1. says

    God BLESS this man! this is recorded digitally FOR ALL TIME!

    WOW. who knew legalizing marriage and more gay couples entering into committed monogamous relationships would result in …uh…AIDS lesion outbreaks?

    interestingly – why is he so focused on gay male anal sex?

    oh, right. i know why. THIS is why:

  2. Matt26 says

    His family and friends must be very proud. I think it is wonderful he has spent so much time searching for info. Sadly he hasn’t learn to be critical on what to he reads.
    What a misinformed man.

  3. HadenoughBS says

    OMG, these wingnuts will stop at nothing and stoop as low as humanly possible to express their idiotic arguments against approving SSM. Conversely, I suppose straights shouldn’t marry because the wife (and possibly the husband) could get breast cancer and the man could get prostate cancer – neither of which has any more to do with opposite sex marriage than AIDS has to do with SSM. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

  4. GregV says

    So since AIDS is so prevalent in Africa among straights, his solution seems obvious: African nations (indeed, all nations) must forbid straight people from getting marriage licences. Never mind vaccine research, all STD viruses can be eliminated once and for all if we STOP encouraging monogamy and commitment.
    He’s a real “thinker,” isn’t he?

  5. Bill says

    Does anyone lipread? Somehow what he was saying seemed out of sync with the way his mouth was moving, so a cross check might be useful in case the video was dubbed.

    If he did say that, we can feel sorry for the officials who have to politely sit through such garbage. It’s hard to believe that someone could be as dumb as this guy sounded, but I guess people who believe the world was created in 4004 BC will believe anything.

  6. walter says

    what makes him such an expert on anal leisons?what does do spend all his free time inspecting them and if so where he perform his inspections. the man actually is an anal leison.

  7. johnny says

    Yikes, the stupidity is incredible!

    So, what about straight guys who like anal sex with their women? Or oral sex with their women? I guess they’re ALL gonna get AIDS, huh?

    The best part is the complete and utter self-assured way he talks as if this is irrefutable, scientific proof. He probably thinks the earth is 6000 years old, too.

  8. Jack M says

    This guy is totally ignorant of how HIV is transmitted via heterosexual sex, nor of how the comprimised immune system leaves the body open to infection.

    He also does not consider the idea that men are having sex with each other outside of marriage.

    In short, he is an idiot, but I guess everybody gets a say. At least he didn’t speak for long.

  9. Jayson says

    God please let SSM pass so I can have sex with the man i have lived with for 28 years. Because you know that if I can’t marry him I won’t be having sex with him.

  10. Michaelandfred says

    We actually need more idiots like this testifying. Every time they do any person with a basic 2013 understanding of the world has to see this guy and know what kind of insane discrimination we suffer under.

  11. will says

    “Wow if that look in his eyes doesn’t say crazy, he removed all doubt when he opened his mouth.”

    I had the opposite reaction. It’s the very fact that he is NOT crazy looking and able to say this stuff with a cool physician-like detachment that is scary.

  12. Kevin Foster says

    There is no Christian gene! Millions of people have left the filthy Christian lifestyle. We need to off hope and healing to those afflicted with Christianity.

  13. anon says

    He’s probably wondering why he can’t get any.

    Actually, public hearings are notorious for completely nonsensical testimony on any issue you can name. Just look up fluoridation of water testimony (perhaps on youtube) for a taste of time wasting paranoia.

  14. BobN says

    “See, baby? This guy’s right. You and me, we don’t need no stupid condom. And, don’t worry, I’ll pull out so you don’t get pregnant.”

  15. eyescintilla says

    Wing nuts fail to realize that one can be in a ss relationship and not have anal sex, just as one can be gay and celibate at the same time. Gay does not always equal anal sex.

  16. John says


    You are kind of missing the larger point here. Yes, you can be a gay couple and not partake in anal sex, but there is a larger narrative that Pastor Frey fails to grasp.

    Allowing same sex couples the right to marry would most likely, and in most cases, decrease the amount of sexual partners that the gay married couple would have. This line of thought forces me to address the hysterically clueless Frey on a more ridiculous view. His ignorant comments suggest he believes that if a gay couple cannot get married those individuals will not be having gay sex, anal or otherwise, with anyone else. Wow! Just Wow! And people seek guidance from this man!

  17. Jason says

    Perhaps Mr. Frey should commit himself to working on the health risks associated with increased BMI. Seems appropriate he address his own issues first, then if he has time he can argue for anti-LGBT legislation.

  18. says

    Yikes !

    Are we all supposed to be having anal sex ?

    And same sex marriage will change what ?
    And what’s with the “lesions” and the “boils” and the “colds” ?

    He’s just another gentrified bigot.
    Dress him up and let him out…….he did not even mention love or affection or devotion or the right to pursue happiness or equal civil rights…..all anal sex….

    I think he has issues.

  19. Swinedance says

    I find the act of gay sex disgusting to say the least. At the same time, those who do not and who engage in it should have all the rights that everyone else has. They should be able to relationships with whomever they want, whenever they want and the right to be just as happy or as miserable as we everybody else is.

  20. Randy says


    Well good for you…If the mere thought of gay sex disgusts you why the hell are you even on this site. It is primarily a gay site with gay issues you know! (psst…gay men who have gay sex visit here)

    Here’s a little tip for you, your sex disgusts us too! Now go away!

  21. MAP says

    Once again those on the anti marriage equality side have no good argument or reason to stop SSM so they put some poor sap up to this..”We cant win with truth so we will use fear and illogical reasoning”

  22. says

    You find “the act of gay sex disgusting”.

    we atre gay. We do have sex.
    Who cares what you find disgusting ?
    Of what possible relevance could that be ?

    I may not be altogether joyous about straight sex but I don’t go to their web sites to say that.
    Having gay sex is not compulsory, so whatever rings your bell !
    But don’t tell us you find us disgusting.

  23. Firestorm says

    So basically, his anti-gay diatribe boils down to the 2 major things that Christians always resort to justify their hate:

    1) Outright lies and misinformation


    2) “Gay sex is icky!”

  24. Bill says

    @Lymis: “Who allowed enzymes without adequate testing?” That reminds me of how I’ll sometimes joke about asking “God” for a recall whenever various joints / tendons / what-have-you are sore from overuse at a gym, due to running, or other “wholesome” activities.

    If that is “intelligent design”, the designer is an idiot! Can I file a product-liability lawsuit against God in federal court? The best the Christians can do is to say, “If God intended man to [insert activity of your choice], he would have designed the joints and connecting tissue so it would work well for that activity.” But, God did not give me a disclaimer or warning when I was born – “Not for use for [insert activity of your choice].”

  25. Bill says

    @Jason: it is not “PC” to make fun of people with an abnormally large BMI even when they deserve it.

    And some do: I once had a guy who was under 30, very obese (looked like he was 8.5 months pregnant), and who smoked like a fiend, tell me I was “suicidal” because of the “wholesome outdoor activities” I liked (there was the possibility of a long vertical unplanned drop).

  26. KFruit says

    Anal sex is the elephant in the gay marriage room. All the equality talk can’t hold a candle to the anti-gay imagination. They know where crap comes from. Advocating crap is no easy job. Americans are afraid of their asses. Even if straights may engage in anal sex, gay males have cornered that market in the anti-gay-family mind.

  27. Thomas says

    I decided to wait until today to watch this, because yesterday I knew I might go punch something if I heard another senseless diatribe being allowed in “civil debate.” I needed to build up my tolerance for stupid.

    Turns out I could not have possibly waited long enough to endure this. Did this man even get a high school degree? Did he sleep through health class? Basic biology? Basic…logic? GUH. Words are failing me right now.

  28. Cole says

    Ummm hello? Can you say “closet case cock fiend” def a self loathing Closet Case if I ever saw one. Honestly, there is nothing worse.

    Just sayin!

  29. JohnAGJ says

    Swinedance said he/she found gay sex to be disgusting, not gays themselves. There are many gays I know who feel the same way about straight sex. So what? He/she expressed support for SSM despite his/her distaste for how we like to get our freak on, so to speak, which is fine with me. I’ve only asked for equality, not for straight people to celebrate each and every sexual act they may not like to do themselves.

  30. John Bogosity says

    When ignorance was ejaculated into this guy’s anus there was no barrier to prevent it from entering his bloodstream and causing what we know as ARWNJS (acquired-right-wing-nut-job-syndrome).

  31. Burt says

    This guy is a pastor of a one-pastor ‘church’ with a fancy-sounding degree that doesn’t require a lot to obtain, who espouses his own brand of theology in the State next door. He’s not even a resident of Minnesota. He should go TF home and stay there.

  32. Mundus says

    It says a lot for the stoicism, good manners and tolerance of US citizens – here in Europe people would have been rolling in the aisles with laughter at such palpable idiocy, such as that which this unfortunate man has advocated.

    Happily, on any continent, nutjobbery is nutjobbery – with opponents like this supporters of SSM hardly need allies. . .

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