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Carly Rae Jepsen Backs Out of Boy Scouts Jamboree Over Gay Ban


After the urging of Eagle Scout Derek Nance and GLAAD, Carly Rae Jepsen has joined pop rock group Train in backing out of the Boy Scouts' 2013 National Scout Jamboree.

Tweeted Jepsen:

"As an artist who believes in equality for all people, I will not be participating in the Boy Scouts of America Jamboree this summer..."

Don't even call her, maybe.


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  1. Good for her! Stand up for compassion and free your soul.

    Posted by: Just A Fan | Mar 5, 2013 10:21:21 AM

  2. Good. These groups that discriminate are finding it increasingly difficult to peddle their wares to people who are fair minded.

    Posted by: john patrick | Mar 5, 2013 10:21:49 AM

  3. I'm very happy about this. Good for her.
    And on a side note, while her song may be played out by now, can I just say she's really likeable and endearing in interviews? Unlike some of the blown up pop stars (J.LO, Britney Spears, Rihanna) who I think are complete smug, cold and arrogant in every interview I see of them, this girl seems sincerely sweet

    Posted by: Jose | Mar 5, 2013 10:22:44 AM

  4. way to represent, CANADA!

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Mar 5, 2013 10:36:05 AM

  5. I literally want to buy her album more because of this. Good for her!

    Posted by: J Y | Mar 5, 2013 10:46:23 AM

  6. Heh. I hardly think she's in a position to be backing out of any paying gig. Oh well. She's replaceable.

    Posted by: LCR Jay | Mar 5, 2013 11:01:27 AM

  7. LCR Jay = troll, just like the rest of the Log Cabin Republicans.

    Posted by: MateoM | Mar 5, 2013 11:04:12 AM

  8. LCR Jay,
    How does it feel to know you mother effers are LOSING?! I mean LOSING like eating dirt off the ground kind of loss? How does that crow taste? huh? taste good?
    yeah, keep chewing at it.
    Bigots got owned!

    Posted by: Marcus | Mar 5, 2013 11:12:46 AM

  9. @LCR jay
    You lost the culture war. Now go cry to your parents. In their basement.

    Posted by: Observer | Mar 5, 2013 11:13:18 AM

  10. Can't compare her to Britney and Rihanna. Totally different level of fame and fortune. Do not know her personally. Looking from the business perspective, her manager or PR would have inform her by participating in this event, it will cause her way more down the road.

    Posted by: bambinoitalianoba | Mar 5, 2013 11:16:19 AM

  11. I like Carly. She seems good natured and fun, and this makes me like her even more.

    Posted by: JT | Mar 5, 2013 11:21:26 AM

  12. there's always ted nugent.

    Posted by: candide001 | Mar 5, 2013 11:22:44 AM

  13. So now the entertainment director of BSA is free to bring in someone who the kids will really enjoy. Someone who shares BSA values and can totally relate to children... Ted Nugent.

    Posted by: DavidAZ | Mar 5, 2013 11:25:34 AM

  14. Hey, I just left you,
    Your ban is crazy,
    So let the gays scout,
    Then call me, maybe.

    Posted by: Jason M | Mar 5, 2013 11:32:44 AM

  15. YES! YES! YES! This makes me happy. Congrats to both Train and Cary for standing up for not just gay youth but all youth, freedoms, and compassion. Traits that SHOULD be things BSA models itself after. But as is the case with many conservatives- they stand for all the negatives.

    Posted by: D.D | Mar 5, 2013 11:36:26 AM

  16. Even though I support the artists pulling out of this venue over the BSA policy towards gays I really feel sorry for the kids that did not make this policy and are being impacted by something adults are doing. Kids are way more tolerant than any adult and its a shame they will miss out because of their leadership. Just my 2 cents.

    Posted by: Dean | Mar 5, 2013 11:39:28 AM

  17. There's always Chris Brown and Tim Tebow.

    Posted by: bambinoitalianoba | Mar 5, 2013 11:52:23 AM

  18. Dean, some of those kids probably ARE in favor of dropping the ban, in fact some of the ARE gay but likely closeted, but the fact of the matter is they are participating in a discriminatory organization and there are consequences for that. That the BSA has lost their two biggest acts for their homophobic hootenanny just further emphasizes their anti-gay policies.

    And now that Train and Carly Rae Jepsen have backed out, any group or singer who DOES play the gig will have to do so knowing it will be seen as taking an anti-gay position.

    Posted by: Caliban | Mar 5, 2013 11:53:05 AM

  19. @DEAN--It seems wrong to assume that the scouting kids are really that much more inherently tolerant than the leadership, or will become more tolerant adults. Kids are impressionable. People who are intolerant are not born--they are raised in families, in churches, in schools, and in organizations like scouts.

    If I let my kid be in or stay in scouts despite all the recent developments, then that would also mean I had some misplaced values. Scouts is not about fun--it's about using relatively fun activities to form kids into "good" adults. Maybe having a half-a** jamboree will be the one thing that gets some of these scouts thinking, even if the adults in their lives refuse to do the right thing.

    Posted by: Thomas | Mar 5, 2013 12:07:53 PM

  20. @ Dean
    Which one hurts the kids more deeply...not seeing a performance by a singer (when they can attend one of her concerts) or seeing their good friends rejected, shunned, and made to feel like a criminal all because their friend is gay?
    Answer me that. And if you say the singer, then you don't know very many kdis and think they are as on the surface and shallow as you may be yourself.

    Posted by: Lee | Mar 5, 2013 12:26:29 PM

  21. @ Dean
    Or you could be more realistic with your thinking and realize this was an incredible teaching moment for the kids, and forces them to realize right from wrong, fair from unfair, and truly educates them. Pretending like nothing is wrong with the BSA policy serves no one. Especially those kids.

    Posted by: CommonC | Mar 5, 2013 12:28:52 PM

  22. Now I am a fan of Carly Rae.
    I wasn't before, but now I am!

    Posted by: arc | Mar 5, 2013 12:53:59 PM

  23. Artist?? She's a one hit wonder. Who cares? Anything for publicity.
    Remind KIWI that this is the United States.

    Posted by: Jake | Mar 5, 2013 1:00:07 PM

  24. Jake: Well, obviously they care, if they didn't care they wouldn't invite her in first place.

    And no, she is not a one hit wonder, it's true that she will probably will never have another hit as big as Call me maybe (9 weeks number one on billboard, and number one in a lot of countries), but the truth is she had another top 10 (on billboard and airplay charts).

    Yes, she is not Rihanna or Britney Spears, but the truth is she is way more gay friendly than both

    Posted by: jjose712 | Mar 5, 2013 1:31:08 PM

  25. Jake reminds me of a poster named Andrew.

    Smae andrew who repeatedly states that there's a propoganda by the gay community to target irish white men. And same andrew who always makes weird remarks about little kiwi in all his posts, much like UFFDA. And same andrew who really resents when entertainers speak up for gays.

    Andrew- go off yourself already at that make belief gay charity you pretend to work at

    Posted by: Okie LAX | Mar 5, 2013 1:49:53 PM

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