1. Thomas says

    Looks pretty cool. And Gwyneth remains, by far, my favorite super hero love interest in comic book movies.

    On a sillier note, I admit to knowing little about the Iron Man universe, but every time I hear The Mandarin I think of the little oranges. Imagine if Batman faced….The Tangerine! And then I start thinking about The Monarch in Venture Bros.

  2. Moz's says

    looks cool

    BUT Ben Kingsly though a great actor , as the Mandarin is not canonical

    The Mandarin is Chinese and the whole point of his actions were very China centric. Wanted to spread chinese cultural dominance across the planet

    Staying true to the comic = a chinese actor could have

    1- provided a job to an asian actor for 1 in what should be an asian role

    2- touch on and discuss current socio-political issues about China vs the West

  3. James says

    @ Moz’s- I realize what you are going for…but Mandarin was only half Chinese…Chinese father and English aristocratic mother…

    much like the actor portraying Mandarin…he is of English and Asian parentage…

  4. Moz's says


    true, but not chinese asian

    The bits that showed kingsley reminded me of charlie chan…a white actor “chinesed” up with make up

    Will definitely watch this movie but Kingsley “chinesed” up with make up, a silk robe, standing near a chinese guardian lion statue just feels wrong