1. niles says

    I see JT has entered into the take me serious now phase of the overblown artist cycle.

  2. aj says

    Justin Timberlake is yawn-inducingly bad. He doesn’t even have a good singing voice. He’s a bundle of hype with an ugly face.

    I’ve also been wondering if he’s one great big closet case. Let’s just say there’s been innuendo to that effect on another site….

  3. bandanajack says

    has anyone else noticed that with the new retro hair styling timberlake is unexpectedly handsome? i want to call that an old school pompadour, but whatever it is, it works for him, and renders him nearly unrecognizable. all that is assuming he hasn’t had some work done that i am too unaware to notice.

  4. Ken says

    I like him, I think he’s talented and good-looking and personable, the song is okay, but I don’t understand the video.

  5. Remote Patrolled says

    I agree on the new hair – definitely looking good these days.

    I was lukewarm on Suit and Tie but love Mirrors – great song – and different to a lot of stuff on the radio.

    I just wish Timberlake was more of an advocate for gay rights. I can’t recall him ever really taking a stand or voicing his support beyond a few mild words when Lance Bass came out. Please let me know if I’m wrong on this.

  6. Bart says

    I like him as a character comedy actor. Don’t see him as a leading man. As for his singing career, I think he entertains. I do not see him as the male Beyonce as is the marketing plan.

  7. RONTEX says

    What’s so hard to understand about that? He told the story of his Grandparents love through the years, how they learned to move as one spirit, what it’s like to lose that when one dies. The ring passed down to him signifies his desire to find his one true love as they did. He is looking pretty good these days and I like his music, always sounds like JT, no one else.

  8. Paul R says

    He’s about as gay friendly as one could expect from someone with tons of teen girl fans. His music isn’t the type I listen to, but this video is cute—especially the androgynous/drag bit at the end. No reason to be malicious toward him.

  9. nikko says

    AJ, Justin is ugly and can’t sing?! Seriously? That’s a bald-faced lie and undeserving.

  10. jexer says

    Love the hair. The first half of the video was neat, but seems like it’s trying to follow the split-generation theme seen in David Bowie’s recent vid.

    I agree the hall of mirrors was just kinda awkward. :)

  11. jaragon says

    Justin looks very pretty – not sure what how the first half- the old people love story and the second with him dancing with yes the Lady Gaga Dancers go together. But he is pretty…

  12. FancyPants says

    The part I did not get (other than the last few minutes of Justin awkwardly dancing in tacky Louboutins) is why the two young couples are different actors. It makes me think the intent is not one couple through different spans of time. Strange. I do love the song.

  13. Scared says

    Is it just me or is the video clip not about Justins grandparents at all but about justin’s secret homosexuality? The supposed couple are not a couple but are references to Justin himself and how when he looks into a mirror he sees a girl. Because that ‘girl’ is part of him as he envisions until he dies. Thats why the couple are never shot in a single frame together, only as reflections as Justins reflections are all reflections of a ‘manly’ looking girl.

    The Gay subtext and psychology of the entire clip is obvious but, scary.