Kentucky LGBT Activist Chris Hartman’s Car Damaged, Defaced with Swastika During ACLU/Fairness Campaign Dinner


During the Kentucky Fairness Campaign's annual dinner with the ACLU on Friday night at the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Fairness Campaign Director Chris Hartman's car was the target of an apparent hate crime, WFPL reports:

CarFairness Campaign Director Chris Hartman left at about 11:30 p.m. and discovered that his car parked near the Ali Center had been sideswiped while parked on the street—the mirror damaged, the side dented and scratched. He called Louisville Metro Police to file an accident report.

Officers noticed more. A swastika was drawn in black marker on a Fairness bumper sticker. Two Obama campaign stickers were defaced, too—"F— You" written on one and devil horns and fangs written drawn on Obama's face on the other.

Police are investigating it as a hate crime, Hartman said Sunday in a teleconference call. He plans to contact the Kentucky Human Rights Commission and may also file a hate crime report.

There's no way of knowing whether the vandalism was targeted at him in his capacity as one of Kentucky's leading activists for LGBTQ issues, Hartman said.

On Friday, Governor Steve Beshear vetoed a bill that would have protected the rights of businesses to discriminate against gays based on releigious beliefs. The ACLU earlier this month had expressed concern that the bill might be used to undermine existing LGT Fairness protections for individuals covered by local statutes in Louisville, Lexington, Covington and Vicco, Kentucky.

The Fairness Campaign is now urging its followers to: Leave a message for "House Leadership" & "My Rep" to UPHOLD #HB279 VETO! 800.372.7181