1. Just_a_guy says

    I’m tired of douchebags like this guy hiding behind their religion. If you listen, clearly this guy hates gay people first and foremost because he’s mean and spiteful and heartless, to say the least. Incidentally, he’s part of one of the f@cked up religions of the world (Christianty being another) whose political church establishment is run by haters who believe like this guy.

    This Chris guy also does even more injustice to his countrymen. The Saudi Arabians I’ve met all consider that country’s treatment of gay people to be nothing less than shameful.

    So shame on Chris the bigot. And, well, equal shame on Islam, which like Mormonism, has fought hard for a reputation of bigotry, sorry.

  2. UDontKnow says

    Homophobia and racism just seem normal Staten Island things. I blame it on their seething jealousy of being a forgotten borough and having to take the ferry.

  3. Dastius Krazitauc says

    He sounds like an anti-Muslim imposter to me, saying the words “Sharia Law” and “beheading” over and over again, and painting all Muslims with the same brush.

  4. Dback says

    I am so sick of fundamentalists of all stripes (but especially Muslims in this case encouraging violence) imposing their views on the rest of the world. On this day that Christians call Good Friday, can’t we all just be a little kinder and more loving towards each other? Wouldn’t that which we all call God want that?

  5. Just_a_guy says

    Hmm. The fact that he doesn’t have a thick accent doesn’t make him seem less credibly of Saudi origin to me. That said, I suppose y’all are right that no one of that descent who’s a practicing Muslim seems likely to parrot such nonsense in a public pronouncement. Still, stranger things have happened.

    Either way, this Chris guy is a sh#thole of a person. And an idiot. But then, so is, say, the President of Iran.

  6. Doubting says

    Also, if you’re going to field calls from the public, you’ve got to be faster on your feet. The producer and the host should’ve been a lot quicker on the kill-switch.

  7. Peter M. says

    I don’t know what is more appalling, the caller or the producer/host of the show who let the caller make his atrocious comments. The host doesn’t seem very bright, she asks the man if he has gay friends after he just said that all gay people should be beheaded. What a dumbass.

  8. One of the CA 36,000 says

    Something for everyone to remember before jumping on the anti-Islam bandwagon after listening to this psychotic douchenozzle:

    “Sharia Law” is, de facto, Old Testament Law. No sunlight between them.

    ALL organized religion is codified insanity. ALL organized religion is ritualized irrational psychosis. ALL organized religion celebrates delusion and mindless surrender to non-existent bipolar Sky-Daddies with thin skins, passive-aggressive interpersonal practices and anger management problems.

    People who practice organized religion should consider therapy, medication and/or institutionalization.

  9. DannyEastVillage says

    …and he doesn’t know nearly as much about Islam as he thinks he does. Saudi Arabia is hardly the hallmark of Islam–isn’t even the most populous Islamic county: Indonesia is–a country that, until the recent wave of reactionary know-nothings getting into power (as they have in this country) was a comparatively liberal society that was open, kind-hearted and welcoming to anyone who wanted to come. Most Indonesians are still that way, I’m quite sure. Just as many if not most Saudis think their government is full of baloney on this and other social issues.

  10. jamal49 says

    Chris was a “front”. He’s about as Muslim as I am. Even if he is Muslim, his stupid “so you’re against Islam? So you’re against Muslims?” schtick is tired and pointless and the program moderator showed why sometimes liberals can be the wrong people to debate gay issues. My answer would always be to a Chris or any alleged Muslim or any evangie-fundie or hasidim or any religious or extremist wing-nute: if your damned religion and its stupid laws say that a person should be beheaded because of their sexual orientation, then you and you’re damned religion can go to hell, you can kiss my gay @$$ and I’ll be the first to take your stupid “holy book” and toss it on the bonfire.

  11. DannyEastVillage says

    I wonder if Chris thinks the Saudi government is correct in not allowing women to drive.

    Well, I’ll say this for him–Staten Island is the right borough for him.

  12. says

    This should DEFINITELY be considered fake until proven real. It sounds like an anti-Muslim zealot trying to make Muslims look like they’re all crazy fundamentalists. There is nothing about this caller’s words that rings true.

  13. trg says

    Man are there a bunch of ignorant boneheads posting here who know nothing, NOTHING of which they blurt.

    You’re posting nothing more than wishful thinking.
    If you think they’re aren’t Muslims here, with no accent, who want to colonize us, think again. They DO want Sharia law, and they think they’re entitled to anything their wacko religion says they’re entitled to.
    I’m speaking from first hand experience folks. They’re here. Now. And the so-called “nice” Muslims who don’t identify with the “freak” Muslims aren’t saying one word about it. Not a peep. And btw, Muslims practice Sharia law in England right now.
    So do your research before you blab wishful “awww, they can’t be for real” thinking.

    And one last point – the fact that the caller identifies as “Chris” is irrelevant. Do you think he’d give his real name? Silly assumptions here.

  14. mmike1969 says

    This is what the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution means… Too bad many religious idiots of various religions have no concept that their religion has no business in US Government.

  15. tonykeywest says

    I like this guy ,he turned your tactics back on you. If anyone says they believe in traditional marriage you call them a bigot or a homophobe etc. The reality is that homosexuals are intolerant of religious people. They are at enmity with God- that means its mutual. You hate God and God hates you. guess who will win that one.

  16. Tom Cardellino says

    Really? Really “tonykeywest” (Key West, of all places?) How about that infamous anti-God, anti-religious Bishop Gene Robinson of the Episcopalian “Church?” I call “Shenanigans” or “Troll Alert!” The greatest force in the endless expanses of the Universe, i.e., “God,” gets all huffy and retributive with “hate” when a lowly human being in this obscure distant corner of the endless Universe gets up on his recently acquired (by evolutionary standards) hind legs and way down in his tiny little heart and soul individually takes it upon himself to “hate” God? Wait, now wait a minute, as I live about two miles away from the nearest beach, I think I hear a grain of sand telling me that I am one deeply hated-by-sand mo-fo. Well, God damn it, I’m gonna go to the beach tomorrow (when I have some free time) to find that uppity little grain of sand and toss it into the nearest fire to turn its hateful little being into a speck of forgettable glass!

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