1. says

    Same old $hit from same old bigot :
    “If I offended anyone….
    “Some of my best friends….
    “I was quoted out of context….

    “Let spotted leaves fall as they fall”… Sylvia Plath once said…..

    We don’t have time for these left behind mothers.
    Bigotry is now being called out everywhere……I only wish that Oscar Wilde was here to see it.

  2. Kevin says

    One only has to read stuff he’s said in the past to know that sooner or later he would implode,especially with the hero worship he’s gotten at Faux news.

  3. Bernie says

    aw, such a gentleman……..ugh ……….”I love everyone”……..barfo… really means I lover the sinner, but hate the sin….if this guy is the new mouth piece for his ilk……we have nothing to worry about

  4. Bernie says

    aw, such a gentleman……..ugh ……….”I love everyone”……..barfo… really means I lover the sinner, but hate the sin….if this guy is the new mouth piece for his ilk……we have nothing to worry about

  5. Ant says

    If I were to comment to Ben that there were no dung beetles, no African wild dogs, just a few cockroaches, slight amount rat droppings and African Americans homophobes at the March CPAC, I wonder if he feel offended..

  6. melvin says

    First the 55 year olds reproducing like rabbits in the Supremes’ imagination. Now we get a side order of fruit salad. Colbert makes a better case for these people than they do themselves.

  7. Mark says

    So if I start comparing Dr. Carson to an ape or a chimp he won’t get offended because, you know, they’re obviously not the same thing.

    btw, you can scream “racist” all you want in my direction but those spouting that out, I can assure you, have never lived in a black neighborhood.

  8. Mark says

    btw2, sorry I’m just now watching the video, how can he sit there, as a black man, and say no one has a right to sit there and redefine the definition of marriage???

  9. Sean says

    Wow. Maybe he needs a history lesson. 50 years ago interracial marriage was illegal. We changed marriage to stop racial discrimination, but now we shouldn’t for lgbt discrimination. Okay Uncle Tom.

  10. Mark says

    OMG! I can barely sit still while watching this video!

    1st off, the Bible CLEARLY states, or so they used to say, in the Story of Hamm blacks are inferior and 100% condones slavery.

    2ndly, he wants to say we should have a civil debate without resorting to name calling yet he has no problem comparing gays and lesbians to pedophiles and animal f*ckers?

    Wow, and I haven’t even watched the 2nd video.

  11. DannyEastVillage says

    Look, guys: let’s don’t resort to a different kind of bigotry here: the thing Black people say about us are no stoopider than stuff some white or Latino people say. think about it, okay?

  12. Ryan says

    I think Dr. Carson is about as homophobic as any run-of-the-mill right-wing, Christianist conservative, and he certainly deserves to be discredited and ridiculed for that very reason, but the number of racist remarks in the comments section is just as disgusting. I’m not sure if they’re merely NOMers trying to execute their plan to drive a wedge between members of the black community and the LGBT community, but these commenters are as wrong and misguided as Dr. Carson’s views on gays and lesbians. Towleroad used to be a website where gay equality was viewed as morally equivalent to that of racial equality, and not a website that looks like a white supremacist thread.

  13. MateoM says

    Ryan, it’s just one troll posting racist comments to rile up the comments section. Most of the commenters are ignoring it. I wish Andy or some administrator would delete these comments.

  14. Jim Tideman says

    Actually, I’ll go further and say all donations to Johns Hopkins should be stopped until they distance the university from nut cases like this. After all he gets to spew this stuff because he is affiliated

  15. PAUL B. says

    And this is he next great hopeful Fox is presenting to America for 2016? Remember the last one…the one with the “rack” and big gulp in her hand? And that folks is why we won the last election and will win the next one. And they just keep banging their heads against the wall thinking that if they bang enough…we’ll listen. Are we listening to Beck, Palin, Romney, Rove, Sanitorium, or Ins-hannity ?? Don’t think so. Earth to Republicans….come in wingnuts!

  16. GB says

    For anyone who doesn’t know NAMBLA stands for the NORTH AMERICAN MAN BOY LOVE ASSOCIATION. You have to admit that it is a hilarious name. It strikes fear in so many.

  17. stranded says

    @*****: I didn’t know him but Allen Ginsberg was a member of NAMBLA, which is why I cringe when I see people trying to push him as a great gay icon.

    But on the subject of Dr. Carson, I can’t imagine letting someone operate on me who believes all that supersticious nonsense. Why operate anyway when the blood of Jesus will cure all ills? That this supposedly educated educator can’t even speak without putting foot in mouth says little for Johns Hopkins’ standards.

  18. Bob says


    If “Gays chase young boys” is on the table
    We also must place “Black men want to rape White women” on the table.

    Neither conduct is less than disgusting, but you know which of the two actually takes place more, even no one is supposed to be saying it.

  19. Rillion says

    You know, Ben Carson, assholes, douchebags, dickheads and bigots can try all they want to redefine apologies all they want but once we start changing the definition of an apology where do we stop? I certainly hope no one thinks I was equating Ben Carson with all those other groups I listed with him.

  20. J says

    The man doesn’t even believe in evolution. I suppose it goes to show that even people who are bright enough to become doctors/surgeons and scientists aren’t always more sensible than everyone else.

    It gives me hope for myself.

  21. DannyEastVillage says

    Bob makes a VERY good point:

    If “Gays chase young boys” is on the table
    We also must place “Black men want to rape White women” on the table.

    Good for you, my brother. Thanks for that.

  22. Lymis says

    Metaphor fail.

    No, Ben, it’s not like asking for an apple and getting an orange.

    It’s like asking for an apple and having someone say, “I don’t pass out apples. I don’t pass out cyanide. I don’t pass out ground glass.”

    The mere fact that you went there in your head says volumes about the connections you see in your head, and you don’t get to waffle by saying “well, I said they were different.”

  23. simon says

    We have to distinguish between a medical doctor and a researcher in medicine who won a Nobel prize in physiology or medicine. The former practices his/her profession from experience and the latter requires more creativeness. I always have reservation that a doctor is necessarily “bright”. It is like saying the football coach of John Hopkins must be “bright”.

  24. john patrick says

    The only argument these people have for refusing rights to gay people is “god said it and god created the institution of marriage.” Well, I and lots of other people don’t believe in their brand of god. Why are they trying to shove their beliefs on the rest of us? We’re not the ones shoving things down his throat. He’s the one shoving things down our throats.

  25. EchtKultig says

    Just curious, does the right wing pay trolls to post racist sh-t here…so that “teh gays” can be documented as being racists? Driving a wedge between minority groups? Right out of the Karl Rove playbook I’d think.

  26. andrew says

    It is hard for me to imagine a man bright enough to be a neurosurgeon, whose mind is trapped in the primitive beliefs of that collection of contradiction, vile moral teachings and mostly made up bloody history, called the bible.

  27. Bob says

    @Brian in Texas and EchtKultig
    — I went back and read most of the thread. If you think it’s off the table to point out that the oppressed is now hypocritically oppressing Gays, sorry!
    @andrew — Some doctors famously believe they are always right, and their word is to be taken above others.

  28. David Hearne says

    Stranded – If I recall correctly, Ginsberg was a member of NAMBLA because he supported their right to free speech in advocacy of elimination of age of consent laws. I don’t think he was a sincere member. While the folks on this board can probably comprehend the difference, people on mainstream and conservative boards are known to accuse even the ACLU of supporting NAMBLA’s objective rather than limiting their support to the issue of free speech.

  29. David Hearne says

    EchtKultig – Right wing websites don’t permit racist commentary as a rule. They do allow the truth to be spoken, which some here would consider racist, but they draw the line between that which is productive and that which is just supposed to stir the poop. So references to the stats of blacks on food stamps would be allowed but “lazy shiftless nwords” would not.

  30. David Hearne says

    Why are people here so eager for a room mother to police comments? Those which are true should not be excluded, those which aren’t will be attacked by other posters. Are you so conditioned to having language police that you can’t function in its absence?

  31. andrew says

    @Bob: your comment doesn’t address my problem. I don’t understand how belief in science and belief in mythology can exist in the same brain/mind.

  32. David Hearne says

    andrew – Joseph Campbell offers a wonderful explanation for how intelligent and educated people can believe in God. 

    God is a metaphor for understanding. There is much about our existence that we don’t understand. For all of their degrees, neither Creationists nor scientists can explain how you get something from nothing, ie the origin of the universe and life.

    Organized belief is a metaphor, a substitute for understanding that which is beyond our understanding. It’s rather like the understanding of light and how the eye works. The original scientists were incorrect about the particulars, but the concept was sound and it really didn’t matter at the time. So it is with a CReator. It’s a childish and primitive belief but you will find a lot of intelligent people who would rather adopt the belief system than spend each day trying to figure it out for themselves.

  33. jamal49 says

    Dr. Ben Carson is a “hero” to the anti-marriage equality movement primarily because he is Black.

    See, the conservatives have been looking for a few “good” Black Americans who share the conservative repulsion towards LGBTQ Americans and carry the message the LGBTQ rights are not civil rights as we equate them to the Civil Rights Movement of the 20th century.

    Carson is a doctor, a neurosurgeon. Why, he’s EDUCATED! Conservatives love that because they think that you can’t just write him off as a conservative crank. The conservatives also get off on people like Carson because in the storm of outrage over his inaccurate and insensitive remarks, any criticism against Carson can be passed off as “racism”.

    Conservatives seem to think that they can skewer progressives if they criticize a Black American who speaks out against progressive ideals by then calling progressive hypocrites and “reverse racists”. We’re not, of course, but that’s the conservative game.

    It’s like when a conservative-themed book by a conservative author hits the top of the NY Times best seller lists. But then, you notice the dagger symbol which means that “some book stores report receiving bulk orders”. Groups like the Heritage Foundation and other conservative groups buy those books in bulk and then pass them out at conservative con-fabs like so much Halloween candy.

    All of its is conservatism in its last, desperate gasp for relevance. I say, leave them gasping and let them suffocate under the weight of their own hubris.

  34. PAUL B. says

    Call me a simpleton…but since I’m not enlightened enough, nor pompous enough to pretend that I have the answer to creation…I’m content with the mystery.
    Not to mention the sigh of relief I breath knowing that I don’t have to control everything & everyone because I think I know what’s best. Can you say…organized religion, fox news, tea party?

  35. Hagatha says

    Andrew – I don’t have to, because it’s illogical. When I say something from nothing, I mean from absolute nothingness. Stephen Hawking has not explained how you get something from absolute nothing. He can’t explain it, because it’s impossible to explain. The Goddies get around this by simply declaring that God has always existed. If Hawking has found “the God particle” it’s still a particle and his theory has to be either that it has always existed (which is indefensible) or that it came into existence (in which case something must have preceded it).

  36. PAUL B. says

    They can parade the loonies all they want…palin, rand, carson et al. They just can’t keep from sticking their foot in their own mouth. Carson may be medically educated but an idiot in other areas. If you listened to the BS he spouted at the prayer breakfast…you wouldn’t let him in your house let alone operate on your brain. Like palin at cpac…total trash. He’ll be history shortly.

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