1. Alex Parrish says

    Was there an actual head-count at either event? Room size and camera angle can be deceptive. I hope what appears to be true was true. but a large room can seem empty with the same number of people which would make a smaller room seem full. I’m just sayin’…

  2. ian says

    “Join us in building a better coalition that can win and use it in making America better.”

    – we have a coalition already trying to do this. It’s known as the Democrats and everyone else working against the GOP.

    “The message projected by LaSalvia and, echoed by his fellow panelists, was that government intervention in how people live is not the conservative way.”

    – no, it’s the Liberal way, as in Liberty.

  3. Caliban says

    I count 17 people in the audience of that NOM photo and I’m being generous. If a shadow looked like it *might* be a person I counted it.

    Apparently thousands of (paranoid nuts) people attend CPAC so that is really pitiful attendance. Even the wingnuts don’t really care that much about the “scourge” of gay marriage anymore.

    Jeez. Let it go!

    You have to kind of wonder about the mental health of people who are THAT concerned about gay marriage, considering it really doesn’t affect them at all. The biggest news from the Prop 8 trial was that NONE of them could explain how it impacted them other than, “Well, the BIBLE says…”

  4. anon says

    I believe that some people get into CPAC for free but most have to pay and then some of the events have tickets (those with the most popular speakers) while most are free. This can affect turnout for each event. Also, the time schedule (early or late) can affect turnout too. That said, NOM doesn’t have much of a future except to perhaps protect the gains they’ve already made in 38 states with constitutional amendments against gay marriage, the action is now at the Supreme Court and not the states and the crowds trend young at CPAC–they keep voting libertarian in the straw polls–so this makes sense. CPAC is almost self defeating.

  5. Lalala says

    “…ay groups GOProud and Log Cabin Republicans were barred from the conference but found a way in via this panel..”

    It makes me sad that they’d rather hustle their way in to a place where they aren’t wanted then stand up straight and walk proudly amongst a democratic party that is overwhelmingly (not totally… I’m looking at you, suburban Illinois Dems!) trying to fight for their rights.

  6. epic says

    It’ll be cool when “the conservative way” abandons entirely the gay scapegoat-ism and anti-family agenda in favor of being inclusive.

    At that point, where will the bigots and haters all go ?

    I guess we may finally eventually have a third party in the US.

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