is this character babbling about? My observations of people with their smartphones in public, like on subways, is many come across like they’re somewhere on the autism spectrum. Where does he get emasculation from?

  2. Steerpike says

    I’m not sure that I want those damn things haging in front of my face 24-7. It’s bad enough having that irritating little piece of glass bleeping away in my pocket all the time. i’m seriously considering getting rid of the damn thing. It’s the greatest waste of time since television. Have a smartphone; do nothing else with your day.

  3. Charlie says


    The lyrics to one of the songs they were playing was “The old won’t get it” repeated over and over. I’m old.

    When he stuck that thing on his face all I could think was “You will be assimilated.” That is a cultural reference the young may not get. I also kept thinking of all the places you could not wear these. I was on grand jury duty last year and my fellow jurors griped ferociously that they had to surrender their cell phones with the guards. Of course, the reason they had to do that was because in the past jurors had been tweeting and posting pictures from the jury room.

    It’s just a matter of time until the government can get a court ordered wiretap and record everything you see and do. Or the way things are going they can do it on a ‘national security’ basis and not even require a court order.

    The old don’t get it.

  4. Kevin-in-Honolulu says

    Wow – A lot of vitriol here – I’m not a Google Fanboy or anything – but wearable tech is the next big hot thing, boys, and I’m surprised that none of you seem to accept it and are sniping at Brin for a poor choice of words.

    Brin has brains and vision – but he is probably not the best speaker – to many uhms and pauses. However, this invention is the first of many like it that will likely save some lives, as people continue to walk into buses and cars, and have freeway accidents, because they are LOOKING DOWN into a featureless piece of glass. They will be looking UP and will be able to avoid calamity.

  5. Toto says

    Nothing says hot and manly like a dude who looks like a nerdy cyborg. Guess the lady folk who have used this should give them to their husbands and go back to the kitchen!

  6. GregV says

    I think @GIJoe is right. He probably just doesn’t know what the word means because in his context it doesn’t seem to make sense.
    My first reaction is to imagine he means he’d be more comfortable with a Smarttphone shaped more like a phallus, but then I think that doesn’t make much sense and I’m back to thinking he mistakenly imagines that “immasculating” means something like “distracting” or “cumbersome” or something.

  7. mickyflip says

    Make fun all you want everybody. As for myself, I want one. And I don’t care what anyone thinks. I’ve been a cyberpunk for as long as I’ve been into guys. Why not have the best of both worlds?

  8. says

    I don’t like the hate for him saying emasculating. It’s his quirky word choice, don’t worry he like everyone is still an idiot.

    Also, glass is awesome, just like any brand new toy, and there is no reason to care about it. If it’s gonna work for you, you will get it.

    He is a total moron for thinking that anyone thinks that cell phones are the end of communication technology, come on dude, Warren Specter much?

  9. Andrew says

    Oh the sheep that will follow him because he said smartphones were emasculating. “Hey guys, having sex with women is emasculating, don’t you think. Have sex with guys instead.” I wonder if that will work?

  10. Unicorn says

    Aesthetically, I’m really not a fan of the unibrow design and afaik this can’t be used by anyone who already wears glasses like myself.

    I also don’t like voice activated interfaces in general. I take public transportation very often and the majority of commuters prefer to be quiet and keep to themselves.
    Smartphones allow you to discretely surf the web, play games, etc. If you want to do the same thing with these glasses, you would have to announce your commands and draw unnecessary attention to yourself. For a super-introvert like myself, that’s a big no-no. I don’t want to make it everyone’s business every time I want to check Facebook.

    Overall I like the concept of wearable tech and I’m open to trying it sometime, but this particular product has too many flaws for me to overlook.

  11. Caliban says

    I think the word he was looking for might have been “dehumanizing.” If he’s talking about “what your body is meant to do,” as in moving around instead of fiddling with a piece of glass that would kind of make sense. “Emasculating” limits it to just men, which I don’t think was his intent.

    But so far I’ve resisted all sorts of tech trends, from Facebook to smartphones, and those glasses just look really really annoying.

  12. Marc says

    I would never wear some f’n ugly glasses like that. My God, he thinks phones are emasculating? Those glasses will guarantee you won’t be getting laid tonight. Sure, they can do some cool things, but you look like a freak when you wear them.

    Until they become nearly invisible to my face, I’ll pass….

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