1. Strepsi says

    Typical American “Christians”: they are in favor of charter schools so that different values can be taught to the public system — until one of those charter schools disagrees with their Christianism — then they’re TOTALLY against them!

  2. Caliban says

    Wouldn’t it just be easier to announce when Christians (or at least the Christian Right) AREN’T “outraged”? Assuming it ever happens, of course.

    It’s kind of like how the Weekend Update on the original SNL would always announce, “Generalissimo Francisco Franco is STILL dead.” Of course they’re outraged. They LIVE to be outraged. Because they’re the “real victims” in all this, don’cha know. Just ask them, they’ll tell you.

  3. Thomas says

    STREPSI–Excellent point. Funny how so many people hate how that freedom sword cuts both ways. Fundamentalist pastors are probably going to try to issue fatwas next.

    Hopefully anyone living nearby will organize some large groups to attend and maybe even counter-protest if necessary.

  4. AggieCowboy says

    And, yet, they are perfectly happy to denigrate, be hateful toward, and “blasphemy” against other religions, such as Islam, but are the first to shout “Religious Freedom” when they’re accused of being “blasphemous and hateful”.

    The far right christianists really are so brainwashed into thinking that what they say and do is “love for their fellow mankind” that they are unable to see the true extent of their hypocrisy and ignorance and hate.

  5. Aepol1 says

    My parents are going to move from the upper midwest and retire in the Pioneer Valley in two weeks. Can’t wait to visit. And this makes me like the area even more.

  6. Jere says

    I saw the original production of this play off-Broadway (not the original cast, but toward the end when Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Lea DeLaria were in it) and it’s terrific and just the sort of thing that I can see being interesting for high schoolers to tackle. However, the original production featured a lot of full frontal nudity and I wonder how the school is handling that. I saw another production at a regional theatre in Memphis some years ago and what they did there was to have the cast where flesh-colored tights with cardboard circles hiding their naughty bits, as if to approximate the black dots that used to be used to censor television before the blurred images became fashionable.

  7. millerbeach says

    Oh, but what happened to freedom of speech and freedom of religion? Did the Christians forget about those, or are they only trotted out for specific instances in which they can be manipulated to suit their fancy?

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