Gay Man Gets Called a ‘Faggot’ Outside His Home, Pursues the Perpetrator, Then Gets Assaulted: VIDEO

UPDATE: The original video was taken down by YouTube. This is a duplicate, posted at another account.


  1. Betty Treacle says

    and props to Turtle. I confronted a guy who called me and my friends faggot a couple of years ago, although I didn’t have the foresight to film it, and I basically just screamed at him until he apologised. It’s a risky strategy and I’d say – if you do confront, make sure there are plenty of witnesses around. There are worse things than pushing and being keyed.

  2. smartphone says

    I think that bigot was projecting ’cause my gaydar tingled when I saw the gay in black walking away then it went haywire when he started talking to the dude filming. I wouldn’t of followed him for so long…would of just told him to go f*uck himself while filming him – he’s a coward!

  3. Jerry says

    It is refreshing to see people take a stand. However,in my neighborhood, I believe I would have been charged for taking a stand. It does give sturdy footing when you have confidence that your local Police or government will actually listen. Many LGBT folks continuously turn their cheek so often their heads are spinning.

  4. says

    his face and that spike in his voice right before he gets physical with the camera guy is PRICELESS.

    bullies dish but cannot take. ohhhh he’s gonna have a fun few days. this is already making the rounds.

  5. Little Kiwi says

    So how is this any different from the women taking a picture of the two guys on the subway?

    Looks like two douches douchin’ it out. Hartney is totally lucky that he didn’t get his lights punched out, and it totally would NOT have been worth it.

  6. MichaelJ says

    First the walk, then the talk, but what clinched it for me — that the guy is a closet case — is his saying “It happens all the time.” I immediately thought it happens all the time to him.

  7. HOCKEYJOCK says

    I’m all for freedom of speech, but I just do nooot like that word. It makes my blood boil when straight guys use it in an insulting way, which they do around me quite a bit since they assume I’m straight. Haha, it has resulted in quite a few lectures…I just tell them ‘yeah, well, I’m telling you so you’ll remember : never use that word again. I’m serious. It’s offensive and we don’t like it. Thanks’.

    I’t’s great this guy did that. Some might think it’s dramatic – but this way, that guy will remember his mistake. He shouldn’t be able to get away with it, or thinking it’s just totally normal and can continue walking around making gays feel like crap. This will leave an impression on him and maybe he’ll hesitate next time before using that ugly word again.

  8. ratbastard says

    Exactly what kind of complaint can be filed? Somebody said something mean to you [or to me], this is not a criminal offense in NY or the U.S. If anything, the man videoing could be accused of stalking. And if it was in my state, for example, it’s illegal to video with audio unless both parties agree to it, and if ‘slick hair’ didn’t and said so, the guy videoing would be the one who gets arrested. I’m not sure how the law is in NY state, it could be the same.

    I’m not condemning or mocking anyone from confronting someone who verbally or physically assaulted them, just saying. I would have probably physically assaulted the guy and dealt with the consequences.

  9. Jersey says

    @ratbastard. I would hope there was something that could be done legally to deter the prick from harassing the 13 year old. Who knows what filing a complaint means but at least it’ll put the guy on the radar as someone who could be dangerous if something escalates.

  10. ronette says

    OMG! I initially thought we were watching the man who would be called a faggot. I was waiting for the macho aggressor to show up onscreen.

    You. Are. Kidding. Me.

    He’s gonna have to put an effort into that walk if he wants to be considered straight. What the…

  11. lucas says

    Oh my God, I had to laugh. These haters are so sad! My fiance says he looks like a definite closet-case. What a sad bunch these homophobes are. I have to say however, that I personally wouldn’t waste my time pursuing some idiot down the street. Life is too short for such a waste of time.

  12. says

    shame the bigots. more of this, plz.

    they’re a lot like the Anonymous Internet Trolls. they sure are boastful and confident. except for when their face gets put to their words. then they freak out and run away. every time.

  13. ripper says

    “If anything, the man videoing could be accused of stalking.”

    Um, you remove blame from the homophobe and place it on the victim here. How else would you describe your comment other than “taking the side of the homophobe”?

    What’s really striking about this post is that it defies your typical meme that all homophobes are people of color. I guess if the guy being videotaped was black, you’d use that to remind everyone of some racially biased statistics you pulled out of thin air.

  14. Audi-owner says

    @ Ripper:

    Thank You! There’s alot of this racism and “freedom of speech” crap,defending homophobes while expressing superiority toward people of color on this blog. It’s refreshing to see someone call the goons on towleroad out.

  15. Audi-owner says

    @ Ripper:

    Thank You! There’s alot of this racism and “freedom of speech” crap,defending homophobes while expressing superiority toward people of color on this blog. It’s refreshing to see someone call the goons on towleroad out.

  16. Discretion. Valor. Yada. says

    1) Slick Hair kinda looks like Alec Baldwin. Just sayin’.

    2)It seems really ill-advised for the guy with the phone to go poke the bear this way. If the Slick Hair is in a fact a pathologue and a lunatic, and if he pulls a knife and guts Phone Guy, has Phone Guy really won anything? I know that for a lot of tormented gay men, it’s a bit of a wet-fantasy to try to make someone like this back down. But it is really just dumb. Potentially dumb enough to cost you your life. Not recommended.

  17. Francis says

    Does it get anymore closeted? What the f**k is this? So sad. So cowardly. These bigots always run away, regardless of if they’re calling you a f*g or they’re attempting to assault you. They always run away and run away as fast as they can. It’s pathetic but this situation seems a bit different than many where it’s one clearly closeted buffoon harassing Turtle, Michael and their son.

    They need to issue a restraining order against this homophobe.

  18. Sticks And Stones says

    If this had escalated to a physical altercation resulting in physical injury, the guy with the camera would so get his nut(s) crushed by Judge Judy for pursuing the guy with slick hair. The guy with the camera is the one who is escalating the situation, and putting himself in danger. Total stupidity.

  19. Ya Gotta Be Smart says

    I agree S&S. This is foolish grandstanding by the dweeb with the phone. Some of our gay brothers are getting intoxicated on the fumes of empowerment, and then they go and make of themselves.

    Also agree that the “assailant” seems to be quite the closet case. But hard to have sympathy with the dweeb.

  20. Francis says

    I wouldn’t doubt a homophobic crazy would go as far as to stab and sucker punch a gay man in the middle of the street during the middle of the day……..but that’s not usually how hate crimes go down. Most attackers are drive-by attackers and they don’t want their faces to be exposed. And especially in this occurrence, you have a lot of people around who will act as witnesses. Turtle was in a situation where he could see where this bigot was coming if he ever tried to make an aggressive move.

    It is worth it to speak up. It’s worth it because we don’t deserve to be harassed for who we are. It’s worth it to speak up and say no. I’ve done it before, and it’s empowering. The only way this type of harassment ends is if we make it clear we aren’t going to take it.

  21. says

    those of you who are saying it’s the camera-man’s “fault”, or that he “could potentially have made it worse” need to check themselves: just because you’re not brave enough to call out a bigot to his face, and shame him like this, doesn’t mean that others aren’t, or shouldn’t.

    if anything you should be applauding the camera guy for doing what you don’t have it in you to do yourselves.

    calling him a dweeb? well, sure seems he’s got the orbs and spine some of you are lacking.

    so, rock on dweeb. you kick @ss.

  22. Cailan Lefavre says

    I would call a cop and get a report. My partner is a lawyer. We make people’s lives hell who do this. Constant legal assault until they apologize or move away.

  23. andrew says

    If that guy didn’t cause a big blip on your gaydar, call a technician, because its broken. More troubling is the comment by a neighbor that he has been harassing their 13 year old son. The police should definitely be made aware of that. Thats a big red flag. Don’t ignore it.

  24. sam says

    @ya gotta be smart, sorry about your obvious self-loathing issues. You don’t know if the victim is a dweeb. You belittle people who empower themselves. Have you been reading Harriet Beecher Stowe?

  25. ratbastard says


    You’re delusional. And have one of the posters on TR who’re OBSESSED with calling people ‘racist’ for any and every perceived slight. I’m not racist, have NEVER said or implied only one ‘race’ is anti-gay and only one ‘race’ commits gay related ‘hate’ crimes and assaults. That of course is retarded thinking. If ‘slick hair’ were black, Hispanic, Asian, whatever, I would have written the same thing.

    People who can’t effectively counter a post they disagree with usually resort to name calling and slandering, hoping some of it will stick.

  26. ratbastard says

    And what do we know about this incident other than what one side said, the man videoing? Maybe these two have a history of issues with each other, and the guy videoing is pushing it so he can post sh*t on the internet? Does anyone here know? Has this occurred to anyone other than me? Yes, I’m jaded and cynical. Everyone should question stuff like this, and in fact question most of what they see on the internet, and what’s reported by both so-called reputable media and blogger-types.

  27. ratbastard says

    And how do we know this wasn’t all a set-up to attract attention to gay ‘hate’ crimes? Is it OK to say this? Will I be ostracized by the usual suspects on here? Anything is possible, and nothing would surprise me. Nothing.

  28. ratbastard says

    Oh, sorry. Never mind. I actually just watched the video for the first time and it’s clear in the video that the guy admits to calling him a f@ggot. So now I know the answer to the questions I asked.

    You’ll have to forgive me. I’ve had a very rough life. I lost my father a number of years ago. It was a tragic case of an innocent white man being killed from enjoying too-girthy black males in his rectum.

    Now, I know the commenters on here will mock me, but that just shows how heartless they are. Too many men like me lose our fathers due to our father’s not using enough lube when bottoming for black men.

  29. ratbastard says

    The worst part is we couldn’t have an open-casket funeral because there was an obscene look of sexual pleasure on his face that was frozen with rigor mortis.

  30. Fensox says

    God damn guys, leave ratbastard alone…

    And while you are at it, go read some books. Seriously, I feel like the reading comprehension of this group is small to nonexistent.

    It’s really, REALLY easy to properly insult, take to task or rip apart someones argument. You don’t need to embellish or mislead anyone (this is different than flair, you can insult someone with as much flare as you want).

    Ratbastard comments on the situation in a neutral way. Neutral is not the same as an opposing view.

    Kiwi is I feel the absolute worst at this. He practically refuses to comprehend anything by anyone always from a stance of incredulous heroics. If you even give off the tone that you do not agree with him you are a coward. If you don’t have documented proof on a blog with your face on it, then you are a BIGOT.

    I like being trollish and catty just like everyone else, but this site is easily one of the best places to find the very worst in our community. I say that because I have never seen the GOProud message boards, I’m sure they could give this place a run.

    Andy, please get rid of comments on your site. Not one has ever been worth a damn.

  31. AJD says

    Little Kiwi:

    It’s not about being brave enough to stand up to a bigot – it’s about being smart enough to avoid getting a fist in your face, or worse. What if the guy was carrying a knife or a gun?

    I don’t think anything is Turtle’s fault, but it still wasn’t very smart of him.

  32. Francis says

    Sometimes you gotta stand up, AJD. Was it the “smart” thing to do? Maybe it put his safety in some risk. But you can be damn sure this bigot isn’t going to accost him again.

  33. Francis says

    Sometimes you gotta stand up, AJD. Was it the “smart” thing to do? Maybe it put his safety in some risk. But you can be damn sure this bigot isn’t going to accost him again.

  34. ratbastard says

    @Little Kiwi,

    Actually my friend, I helped identify my father’s body. And yes, his face was contorted by rigor mortis, in pain from the heart attack he suffered. I almost didn’t recognize him, I had never seen such an expression of pain and suffering on his or any other face before. Maybe one day, my friend, you will be lucky enough to get a call early in the morning to identify your dad’s body.

    I am the real ratbastard, not Little Kiwi trolling me.

  35. Polyboy says

    Unless Towleroad is releasing IP information, how do you “know” Kiwi is trolling you?

    He’s usually ballsy enough to talk from his own nick while others here start talking about beating him up.

  36. Derrick from Philly says

    Well, I adore Little Kiwi for standing up against racism, sexism and hatred of feminine males. BUT I would ask whoever is doing the parody of Ratbastard where there is ridiculing of his father’s death to stop.

    A few years ago Ratbastard was my worst nemesis on the issue of race–until along came Rick and David Hearne. I still believe that Ratbastard’s views are racist….

    …but let’s leave his father’s death out of this.

    Am I a pussy with a soft heart? Well, so what? I’m a queen. What do you expect?

  37. I wont grow up says

    You gotta be kidding me right, I’ve seen butcher walks than that on RuPaul. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black. This closet case is the preverbial three dollar bill.

  38. Fensox says

    Ok, Derrick, I can get someone liking Kiwi for calling people out sure. But what about all the junk he does to people? He won’t even acknowledge it but he is one of the bigger bullies (In a real sense of the word) on here. He called me tons of names for having a republican friend. He jumps down others throats without actually reading anything they write.

    I don’t know if Kiwi is the guy who posts as others, it would be sad and ironic that the guy who believes that everyone (even you) is a coward if they do not have a full online presence, is the one that nobody can spoof because he has said online presence.

    Either way, there is still SOMEONE here who would do that. THAT is toxic and needs to change.

    Seriously, lets get rid of comments. They are the worst, from the worst.

  39. Little Kiwi says

    I know for a fact that my comments have driven off many many people from enjoying this site. I’m just too much of a horrible person to even bear myself, I know.

  40. Kyle Michel Sullivan says

    YouTube in their infinite stupidity took the video down because it dared show someone standing up to a bully, using that bully’s comments as their excuse to refuse to let anyone see someone stand up to a bully.

  41. Francis says

    It took the video down because anti-gay bigots reported the video. Usually, YT self-corrects, so we’ll see what happens here. Write a complaint to YT about why this video was taken down because it’s important this continues going viral.

  42. Thomas Cardellino says

    Hey Fabrice! Thank you, also, for letting us see that the stooges at YouTube don’t have enough good common sense to differentiate “promulgating” from “exposing” bullying, denigration and provocation with “fighting words,” and an eventual assault on an innocent yet determined proud and self-composed GREAT gay guy! Seems in fitting with this yokel’s modus operandi of calling a neighborhood child names, too. Kudos, but caution that I hope you continue to exercise, GREAT gay guy!

  43. andrew says

    Again Little Kiwi is not satisfied with arguing on the merits of the case but insists in his devious way of posting vile things in Ratbastards name. Kiwi is a total bully who does a disservice to the causes which he pretends to support. Makes you wonder!

  44. andrew says

    @Derrick from Philly: Surely you know that it is the devious Kiwi who posts those vile things in Ratbastards name. That is his M. O. Has Ratbastard, for all his stupid posts, ever gone into the gutter and said evil things about the malevolent Kiwi’s family?

  45. andrew says

    @Fensox: I agree with much of what you post. However, I do think that there are some good comments and debates on this site. The chief bully on this site is Little Kiwi who cannot tolerate dissent. He is a disgrace to true liberals who enjoy the healthy give and take in honest and open debate. What he often does is make some good and rational posts from a liberal perspective in his own name and then proceeds to trash under his own name or his many aliases or using the name of those who disagree with him. I truly think that he is a psychologically troubled person.

  46. ble.d_out.colo.r says

    There should have been *their*. Sorry, my autocorrect loves to be a Nazi when I mistype something. There is virtue in proofreading kids.

  47. ble.d_out.colo.r says

    Ugh apparently my post didn’t…er…post. forget this. I’m jot retyping that long a** post out. Long story short I agree with Francis.

  48. says

    “what ifs” are stupid when the video shows that your worried-about “what ifs” didn’t happen.

    broad daylight. he filmed him. we get it – a lot of you wouldn’t, out of fear. you should be happy that guy with the camera isn’t crippled by what you’re still afraid of.

  49. says

    Derrick – it’s not real. it’s the same troll, with different names, and different fake-lives to go with each one.

    the guy in this video is a lot like the anonymous-commenters on here: sure, they’ll BLAST their opinions…until they have to put their face to them. then they run away claiming “victim” status.

    excuse me while i vom.

  50. Queer Supremacist says

    I wish he had just beaten his breeder ass to death.

    When can we finally start busting their skulls in as payback for everything they’ve done to us? God knows they deserve it.

  51. says

    Any grown MAN who goes after a young 13-year-old CHILD, (if what the witness in this story says is true), is nothing but a colossal jerk who needs to get his ass completely kicked. Seriously.

  52. stanhope says

    That guy, the faggot caller, switches more than Jayne Mansfield. I hope the cameraman filed charges of assault when that jackass touched him. Bravo for not taking it! The bastard got his just desserts and looks like a pussy.

  53. Alan says

    wow. Who is HE to be calling someone else a Faggot? He is a definite self loathing closet case. I hope Turtle in fact did file a complaint. That kind of behavior is just SO unnecessary, and antiquated. I have seen people do that same thing to other human beings, whatever/whoever they may be. If you don’t understand or cannot associate with something, that is no reason to belittle that person. That is just plain ignorance.

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