NY Post Denied Press Pass to GLAAD Awards Because of its History of Anti-Trans Coverage

The NY Post applied for a press pass to the GLAAD Media Awards but was denied because of its history of anti-trans coverage, GLAAD reports:

PostGLAAD was founded in 1985 to challenge The New York Post's blatantly anti-gay coverage of the HIV/AIDS crisis. More than 27 years later, the paper continues to defame the LGBT community with its sensational framing of transgender stories and its disgraceful practice of referring to transgender people with vulgar slurs.

Below are just a few of the paper's recent dehumanizing headlines and stories:

Bravest gets off easy on she-male beat

Beat-down tranny testifies in court

Fireman busted after violently 'beating' tranny pal

Fire kills tranny in dairy den

Page Six: War of H'wood she-men

The Post’s most recent coverage of court proceedings in an assault case brought by a transgender woman against her former boyfriend was particularly repugnant. GLAAD and transgender advocate Laverne Cox criticized several articles from the Post that trivialized the significance of the case, rather than taking the opportunity to highlight the serious problem of violence against transgender people, and especially trans women.

Said GLAAD President Herndon Graddick. "Transgender people, particularly those who are victims of crime, deserve more than the vile slurs and underhanded 'jokes' with which the Post describes them. Until this paper changes its ways and apologizes for the damage done, GLAAD has no interest in supporting their work."



    This from an organization that is bestowing the Vito Russo award upon… Anderson Cooper. LOL.

  2. Disgusted says

    The NY Post never should get press passes. It’s not a legitimate newspaper. It’s dishonest, fascist propaganda.

  3. Isaac says

    Never thought I would write this but, I totally agree with Marcus Bachmann. Anderson had to be dragged out of the closet. I know he had his reasons but don’t reporters who started as openly gay reporters or were out before Anderson deserve the award instead? I’m not an Anderson hater or fan, just think other openly gay journalists blazed the trail that Anderson took.

  4. ratbastard says

    Fireman is hot. And is tranny a bad word? I wasn’t aware it was a bad word. Seriously. It’s just short for transexual / transgender.

    Headless body in topless bar is till an all-time classic headline IMO.

  5. Fensox says

    Find all the god particles you want, this is the best news this week.

    Glaad actually getting something right! DEFENDING transgender people!

  6. David Hearne says

    This crap of changing the terminology to keep the public off balance was worn out by the colorednegroblackafricanamericans. I have never heard “tranny” used in a universally derogatory way. I have most often heard “tranny” used by people who identify as transexual/transgendered.

    Now some ignorant product of roadside rutting is trying to declare that “illegal” is a racist term when referring to illegal aliens/immigrants.

    Screw all y’all and your PC BS. Seriously.

  7. David Hearne says

    But the to be fair, my own family has only referred to me as a “Pathetic Worthless F@g” for the last 15 years, and I choose to think they mean it as a term of endearment.

    Did you notice my racist comment, too? If I don’t hate blacks then Daddy hits me more.

  8. says

    does it have something to do with us historically being a safe-haven for the black people you have disdain for, that you previously tried to keep as slaves citing State’s Rights? if so, we don’t really care.

    i’m so sorry that your little world has been ruined by your inability to use the term “colored” or “negro.”

    actually, i’m not.

  9. Tim says

    Lol! Trannies used the word tranny to describe themselves up until a few years ago. Then they decided that they needed something to complain about, some new issue which they could use to vent their frustrations at others. So suddenly, the word that they commonly used now became a “degrading” slur. In a few years “trans” will suddenly become a degrading slur and the whole world will have to use some new term that they make up in their fevered minds.

    Anyway, good for the NY Post for standing firm. Trannies are some of the most homophobic, nasty, violence-prone, unstable people I have ever met. If the Post covers them with a measure of contempt, I think that is about right.

  10. David Hearne says

    Kiwi –

    Yeah Canada really set the standard for racial equality. You desegregated your public schools in 1965-1983.

  11. says

    Tim – thanks for your post, which proves that it’s only ever the most useless and cowardly scumbags who launch their anti-trans hatred into cyberspace.

  12. MateoM says

    Tim, the anti-trans troll with no evidence to support his argument that “trannies are some of the most homophobic, nasty, violence-prone, unstable people I have ever met.”

  13. Derrick from Philly says

    @”Do you know what Floridians use “canadian” to mean?”

    Do you know what Canadians use “Floridian” to mean? Dentures and undertakers galore.

  14. says

    Anyone who thinks the NY Post is using the word “tranny” in a journalistically neutral rather than derogatory way is brain dead. And it’s not just the word, it’s the content of their “articles.” Why would anyone expect GLAAD to give an anti-gay anti-transgender scandal sheet a press pass to an awards show?

  15. Serene says


    I think Tim was speaking from his own experience, and he is right. Here’s some examples of trans homophobia and violence from recent months:

    – NGLTF study showing trans are 7X more likely to be incarcerated for criminal conduct

    – Violent stalking and attacks on Dan Savage, including a heavy glass jar thrown at his head

    – Threats of violence on gay filmmaker Diego Luna

    – Firebombing Wells Fargo Bank in Oregon several months ago as a form of protest in support of a transgender convicted of homicide in a different state

    – Physically threatening lesbians at the 2012 NYC Dyke March

    – Trans head of Kentucky “LGBT” group forced to resign after threatening woman over the internet with an attack with a baseball bat

    – Vandalism and threats of arson at the Womyn’s Music Festival in Michigan

    – Threats and intimidation against multiple authors on gender issues, necessitating law enforcement involvement

    – Trans bloggers oppose marriage equality in Maryland and ask their trans readers to vote against it to punish gay and lesbian families for failing to give top priority to trans issues

    Why doesn’t Towleroad cover any of these stories? Why do blogs like Towleroad feel the need to cover for anti-gay, homophobic attacks by violent, heterosexual-identified “trans” people?

  16. says

    hey “Serene” (yeah, right. ya trollin’ hack) – feel free to put a brave face to your comments, with citations to boot.

    won’t happen. dunce.

  17. Serene says

    Hey, Raymond. It is OK if you want to call me names. I understand that you are angry. However, I am concerned about that either the anger issue or some other issue is coming out in the form of weight gain. I have seen your blog and your videos, and there is a real issue here.

    As a licensed nutritionist, I have seen this before. I hope that you will take this seriously and take some action. If you need a referral to a good nutritionist in Toronto, let me know and I will be happy to help.

    BTW, all of the above examples of trans homophobia and violence occurred within the last year and all are easily find-able in a matter of seconds on google. Educate yourself, my friend. And be healthy.

  18. MateoM says

    Serene, when you make an argument, it’s not up to your audience to provide evidence. It’s yours. Since you didn’t, I can only assume you have none are in fact just an anti-trans troll.

    Prove me wrong.

  19. Fensox says

    @Rat, yeah I believe Transgender and a shorthand of Trans are OK. Tranny, Transsexual are not OK. Tranny will likely come around a semi OK word when trans issues are taken seriously and they are a part of the world.

    @Serene, I would love more trans coverage. Maybe you should suggest a trans site that this one can partner with. People are naive and need help.

    People who are a different gender on the inside is a huge deal for everyone. It’s easy for the importance of such a thing to be overlooked, also the firmly planted hate groups that relegate this info away as fast as possible. A lot of people still don’t even believe in Trans people. They may be ignorant and/or hateful but if we aren’t going to educate them, what are we going to do with them?

  20. ratbastard says

    No, of course the post doesn’t mean it in a neutral way. It’s playing with people. It’s a phuking tabloid for F’s sake. They use borderline language and innuendo galore. Which is why it’s fun to check out. Just like the Daily Mail always gets the goods on the best pics. I check out the DM for the pics, or The Sun for the comments. National Inquirer is also worth a look and actually some of it’s reporting is right on the money, no pun intended.

  21. says

    oh please, “Serene” aka “Tim” aka Bill Perdue – trollin’ under new names to agree with “yourself” is CRAY-CRAY.

    we get it. you’re a gay man who hates transpeople. and like a true coward, you can’t even put your face to your comments. your kind never can. thank God.

    and yes. my weight gain/ RIIIIGHT…….. yes. i’m totally overweight….riiiight…..

  22. says

    Bill Perdue/Tim/Serene – why pretend to be three different people who all hate transpeople when you’re really just one miserable homosexual man?

    It’s very simple – if you really believe the hatred you spew about transpeople why not show the courage of your convictions and lend your face and name to the…uh..Movement Against Transfolk?

    Hatred in vacuum, eh? *fail*

  23. Derrick from Philly says

    The only Transwomen I’ve known who had a real bad attitude toward Gay men were the ones who were treated very badly by Gay men.

    I had an incident happen that would cause some Gay men to have a bad opinion of Transwomen.

    I was waiting on the sidewalk to look at an apartment in Center City Philly. Two Transwomen were coming down the street. One was fully clothed in women’s clothing, the other in partial women’s clothing.

    The one in partial women’s clothing must have said, “he’s cute” or something, because as they got closer the one in full women’s clothing rolled her eyes and said out loud, “looks like a faggot to me.”

    I felt bad and angry at first, but then I laughed about it. I should have replied, “well, honey, you look like a man to me.” But I didn’t feel like fighting, and Transwomen will fight.

    As a teenager everyone thought I was going in that direction and the oppression was tremendous from both Straight and Gay people.

    Yes, some Transwomen have an attitude–some need one in order to survive.

  24. says

    Derrick – i could kiss you.

    i dunno. my gay @ss has tonnes of MTF and FTM friends. we bond, we share, we live, we love.

    and yeah, you’re right about the attitude thing Derrick. See also: kids who were like me and bullied and picked on 24/7 starting at very young age for being gay or “different”

    only those who know nothing about human nature don’t realize the strength and resilience it takes to live your truth each day.

  25. Serene says

    “trollin’ under new names to agree with “yourself” is CRAY-CRAY.”

    Raymond, you *do* understand that everyone on here knows that you, Raymond Miller of Toronto, are both Little Kiwi and DerrickfromPhilly. It isn’t even remotely difficult to figure this out. And you converse with yourself. So by your own standard, you are cray-cray.

    I am serious about the weight thing. It looks like you swing from obsessively working out to gaining 15-20 lbs over short time periods, which shows up in your face. This is a classic pendulum swing pattern and the swings will only get bigger if you don’t address it. Look at those pics of your family that you posted on your blog, Raymond. That is your future if you don’t take the bull by the horns.

  26. says

    Your personal reading habits @RB, fascinating though they are, aren’t the point. The claim was that “tranny” is a neutral word, which it isn’t, and the NY Post clearly uses it in a derogatory way cause, yeah, that’s their schtick. So it’s not surprising that GLAAD, who advocates on transgender issues, wouldn’t really be grooving on the whole innuendo thing and putting out the red carpet for the Post sleaze bags–I mean, journalists.

    @Serene: Kudos for the Googling but I’m not sure what it’s supposed to prove? That some trans people can be homophobic? Big deal. Many gay people are transphobic, and for evidence of that one need only scroll through any TR posts with transgender subject matter or read Tim’s comment, which is transphobia 101.

  27. says

    Ha, Derrick and Little Kiwi are the same person? What drugs are you on, girl? Though melded together they would be one fabulous force to be reckoned with.

  28. Francis says

    Serene is a troll. Any of these new posters that come around here with random new user names and make hate comments are trolls. Tim is clearly Bill Purdue, making the same exact comments, and of course we have David Hearne.

    Rat, yeah, the NY Post seeks to provoke, as does any trash rag. But there is a line, and the line was crossed and has been, consistently, by NY Post. Transphobic, homophobic, right-wing trash rag. They don’t belong at the GLAAD awards.

  29. niles says

    GLAAD is a total farce in many ways. In addition, it has been almost completely taken over by transsexual forces and has left its core mission to fight anti-gay bigotry in the media (note: not a peep from GLAAD over the years by NY Post slurs against gays).

  30. Derrick from Philly says

    Thank you, Ernie.

    Oh, Miss Serene. There ain’t no way. I wish I had one third the courage and energy that Little Kiwi has.

    Little Kiwi is proud to put his picture(s) on the Internet. I would be too…20 years ago. At age fifty-five there’s no one who could ever convince me to put my photos on the cybersphere. Hell, no! It’s not because I’m ashamed of being Gay. No, it’s because of what I see in the f.ckin’ mirror, honey. I’m like Dietrich toward the end of her life–no photographs, please.

  31. sky says

    It’s funny what you old queens will say when you’re sitting behind a computer screen. Typical fairies. Always willing to lash at us transfolk in order to feel superior. How does it feel to be just like “them”?

    In fact, you’re worse than the bigots. You’re a major minority group putting down, and dismissing another. And you wonder why the lgbt community is looked at as such a joke. You know how you all talk about how once the “older generation” dies out, the world will be a better place? Well guess what? The younger lgbt generation is beginning to feel the same way about you. How sad.

  32. says

    trans-hating gay men are pathetic cowardly scumbags.


    and who knew me and derrick were the same person? HEY GURL! Derrick – wonder twins unite! 😉

    also, apparently i’m either buff or fat. who knew? here i was thinking i was too skinny ….

    hugs and love to my gay brothers who have the orbs to stand in solidarity with our trans brothers and sisters.