Supreme Court Grants Obama Administration Speaking Time in Prop 8 Oral Arguments

The Supreme Court has granted the Department of Justice speaking time in the Prop 8 case, the Washington Blade reports:

SupremesIn court orders on Friday, justices announced the U.S. Solicitor General will be allowed speaking time for oral arguments in the case, which are scheduled for March 26.

“The motion of the Solicitor General for leave to participate in oral argument as amicus curiae and for divided argument is granted,” the orders states.

The Justice Department had filed a request for speaking time in the oral arguments shortly after it filed a legal brief against Prop 8.


  1. FAEN says

    So George, when its a decision your side agrees with the court is impartial but when it’s not liberals have paid off a SC Justice? How much further can you guys sink?

  2. Rob says

    It’s all in Roberts’ hands now to pull this one out 5-4 and he has his eye squarely on legacy. The opposition to interracial marriage in the Supreme Court has made laughing stocks of those jurists’ entire careers through the retrospectoscope, and Roberts doesn’t want to come down on the wrong side of history. He wants people to talk about the “Roberts Court” the way they talk about the “Marshall Court” or the “Rehnquist Court.” Calling discrimination of any kind constitutional is getting to be more and more of a stretch.

    If he supported Obamacare then this one is a gimme. We’ve so got this.

  3. Jase says

    Rob, it’s not only “in Roberts’ hands now to pull this one out 5-4.” Assuming we have Ginsberg, Kagan, Sotomayor and Breyer, that means we only need one more vote and it can come from EITHER Kennedy OR Thomas. And there’s strong reason — given Kennedy’s majority opinion in Lawrence v. Texas — that Kennedy will join those four.

    So really the likely swing vote is Kennedy with Thomas as a possible 6th vote in our favor.

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