1. Paul R says

    I usually think Moz says stupid things, but he’s correct here. Those sneakers are absurd and unattractive. But he went fairly easy on her.

  2. coexxi says

    These shoes are really a statement: “I don’t care about the world, everything is about me, me, meeeeeeeee!”

  3. FancyPants says

    Yeah, Morrisey is a bit much usually, but I’m totally with him here. I struggle constantly with my hatred for people who wear fur and my own meat eating habits. I guess I just see people who buy fur (or these shoes Beyonce is marketing) as just a little more awful. Especially when you realize how animals in the fur trade are actually treated. I do what I can to limit my meat consumption and try to be a thoughtful consumer. But at least I’m not out actively creating and promoting a product that is the result of horrific animal abuse. With Beyonce’s resources and influence, it’s a shame she isn’t more aware of what impact this has.