Jon Stewart Mocks the Ridiculous Questions Asked by the Supreme Court’s Conservatives: VIDEO



  1. kp05 says

    Thank you John Stewart for slamming Scalia on his “considerable disagreement” term he used to describe the studied outcomes of same-sex parenting.

    If anyone on the right, or any legal scholars, enjoy fapping over Scalia’s “constitutional brilliance” or “knowledge” or “legal intelligence,” this should be proof enough to know that this man has an agenda.

    Simply because he is smart enough to wrap a constitutional argument around his opinion should not make him deserving of such praise or admiration. He’s one of the few conservatives who can take his bigotry and make it into a halfway decent *sounding* argument. It’s still bigotry.

  2. Pete N SFO says

    I’ve been waiting… I thought I was the only one that heard those comments as completely offensive and out of touch.

    Thank God for The Daily Show… and that, from an Atheist! :)

  3. Jerry says

    Justice “fat face” Scalia is an atavistic throwback to the Congress of 1996 & hostage to his Catholic propaganda. He never was on our side or on the side of humanistic legal principles. But I worry about Justice Kennedy, particularly concerning Prop H8. I wonder if he is as truly committed as he was in 2003. He seems afraid to stand-up for equal treatment and the 14th Amendment’s guarantees to every American.

  4. Michaelandfred says

    “Gay Oral.” LOL. Here’s one of the reasons the under 30″s approve in the 80+% range, Stewart, Colbert, Maddow and the rest. Information delivered to a young audience with intelligence and humor supported by facts and common sense. The man is a genius.

  5. PAUL B. says

    Brilliant Jon! What I’m realizing from this and other pieces is that the supes are often less “brilliant” than one might assume from their job description. It was just way too easy to make them look ignorant. And why is that, you might ask? Just because a person makes it to “the top”, doesn’t necessarily say anything about their intelligence or common sense…i.e. The Donald, Scalia, Beck, Hannity. OMG…I could go on & on.
    All rich, write books and think like hillbillies.

  6. simon says

    Talking about the history of same sex marriage.
    Compared to thousands of years of human history, US constitution is only 200 years old. It may have unexpected consequences if followed by the court. As a start, I would say let’s do away with the First and second Amendments.

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