Guess Who Stepped in to Give Food to the Utah Scout-O-Rama After Chipotle Backed Out?


The Salt Lake Tribune reports that Winger’s Roadhouse Grill, Utah Sports Lodge and Madeline’s Steakhouse are stepping up to support the Boy Scouts by providing free food for the Utah Scout-O-Rama after Chipotle backed out because of anger over the group's anti-gay policies.

Winger's is trying to balance its anti-gay giving by donating an equal amount to the Utah Pride Center's Queer Prom on April 20. The Queer Prom is an annual event for LGBT youth and their allies.

The Trib reports:

President Curt Gray said in a Friday afternoon statement that Winger’s acceptance of diversity "is what makes us great." Both the Boy Scouts of America and the Utah Pride Center are helping to support and build leaders for America’s future, Gray said, noting the center’s work to support lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) youth who are "bullied and too often rejected by family and peers."

Valerie Larabee, executive director of the Utah Pride Center, said Winger’s and the center found common ground Friday and "a way to recognize the needs of all youth." "…We know there are gay and transgender scouts who will be proud to know their prom is also being supported by the owners and employees at this company," Larabee said.


  1. Bev says

    How does donating to a “queer prom” counterbalance a donation to the anti-gay Boy Scouts? Both are homophobic. The Scouts tell us that we are queers, i.e., permanent outsiders. And the prom tells gay kids that they are queer too. It is the same poisonous message and thus both donations are anti-gay.

  2. Michael says

    There is something to be said for “convincing” as opposed to “coercing.” These people are willing to be part of the dialogue. Sure, the BSA is “anti” equality. But, it isn’t the fault of the scouts. It is the leadership. I would challenge the BSA to admit the donation, AND THE REASONING BEHIND IT. That would be the beginning of a discussion. And, that discussion needs to be “different is not wrong.” Scouts can handle that. Can their leadership?

  3. John in Houston says

    They don’t get it. Yeah, it’s great to donate to the Queer Prom, but by donating to the BSA, they’re letting them know that the discrimination they practice is okay. At its foundation, it comes down to a simple decision that the BSA has to make. Is the purpose of the BSA as an organization to promote scouting or is it to perpetuate a religiously-based intolerance? At the moment, they’re choosing the latter. If their stance changes, I’m sure that even they’d be surprised by the new and renewed support they would receive.

  4. Thomas says

    Supporting diversity means supporting treating people who fall into different categories equally. It does *not* mean supporting those who are for equality and those who are against it.

  5. Tom says

    Idealism is great.

    Until you don’t have anyone in a place supporting you at all in any real, practical way…

    For all the impassioned negative comments about the support freely given, I have to wonder how many of the commentators have actually DONE anything FOR the people in question in that area they proclaim their concern for. I’m pretty sure none of you have done anything.

    So STFU, or put up. Hypocrites !

    What does it say about YOU, when “bigots” give us more support than YOU have ?

  6. JJ says

    @Tom has a really good point. It’s just like what people have been realizing about slave owners lately. They really weren’t the bad guys everyone makes them out to be. I mean, sure, keeping people in forced labor and captivity wasn’t ideal, but the slave owners made up for it by housing and clothing and feeding them. That’s a lot more practical than anything the Abolitionists did. For all their impassioned negative talk about Slavery, I have to wonder how many of them actually DID anything FOR the slaves they proclaimed concern for. I’m pretty sure the vast vast majority of them did absolutely nothing. Hypocrites! What does it say about Abolitionists that so-called “bigots” gave slaves way more support?

  7. JJ says

    But seriously, my sense is that the prom food is not so much a donation as a fee for service–the service being to launder Winger’s support for bigots. The question is, does Utah Pride provide this service? If this is the same group that organized the SLC Pride march and welcomed the Mormon group that asked to march, then I think yes, they do provide that service.

  8. TonyJ says

    JJ, I suspect that you mean well.

    I guess you’d be OK with being a slave as long as you got food and housing?

    Also, the later generations of abolitionists supported affirmative action and all equality measures.

    Sorry, but slavery could never be morally justified. Slave owners just were people of poor morals, no matter how you want to spin it… I don’t blame you for it, but your logic is way off….

  9. Daddy Todd says

    Just got off the phone with the Utah “Pride” Center (I used to sit on its board.) It’s Executive Director, Valerie Larrabee, has become the Utah Gay Pope, issuing indulgences against homophobia in exchange for trivial donations.

    I’m utterly disgusted.

    If you feel the same, they can be reached at 801-539-8800.

  10. TampaZeke says

    JJ’s comment was clearly sarcastic and satirical.

    In this age of insanity you have to be careful with clever, intelligent satire. Poe’s Law will bite you in the ass.

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