1. JT says

    And on the 16th day she tried this, he stabbed her to death….not really; talk about pussy whipped. I’m absolutely sure I would not put up with this behavior. Did you hear her? She couldn’t “hit” him when he “laid like that.” Sucks to be him.

  2. Paul R says

    That’s so weird that I wonder if it’s genuine. Seems like after a few days he’d sort of anticipate it unless he’s a really sound sleeper or had only been out a few hours. Yet he seems surprised even at the end.

  3. Fruit-for-Peace says

    With that gorgeous beard, it wouldn’t be my hand that I slapped him awake with! :-)

    Oh come ON! You KNOW I’m not the only one thinking this! 😛

  4. Lindoro Almaviva says

    Now that she has showed him what it is like to be slapped awake for 15 days, I propose to her that she sends him to my place so he can be shown what is it like to be woken with a bj for 7 hays (half the time!). We’ll see which one he likes better.

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