1. says

    trust – there were countless children there who were less afraid of the tear gas than they were of the knowledge that their parents dragged them out to march against….themselves.

    yes. there were terrified and Closeted gay children there – brought by their parents.

    the sting goes way deeper than just the eyes and lungs – that sting goes right to their core.

  2. jjose712 says

    This happened in spain eight years ago, but most people in that marches get over gay marriage long time ago, and in France it will happen the same.
    The only difference is in spain there’s no far right party like in France

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    this is so frustrating for me…paris is my home away from home, my favourite city in the world…to see such a display in a place that is normally so accepting and so laissez-faire about homosexuality just breaks my heart.

  4. says

    well, it just goes to show – Hate and Crazy are massive factors in driving people to get off their butts.

    had a great experience at a restaurant? you’re less likely to post a review online, or write to the establishment.
    had a bad experience? you’ll be more likely to tell anyone and everyone about it.

    this is why the pro-Equality side cannot afford to be lazy or silent or invisible.

    the voices of hatred will always be loud and strident.
    the voices of love and equality need to be equally loud, if not louder.

  5. Caliban says

    Lets not forget that France’s record for standing up against tyranny is… less than admirable. So basically you have a bunch of Mary-worshipers bowing toward Rome, with some Muslim trouble-makers thrown in for good measure. I’ve traveled all over Europe and in my experience the reputation the French have is well deserved. For much of the country their cultural arrogance has the least amount of justification for it, their much-vaunted sophistication is just skin-deep, a matter of pride but no real conviction.

    That’s just my opinion of course, but I stand by it.

  6. scott says

    wow… not good optics. :sigh: LittleKiwi, you’re right…

    I think perhaps the big reason why there is such opposition is because they’ve had a civil partnerships law for many years… how that compares to the rights of marriage in France, as well as the federal tax codes, I don’t know.

  7. Hugh says

    Hah, the only good thing that’ll come out of this are wingnuts who’ll do a 180 and start lauding France.

    Is France really a Catholic country? Aren’t half their children born out of wedlock?

  8. mike/ says

    uh-huh! uh-huh! a traditionally catholic country with the lowest church attendance in all of Europe! the people had to be brought in from the ‘provinces’ because the Parisians would sit in their cafe chairs with their legs crossed & swinging sipping their cafe and just yawn over the brouhaha. they could care less, except when they ‘provincials’ with their catholic clergy come after their adultery…. n’est pas?

  9. tc in bk says

    I’ve heard that the civil partnership law is destroying marriage. Doing exactly what those people are so afraid of because it is open to both gay and straight, so straight couples are choosing it over marriage because its easier to get out of.

    Time to get rid of it and just have marriage for everyone.

  10. simon says

    It is unfair to condemn a country just because of the obnoxious behaviour of some extremists which by the way exist in every country. Remember it was the majority Socialist government which introduced the equal marriage bill. As for culture, France did produced a lot of famous writers and scientists as attested by their long list of Nobel laureates.

  11. bambinoitaliano says

    I’m wondering is this the type of people that let German Nazi walk all over them without as much of a sound back in the days. Bullies are cowards. Me think they projected their own issues on the gays because we are less scary.

  12. gayalltheway says

    President Hollande campaigned for marriage equality and he won the election. Whatever the anti-equality folks tried to do now is inconsequential as the matter was settled after the election. I would say that a huge number of people who showed up at the rally, especially those who decided to provoke the peacekeepers, are Sarkozy’s supporters or simply against the Socialist government and not motivated by the issue per se. I’m sure that they see this as a perfect outlet to take to the street and stage a demonstration against the Hollande’s government. The political environment in France is a major factor in these huge turn outs.

  13. simon says

    You are right that all the noise made by the opposition is futile. Democracy will run its course and it is almost certain that marriage equality will become reality in France in June or July.

  14. sal says

    if i was in france i would erect a BIG screen and project old nazi footage,and show the gays and jews etc being rounded up and show these people that their hate can be the start of something very disturbing that they apparently didnt learn from

  15. SayTheTruth says

    Ooh… so nice to see that hatred is so alive and kicking. Migratory policies to let people from those countries who consider homosexuality a crime must have helped. Hey, who know, maybe we will see bonfires soon enough. Or stonings. But…. What if la guillotine again?

  16. Rick says

    The Catholic Church in France and religion in general are DEAD. The cathedrals are mere museums, at this point.

    So, no, those of you who want to blame religion for homophobia cannot do so in the case of France. It is the most secular country on the planet.

    And it prides itself on its “tolerance.”

    So this cannot be accounted for by anything other than the raw homophobia that results from the notion that romantic love between a man and a woman should be the defining socio-cultural trait of Western civilization.

    Only freeing men from their emotional dependence on women will truly rectify this problem.

    Sooner or later, we will hit a wall and that will be why. Perhaps this is the beginning of the hitting of that wall.

  17. Shannon says

    Rick, that made even less sense than usual. Whose dependency on women? You’re saying that this massive march against gay marriage has to do with dependency on women? That’s very odd, even for you.

  18. bayhuntr says

    This isn’t the locals in Paris, this is their version of the evangelicals who live in the country, uneducated and full of religious hate. I can only guess all the Islamic immigration is having a downward affect on their over all intelligence and lack of tolerance.
    Religion is a cancer.

  19. Rick says

    @Shannon The ultimate issue we will face is the idea that men should be emotionally attached to women rather than to other men, regardless of sexuality. The idea that male-female marriage is “sacred” is really based on the idea that male-female romantic love is “sacred” and transcendent and no same-sex relationship can be equated to it.

    When, in fact, romantic love between a man and a woman is nothing but an artificial cultural construct; the more natural love is between two men, as the ancient Greeks understood.

    We need to return to that ideal and de-legitimize the idea of romantic love for a woman–THAT is the real source of our problems, not religion.

  20. UFFDA says

    RICK – all kinds of people are emotionally dependent on all kinds of other people, including their own and other’s children, and animals. Nothing is as cut and dried, or even generally true, as you imagine. You have contributed a great and thought provoking phrase to this website, i.e. “the culture of effeminancy” . Stick with that.

  21. Rick says

    @UFFDA What you say is true. However, the culture PROMOTES the idea of romantic love between a man and a woman as an ideal. It is not a NATURAL form of behavior. If it were, then it would be universal across cultures, as homosexuality is. But it is not–it is largely a Western notion, which is why marriage in most of the world is still based on factors other than “romantic love”.

    You have to understand that it is precisely this promotion of love for women that not only brings about homophobia, but ALSO is the basis for the culture of effeminacy. The devotion to women that the culture of effeminacy represents is just a different manifestation in gay men of the idea of romantic love for women that straight men pursue.

    What underlies both is that women, not men, should be the principal sources of emotional gratification in men’s lives, regardless of their sexual orientation.

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