1. Scottie says

    When I lived in L.A I used to hit up this thrift store all the time. It’s actually one of the things I miss about L.A. The amount of quality donations they got was incredible. Vintage band shirts in great condition for about $5. And really cool employees. Glad it’s still running and doing good for HIV/AIDS fundraising.

  2. LightTrees says

    Yeah, I remember visiting L.A and driving past the Out of the Closet store signs. I just thought it was so cool to have such an in-your-face gay friendly store and theme in such a large city. I don’t know, but coming from a small town, it automatically made me feel welcomed just driving past the stores.

  3. says

    Sadly, Out of the Closet and Aid Healthcare Foundation (AHF) are run by Michael Weinstein, the jackass behind LA County’s Measure B (Condoms in porn mandate). Weinstein is a hypocrite of the worst sort, paying himself $350,000 per year, having his young studmuffin “personal trainer” on the payroll of AHF, and wasting precious donations on other frivolous, extravagant items. Think of the number of patients over a quarter million dollars a year could feed, provide meds, shelter, and comfort. Think of the research that goes undone for lack of dollars. Think of lives lost due to Weinstein’s greed and myopia about an issue that is inflammatory, a waste of time (there has been one (1) case of alleged HIV transmission on a porn set — and that was on a condom shoot!), and the worst kind of lining one’s pockets at a great cause’s expense.

    Sorry, until Wienstein is gone, not one dollar for AHF or Out of the Closet.

  4. peterparker says

    JAMIE is exactly correct. Michael Weinstein mismanages the resources at AHF to the detriment of the clients’ health and wellbeing. I will not donate one red cent–and no Dolce & Gabbana castoffs either–to AIDS Healthcare Foundation until Michael Weinstein is gone!

  5. Luis Mendoza says

    @ Jamie
    Sorry, I live in Los Angeles county and voted for mandatory condom use on porn sets. I did so based on my conscience not anything whoever this weinstein person you wrote about. I’m glad a majority of our state did so as well. Trust, he and this company was not responsible for our decision in that vote.

  6. March-Merlocks says

    You lost me at making snide remarks about his partner. Classless. And it’s curious you call his partner a studmuffin. Many people employ their significant other. You may have had a good point, but you lost me at attacking a gay man for having a boyfriend.

  7. alex says

    Here in South Florida in 2011, AHF was selling bareback porn DVDs in one of their Out of the Closet thrift store. While I sure they do help many people, I can’t get past that bit of hypocrisy.

  8. manbot says

    For all the good work and services they provide, AHF is run by an out of control meglamaniac who thinks he should spend AHF funds on things like campaigns for mandatory condoms in porn. Did you know your contributions to both the thrift store, and by supporting your friends’ fundraising events? I’ve stopped contributions until they find a new Executive Director.

  9. manbot says

    Sorry, Luis Mendoza, but it is not standard practice to employ your significant other, especially in a non-profit arena. Also, we have doctors in the public health system that don’t make the money Mr. Weinstein is drawing from funds that were supposed to go to services. I see Mr. Weinstein as another Dan Palotta- a guy with good intentions, but his outlandish ego gets the best of him.

  10. LA Dave says

    Before attacking Weinstein’s salary, consider the organization he runs. AHF is nearly a $100 million organization. Here in Los Angeles, there are many many many non-profit executives running smaller, less sophisticated organizations making as much or more.

  11. DanO says

    March-Merlocks, no they don’t. That’s called nepotism. It’s generally frowned upon in the professional world. Weinstein wasted over 4 million dollars on measure B. Measure B will have zero effect but to cost the county money defending it in court. Even if it stands, it will then only force the studies to move production out of the city. It also costs over 250K to put a float in the Rose Parade. What benefit does AHF get for it? This is a man whose ego is out of control while he controls the checkbook for a non-profit.

  12. manbot says

    @ LA Dave
    Before putting out numbers like, “it’s a $100 million organization,” take a look at County/State/Federal salaries. They also run non-profit organizations and $100 million dollar organizations, but not even County doctors in charge of County USC make that kind of money!

    I would just ask anyone who’s made a contribution to AHF to research their management, business practices, inability to comply with State/Federal reporting requirements, and their political pursuits that have very little to do with their mission.

    Oh yeah, and if you’re a customer of Mom’s Pharmacy, you are basically supporting them as well, since they recently bought that firm outright–another goal to control the bulk HIV Rx market. I switched pharmacies last year. Please consider doing so.

  13. says

    @March-Merlocks: the personal trainer AHF employs is not Weinstein’s partner; he is a f*cktoy, at AHF and thusly, if you’re a contributor, YOUR expense. And if that is the reason you can’t support new leadership at AHF, then f you, too. Grow up.

  14. Me says

    I am a former HIV/AIDS fundraiser with intimate knowledge of AHF. Let me be direct – Michael Weinstein is one of the worst things to happen to the epidemic since, I’m not even sure what the comparison would be. His salary is higher than what’s been reported, but having worked at Harvard, Penn and at a major HIV organization in LA, there is nothing about $380k plus that seems appropriate to me. I suppose that’s subjective. But what’s not subjective is that for him, the story is always about Michael Weinstein. He has now tried to put two, count ’em two, AIDS WALKS out of business, Florida and LA. His motives were clearly stated by Michael himself – to run the other organizations out of business. He didn’t care about making money to fight HIV/AIDS, in fact he has lost money the past two years (but please don’t tell his donors.) But he doesn’t play by the same rules as other 510c3 charities. He doesn’t have a fundraising team to speak of – he makes his money from the pharmacy. And as for the condom initiative, I am stunned that any Gay man would support this. If you do support it, then surely you support making it illegal to have sex without a condom. What is the difference? This, too, was about Michael. Once again he wins. And he will not be going anytime soon. A cursory review of the finances show that the Board has every reason to keep him in place, otherwise the house of cards would fall. PS, I met his partner at an event. No one is saying otherwise, but he could not have been nicer. I just wish he had more sway over the character of Michael.

  15. me says

    Oh and one more thing. He launched an attack on Gilead for Truvada – yet another self protion by Mr. Weinstein. Does anyone remember an apology from him when studies showed that people were not reckless on the drug and that it actually does have a very high success rate. Those of us that are in HIV discordant relationships and that tolerate the drug will take Gilead over AHF anytime. When will someone stand up to this guy.

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