1. PTBoat says

    Wow, it looks like the new film only shares a title with the original, and does look a little disjointed; however, like you, I’d watch Annette Benning and Kristen Wiig paint a wall. Their performances alone will make it watchable.

  2. Randy says

    Lionsgate, like many big copyright companies, don’t care what they take down with the copyright trolling. It’s not at all unusual for big copyright to take down their own posts with DMCA requests or other actions. Big copyright even regularly censor their own sites from Google, with the ironic result that pirate sites get better exposure.

  3. gr8guyca says

    I never get crushes on stars. Brad Pitt, nope. Channing Tatum, nope.
    Matt Bomer, nope. But there is just something about Darren Criss that is sooo adorable. He is a genuinely talented musician who can play piano, guitar, violin, and drums. He is a great song writer. Google his song, “Not Alone.” He can act, sing, and dance. And then there is an X factor called charm. Watch this performance. He’s witty, charming, cute and, well, hot.

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