1. jamal49 says

    Winners all around. The boy is blessed and so are the fathers. What a wonderful outcome!

  2. David Hearne says

    I hope this turns out well. I hate to harsh the mellow, but did anyone else wonder if some crackhead wasn’t going to show up and try to extort these men or claim to have come to Jesus and want the child back?

  3. Firestorm says

    $10 says some Christians are going to get butthurt and start screaming the usual tired BS about “recruiting” and “molestation”.

  4. Vint says

    @David Hearne: not to worry. The kid has been part of their family for 12 years old now (and attended their recent wedding).

  5. 9/17 says

    How does baby go from subway to “son?” Stray animals — stray people? I’m sure baby is in good hands. Pity Elton John didn’t find him.