1. octobercountry says

    Eh, the comparison doesn’t really make sense, because from what I know you CAN’T plug a regular appliance into a 220 outlet—the plugs don’t fit.

    Two men together, however, can plug into each other in a variety of ways just fine, no problems—ha!

  2. MikeBoston says

    Setting the religious fanaticism aside, almost all new televisions can operate of any voltage between 110 and 240. Even his bigoted analogy fails.

    And I don’t remember god’s sketch pad mentioned in the bible.

  3. RONTEX says

    What is up with their freakin’ obsession with anal sex! Do they think men and women DON’T have anal sex? This is why people are turning from Religion en mass, good riddance fossils

  4. husky says

    Not only is MikeBoston right about new TVs running on almost any voltage, but almost all newer electronics of any kind will run on anywhere from about 98 to about 240 volts.

    More important, this pastor doesn’t even seem to know Genesis very well. Good made Adam, and then, after he saw that Adam was lonely, God made Eve from Adam’s rib to make her obedient. So there was no “sketchbook” or pre-planning involved. And of course, the B.I.B.L.E. (to steal a little from a Big Gay Musical) doesn’t mention Lilith at all.

  5. Tab says

    So he knows how explosive & fantastic gay sex can be- You may bust your TV- but hey- the repairman is there & he can come back with a new one for you……..

  6. Matt26 says

    Sometimes it is impossible to believe these things happen, but there he is in that show. Must be wonderful to sit and listen those words. Where are these people (really) coming from and what are they thinking all days long?

  7. YsoSerious says

    I don’t even have to listen to this, but the guy he’s talking to is gay. GAY GAY GAY.

    Self-loathing folks are as bad or worse than those who beat us up.

  8. QJ201 says

    He doesn’t realize that this literally translates as:

    When you put a penis (the cord/plug of your TV) in someone’s ass (the wrong type of outlet) you have an orgasm (the TV blows up).

  9. Acronym Jim says

    Why is it that every time I hear or see this guy, I picture him dressed as Tammy Wynette and screaming “can you see my p*ssy now?”

    It’s truly a mystery.

  10. Kyle says

    A common logical fallacy called “weak analogy”. It would seem that male anatomy is well-equipped for gay sex, even miraculously so. He might want to give this a second thought. It might make him realize, “Now wait a minute, maybe this all was meant to go together.”

  11. anon says

    Most TVs I guess are bi-voltage.

    His viewers need to believe all this nonsense otherwise their whole world view blows up along with their self-esteem. It’s like every parent that thinks their kid is “above average”.

  12. says

    Of all the comments thus far… no one has pointed out one (the biggest, IMO) glaring problem with his analogy…

    “I want you to think about this, one time in Heaven, God was sitting up there with his sketch pad and he said, ‘You know, I’m going to design human beings and wouldn’t it be fun if they started doing this together with one another?’ I mean, think about it. God dreamed up sex! He thought it up for our enjoyment! He gave us the equipment to enjoy it with.

    And here’s how it operates. It should be between a man and a woman…”

    If God “made us for sexual pleasure” and that it was strictly for male-female unions.. why the hell did he put the male g-spot (prostate) in the male’s ass?? Seems to me “God” made the male body with the full understanding that having a cock poke around up there is a pretty awesome thing… Maybe that’s just me tho. 😛

  13. says

    The Fringies are grasping at any straws they can find in a desperate last ditch effort to pray away the gays.

    The masses will ultimately realize that the archaic “tools” who insist on placing themselves in front of cameras to flaunt this sort of buffoonery are, basically, suffering from a sort of Bible-based dementia.

    To think that sex takes place only between couples of the opposite sex and only when said couple is married in the eyes of the government is ludicrous, juvenile, uninformed and dangerous.

  14. JESS Kalinowsky says

    I wonder where this man is buying his mind altering drugs? It is a matter of time before he is caught in a very compromising situation and has to eat this words!

  15. simon says

    He of course is talking about intelligent design. The recent advance in evolution theory has dealt a fatal blow to this kind of nonsense. As expected, he is ignorant of scientific progress.
    Research on the fossil records in Burgess Shale, Canada and elsewhere discovered that there were a lot of “design faults” in early creatures about 500 millions years ago. Most of them were extinct and only a few evolved into modern day species.

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