1. Dback says

    How lovely. Reminds me of the Kander and Ebb song “Colored Lights.”

    You have to admire someone who puts such things in the world, compared with your Eli Roths, your Sylvester Stallones, etc. (Not to diss, just to point up the contrast.)

    And Daws, get in line. :)

  2. Tim says

    It’s spring. Time for Andy to latch on to yet another straight movie star. They always seem infinitely more interesting than any one of the thousands of gays that read this sight. Let’s worship together in awe at this mesmerizing, cock tease fantasy. Let’s be united in our desire for unattainable straightness.

  3. Frank says

    What’s wrong with lusting after straight guys? He’s not any more unattainable than Ricky Martin or Anderson Cooper. You think straight guys worry whether a girl is straight before beating off?

  4. Charles says

    Morons haven’t noticed that NOT EVERYTHING on this site is explicitly gay-related or political: there’s a lot of stuff that’s just cool: music and art and cinema news. And Goddamnit, Joseph Gordon Leavitt plus sparkly art-photography is EXACTLY the kind of thing I want on my gay blogs, thank you.

  5. gr8guyca says

    Andy does a great job of finding interesting things – some gay-related, some not. It’s his blog and he can take it wherever he wants.

    Personally, if it was “all-gay, all the time” it would be boring.

    btw, J G-L. I barely recognized him. Is he just filling out with age
    or pumped up for a movie role? He’s gone from geek to hot.

  6. Pay attention, people says

    This is an ad; it is not some hip art project by Joseph Gordon-Levitt. If you click through to youtube, you will find that it was produced by, which is a venture fronted by JGL and backed by Levi, the apparel company, and Sony. JGL is wearing Levi’s jeans and holding a Sony camera.

  7. Zlick says

    Pfft, if it’s an ad, it’s as subtle as I could ever wish advertising to be.

    Thank goodness this site is not strictly all gay news. Yawn. The side ventures into the arts and sciences are widely appreciated.

    And yeah, the projects of men, straight or not, who are the common objects of gay objectifying are also covered routinely. I’ll gladly watch JGL feed his cat, so I think Andy’s got his finger on the proper pulse.