One Direction’s Harry Styles Got a Massive Abdominal Tattoo


One Direction's Harry Styles added a new tattoo to his collection of more than 30, E! reports:

"…although his face can't be seen in the photo tattoo artist Liam Sparkes posted on Flickr Jan. 22, a rep for the One Direction singer tells E! News that is definitely Styles in the snap."


  1. Caliban says

    A bit odd he chose a butterfly. Usually when these teen idols and boy band members act out they go for a “tougher” image. It’s in reaction to being marketed as rather androgynous to their young female (and housewife) fans, cute but kind of sexless so they can think of them as “romantic” figures without any of that scary icky sex stuff.

    See: Bieber, Justin- tattoos

  2. Thomas says

    That would hurt a lot to have removed. Yikes. And unless he stays really lean his whole life, with no gut or man-boobs, it’s going to look dang ugly.

    At least it’s well done?

  3. neonzx says

    I may never understand the obsession of people who permanently ink their bodies when, in 20-30 years, those “artistic” creations will look nasty. (and that freshly inked butterfly already looks nasty)

  4. Rich F. says

    @ Jack, NEONZX, et al: We all get tattoos specifically to piss you off. And if they’re done well and cared for properly, they won’t look “nasty.” Besides, in 20-30 years, your skin is going to look just as “nasty,” but at least mine will look interesting in its ruination.

    Don’t like tattoos? Fine, don’t get any. Just shut the hell up about how much you don’t like them, because it’s getting old. Your opinion isn’t the only one that matters.

    @ GARST: For all we know, he may be going back later to get color; you generally don’t do a piece that size in one sitting. Honestly, I think it looks really good without the color, although it’s not necessarily a subject I would have chosen.

  5. Paul R says

    I don’t care much about tattoos one way or the other, but this would have looked on his back—presuming the spotty hair situation isn’t even worse there—if only for the metaphor of spreading his wings. And that’s likely the last thought I’ll ever give to him (not because of the tattoo, but because I just don’t care).

  6. RONTEX says

    Haters gonna hate… if you don’t like tattoos then please don’t get one. At least the work is good and he looks “dirty” because it’s fresh work and the artist wipes away the ink as they work, he just needs a shower, sheesh!

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