Prop 8: Assorted Updates


Former MLB player Jose Canseco is on board with marriage equality.

Among the rallies held this week for marriage equality were well-attended demonstrations in San Francisco (video) and Salt Lake City.

AravosisJohn Aravosis has a photo essay of the rally outside the Supreme Court today.

Andrew Sullivan analyzes the Prop 8 arguments: "My sense is that SCOTUS will try to find a way to rule in as narrow a way as possible – but I have no idea what form that could take. Which suits me just fine. Either Prop 8 falls and its implications do not extend beyond that state, or SCOTUS narrowly upholds Prop 8, and Californian voters get to vote again soon. For my part, I’d like to win this in the most enduringly legitimate way – in the democratic process, where we are winning more quickly than some of us ever dreamed of."

NOM’s marriage march: Nakedly faith-driven, aggressive against gay parents, boring as all get-out.

Some key quotes from Tuesday's Prop. 8 hearing: "Suppose a state said that, Because we think that the focus of marriage really should be on procreation, we are not going to give marriage licenses anymore to any couple where both people are over the age of 55. Would that be constitutional?"

Robin Tyler is angry about the SCOTUS Prop 8 hearing: "I was told to put a good spin on what happened. But I’m not going to do that. I felt like I was sitting in some Medieval court. I was counting how many Catholic Justices there were. I believe the public is far ahead of the Supreme Court on this issue.
I’m angry. I felt like a second class citizen. I felt that some of the questions by the Justices were degrading. How dare they sit in front of a room of such accomplished LGBT people and refer to us like this was all something new! And when Scalia asked, ‘Where in the Constitution is there discrimination against gay people?’ I mean – women are not in the Constitution, either, but there’s implied discrimination. Some of their questions were demeaning and insulting to the audience – and the court was filled with people they were talking about! I just hope they do the right thing."

Posted March 26, 2013 at 8:30pm ETC by Andy Towle
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