1. Dianna Lee says

    Great tune….. Paul R., Belinda’s husband isn’ta Republican anymore. Altho your post begs the question wtf does Morgan s political leanings have to do with Belinda’s 1st single in 17 years? It doesn’t-get with the program, Paul R.

  2. David Hearne says

    I think Belinda Carlisle defines the 1980’s in a way that is very personal to many of us in that age group. We were all those crazy kids in California who toyed with self destruction and eventually ended up ordering a paver patio for a freshly painted Hollywood bungalow.

  3. Bart says

    My typing was learned to her songs in the 80’s. The teacher would have us place our fingers on homerow and tap to the beats of Gogo 45’s. Seems the tempo and speed was exactly the right balance for 45 words a minute. Love her!

  4. Rob says

    Love this. Sounds like summer. I can imagine someone will be remixing this for the boys to dance to.

    (For the record, you can hardly call Morgan Mason a kingmaker! He worked for the Reagan campaign and subsequently in the White House when he was in his mid twenties. He left politics in Reagan’s first term.)

  5. Kenn says

    Dear Paul R,

    I believe Mason & Belinda made up for any time he was with Reagan, by giving the world their fabulously gay and very open son.


    Non-petty gay people

  6. Melinda says

    Are Belinda and her husband still Republicans? If so, she’s not doing much to help out marriage equality.

  7. Andrew says

    I really got into Belinda back in ’89 when the Runaway Horses album was in the Oz charts for nearly a year. Summer Rain is still played on Gold FM. She was quite big in Aus, until the Real album which is really underrated. Big Scary Animal is one of her best track and was perfect fodder for Aus radio at the time but just never took off. Voila was beautiful, but Belinda, please give us another album ASAP.