1. rise says

    The police force in Sydney is one of the most corrupt in the world. Recently, a tourist was tazered to death despite being in a drug-induced frenzy.

    Australia is basically a hole.

  2. ratbastard says


    I’ll say upfront I don’t particularly like police attitudes in many circumstances and I’m not a cop a** kisser, but how should a person in a ‘drug induced frenzy’ [I.E. a dangerous person, dangerous to themselves and those around them, and out of control] be handled? Tazers in theory are supposed to be less lethal means of getting an out of control suspect under control, as opposed to using a physical beating with sticks, hands, etc., Or as opposed to shooting them. Of course the people who market tasers greatly exaggerate when they claim it’s non-lethal or even say ‘less’ lethal, because tasers do in fact have the potential to be lethal. But getting beaten with night sticks also has the potential to be lethal.

  3. Merv says

    It may be barbaric, but you should never ever actively resist arrest. They aren’t going to not arrest you because you’re resisting. They’ll just beat you into submission. The time to complain is afterwards.

  4. Real Talk says

    Ratbastard/Rick: you are one sick monster to have that reaction to THIS incident caught on camera. You’ve sunk low before, but this is a new low. Even for you.

  5. Duration & Convexity says

    Can we all just agree to ignore Ratbastard and his constanting spinning of homophobic incidents where he ALWAYS blames gays and lesbians? Can we just ignore this cancer?

  6. ratbastard says

    The crowd should have swarmed the cops. What are they going to do, shoot them? They could have swarmed and surrounded them. They should have rioted. This would have made head line news not just in Australia. As it is, this will barely register. Too bad, because yes, it does look like genuine police brutality, although we don’t know from this clip what led up to this incident, so maybe it’s out of context.

  7. Texas Dude says

    This is awful. You can see the fear in his eyes. Police are corrupt throughout the world. I’ve seen police personally target gay people for no reason at all.

  8. Greg says

    Horrible. Couldn’t even really stomach seeing it. The reality is, the apologist and/or self hating crowd always manages to spin these stories to somehow blame gay people. They just don’t like the idea of homophobes being held accountable for their actions. Police brutality toward all minorities, including gays, has been well reported. All throughout the world. Let’s not pretend it doesn’t happen often, and sadly, most times when cameras aren’t there to catch it.

  9. ratbastard says

    No, I’m not a ‘troll’. What I said about alcohol [and other mind altering substances] is 100% true, and there are people in such situations as pride celebrations who get out of control. It’s why bouncers and security exist. Same thing at clubs, bars and parties. Who denies this? I’m not saying this was absolutely what happened here, but all we know from this clip is what happened after a certain point, not what happened before then. Everything I wrote is rational, not troll-like.

  10. G says

    In a different context, this would be on a different kind of site and there would be people paying to watch this and enjoy this.

    Or at a different kind of festival, this would be a show some studio put on for entertainment.

    Obviously not in this instance, and it seems pretty clear that the above comments are not made by people who would enjoy such a scene or show. I feel bad for the guy, having been in a similar, but less extreme situation myself.

  11. ratbastard says


    I’ve seen and experienced police abuse of power against all kinds of people, period, not just ‘minorities’. I’ve been subject to un-warranted harassment a few times by cops and I’m a white male and they [white and Asian male police] didn’t know I was gay, so it had nothing to do with that.

    There’s always some trouble at events where people ‘party’. Everybody knows this, unless you live like a hermit.

  12. ratbastard says


    Why can’t posters like you just counter any point I’ve made that you disagree with instead of using the old, tired control mechanism of calling someone a name like ‘troll’?

  13. Yeek says

    Not convinced either way just yet.

    Of course the victim’s statements that he did nothing wrong don’t really prove anything – both a guilty and an innocent person will say “but I’ve done nothing wrong” in this situation. Similarly, the fact that he’s about to start a PhD program are irrelevant. Anyone can commit a crime, and that includes well-educated people.

    What facts do we actually have? Not enough. We don’t see the events that immediately preceded this confrontation, and I’d like to know more about what happened. It is very hard to see what happens at 56 seconds into the video – does he kick the police officer before he is thrown to the ground?

    I still recall the “Corner Bistro” incident, well documented on here, where a very sympathetic story of homophobic abuse turned out to be fabricated. Ever since then I’ve been cautious.

  14. Caliban says

    The problem, Ratbastard is that you don’t have THE SLIGHTEST F*CKING CLUE what happened before the filming started, other than the police slammed this guy’s head to the ground! The guy being arrested does NOT seem to be slurring his speech and there is a testimonial right below from a man who was accosted by police FOR CROSSING THE STREET! Yet your response to this violent event is to imply the man being beaten must surely have deserved it WITHOUT ANY GODD*MN EVIDENCE TO BACK IT UP!

    So let me put it this way. If you’re NOT a “troll,” you’ll do until one comes along.


    @ Ratbastard
    we don’t need to counter the points of a documented troll on here who CONSISTENTLY believes all homophobic incidents are questionable, and not indeed homophobic. You are a Grade A piece of sh-t. and will ALWAYS be known as the resident troll of this site.

  16. J.J says

    Another angry straight man with testosterone he needs to MILITANTLY display at gay men. When will these nagry heteros get some help for this? and they say WE’RE in need of help.

  17. Will says

    UNBELIEVABLE! This is Sydney’s “Rodney King”. This officer should be fired, and anyone else involved as well for excessive police brutality. It wasn’t fighting the police.This is just sick.

  18. Leesburg says

    Hatersexuals. More of the same from them.

    Hope this kid gets a good lawyer. This monster was obviously at this event looking for an excuse to take out his anger at gay people.

  19. Carlos says

    The poor kid is frightened and in tears. Clearly scared to death. Ratbastard, I’ve never said this before to any human, but you deserve a terminal illness. One that hopefully takes you off this planet. And I pray it happens soon.
    You really are a walking piece of t urd.

  20. Oz says

    I read on another blog that this was completely unwarranted, even the arrest. Witnesses say this cop clearly had rage, and even some of the surrounding cops were telling him to cool it. The cop is clearlu mentally unstable, unfit, and should absolutely face consequences for this.

  21. Just A Fan says

    That little kid must weigh a hundred pounds less than that big @$$ cop. The cop is pounding him and stepping on him and drawing blood. This cop was out for blood. and yeah, homophobic cops are out there. I’ve had some horrible run ins myself, but none like this. This is vile.

  22. David says

    The video has been posted over 25,000 times on Facebook in just a few hours. It’s been shared extensively on Twitter. This has gotten people more angry than any other issue that I can remember in Sydney. There will be more press and activity on this in the morning (its2.30am here in Sydney now). Plans are starting to be made to protest and march on Parliament House.

  23. says

    Sickening. Re: cops….. there are those who truly go into the work because they’re good people who want to Serve and Protect. Then we get the idiots who got Cs and Ds in highschool, who want a gun, a badge, and a license to bash and bully.

    Thank GOD for the digital revolution – we’re able to get heinous affronts to human decency like this on camera. Whether it’s the force used on those in Occupy, the casual way a southern white cop just pepper-sprays a young black child (remember THAT, folks?), the G20 fiasco in Toronto….there has been police conduct that should result in those men being utterly fired from their jobs.

    This was police brutality. Nothing less.

  24. Swiminbuff says

    In Australia when the police are arresting you don’t they have to tell you what you are being arrested for? If the police were acting properly why would they tell the press tell the press to stop filming?

  25. Acronym Jim says

    RATBASTARD: Then the police shouldn’t be drinking on the job. It was clear that one in particular was the one most out of control.

    Clueless troll.

  26. johnny says

    “Stop filming”

    That command uttered by that cop tells you the police already knew at that point they were in deep sh*t and wanted to mitigate any fallout.

    Too late, dude, way too late.

  27. Peter M. says

    0:58 shocking… Throwing a handcuffed, defenceless man into the pavement with such force is criminal behaviour. I really hope the poor man sues the police and that the police officer who did this gets sacked

  28. Francis says

    I feel sick. I feel like crying. This is horrendous.

    I’m really just speechless. Unbelievably horrible. Of course, we know that police bash LGBTQ persons ALL of the time without any care.

  29. David Hearne says

    How is it possible at this point that the police in English speaking countries persist in the belief or tactic of feigning ignorance on the subject of being videoed in public?

  30. David Hearne says

    How is it possible that whether the attacker is a police officer or a common criminal a crowd of gay people will stand by while one of our own is beaten?

  31. says

    i dunno, “Hearne” – how come you’re such a coward you can’t even put a face to any of your trolling aliases on the internet? well, i mean, because you’re a troll and that’s what you do.

    you sit idle in your own life while “your own people” are discriminated against.

  32. Thomas says

    Several people have said that they would need to know the context. No, you don’t. Being a police officer is not meant to be risk free. You assume the risk you might get injured, and you are allowed to use an equivalent level of force. I come from a family of cops, and even one trained cop could subdue someone of this size who *does not* have a weapon without this much violence. Period.

    You’re the same people who think tear gassing a peaceful protest “might be fine, because we don’t know the circumstances” and from there it’s not too far a leap to Stand Your Ground laws and Trayvon Martin.

    As for the word “troll”–it is overused, because it lets the person making the comment off the hook. A troll is someone who knows he is wrong and is being a jerk intentionally. But sometimes being an abrasive jerk is sincere.

  33. ratbastard says


    re-read more carefully what I wrote. I CLEARLY said we don’t know what occurred prior to this clip. This is central to understanding what happened.

    @Everybody else,

    I have on occasion used ‘mean’ language directed at a specific person on here, and have on occasion used sarcasm, but never have I ‘trolled’. By views are not just thrown out haphazardly in order to troll anybody or thing. Just because you disagree with someone, doesn’t automatically make them ‘trolls, it usually mean you’re frustrated with adequately countering and/or are attempting to stifle anything that counters your viewpoint.

    I posted:

    A) Alcohol was undoubtedly involved.

    B) We don’t know what happened prior to this clip, it could be taken out of context, or maybe not.

    C) I know cops can be a**holes and on power trips, sympathize and empathize because not only have I witnessed genuine police abuse but have experienced it. I am not a cop a** kisser. At the same time, know they have difficult, dangerous and thankless jobs. But necessary. How many ‘progressives’ on here who scream about guns are capable of defending themselves if no cops are around? Most of the people here screaming about ‘pigs’ would be furiously dialing 911 when they’re being assaulted or about to be, praying the ‘pigs’ show up,fast.

    D) If what occurred is as clear cut as described, I said those crowds should have surrounded the cops and rioted.

    E) Tasers are allegedly non-lethal or less lethal, and are marketed as such. They of course are capable of being lethal under the right circumstances. And they’re marketed as being less lethal than other police responses like beating with a night stick, truncheon, lead bullets, or plastic bullets, etc. Fact is any of these police actions can be lethal.

    Violence and ‘incidents’ are to be expected at large boisterous gatherings like pride. They are commonplace at bar / club closing times, also. If this gentleman can legally prove he was ‘abused’, not simply subdued as a suspect for possible criminal offense by cops, I congratulate him, and would hope the abusing cops be criminally prosecuted. There are laws in-place to handle situations like this, at least in the U.S.

  34. ratbastard says


    You know what their rules of engagement are? Maybe the suits from their force [the brass, lawyers, etc.] specify specific ways of subduing a suspect. Often lay-people will observe cops behave in certain ways that appear callous, but they’re specifically trained to behave this way, and for a variety of reasons.

  35. nefter says

    Wow. Ok I NEVER comment. But Rat bastard, do you read your posts over and over out load and congratulate yourself on how smart you are? Seriously, STFU. There is ABSOLUTELY no excuse for the way that giant cop lifted that little twink off the ground by his neck and slammed him to the pavement only to stand on his neck to keep him down, while handcuffed!! I don’t care if the kid was so drunk he was swinging from the flagpole shouting obscenities with his pecker hanging out! No excuse!!!! Oh and RIOT? really? Give it a break.

  36. Jordan says

    Ratbastard is a pretencious know it all conservative FREAK of nature we all laugh at. His little gun rant above, and rant against progressives doesn’t even attempt to cover up his calculating agenda. His comments on past incidents of gay bashings have been sickening. I can only hope a bashing in the near future takes this monsters life. Ratbastard, you are taking up space on our planet. and the less people like you are beautiful planet has on it, the better.

  37. Yaoi says

    I don’t think I could have stood by watching like those cowards. I likely would have attacked the police officer and restrained him if he was doing something like that.

    Just reading this makes me want to kick his ass.

  38. ratbastard says

    I’ve had life experiences that obviously some of you haven’t. A ‘little’ guy or ‘twink’ is perfectly capable of causing damage. And alcohol, drugs, mental instability can make even ‘little’ guys and women [even children or elderly] capable of dangerous behavior.


    I AM NOT SAYING THAT THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED HERE…REPEAT…I AM NOT SAYING THAT THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED HERE. I’m only explaining why a cop would treat someone who appears inoffensive as a potential threat, such as being capable of grabbing their firearm, etc., That’s reasonable, isn’t it?

    No one knows what their [the cops here] rules of engagement are, how they’ve been instructed to behave under various circumstances.

  39. ratbastard says

    @Jordan[?] (Lil’ Kiwi?),

    Every past example of gay bashing that I’ve questioned on here has turned out to have been faked. When we have so many faked ‘hate’ crimes, it’s not surprising sane people [operative word here is sane] question all of them when they occur. And I know real ‘hate’ crimes occur, have witnessed them myself.

    Conservative freak? I’m not conservative, or conservative as it’s currently defined in the U.S. and by some gay ‘advocates’. I am middle of the road,am not ideological, preferring to use commonsense.

  40. Francis says

    Rat, I’m a bit more sympathetic towards you than others here, but I cannot co-sign with what you’ve been saying here. This is clear as day. Based on witness reports, based on this video. A young gay kid is being attacked by cops. He’s crying. He’s scared as hell. He’s not aggressively resisting arrest. He’s not threatening the cops. There is no valid reason the cops needed to abuse this young man. Sometimes, you can say, it’s understandable, if not justified in all such situations, but understandable why excessive force is used.

    Here? No. This is brutality for sport.

  41. ratbastard says


    I agree 100%. I also think this young man was abused. What I find amusing is the usual suspects foaming at the mouth. Most of these usual suspects would cower or like I posted earlier furiously dial 911 if they were being assaulted, hoping a ‘pig’ would show up quickly. These same usual suspects foaming at the mouth here are probably anti-gun and certainly want to outlaw all legal ownership and put all their faith in the ‘pigs’ to protect them. Sorry, I find this amusing, at best.

  42. Alfonso says

    @ Ratbastard
    you think you’re far more important than you really are. Who are you responding to with your life story? no one here gives a crap, and most overlook your crap said on here. Stopping putting hate crimes in quotes. We already heard what your other alias name, Rick, thinks of hate crime legislations. David Hearne too. You’re too transparent for your own good boo.

  43. nefter says

    No Not Kiwi not Naive or gullible. I have eyes and what I saw in that video was CLEARLY a 220lb+ cop (trained no doubt in combat, as you say) body slamming a probably 115lb kid on the pavement and standing on his neck! If cops are trained as you say they are I certainly would hope they could handle a kid like this without beating the crap out of him especially when he is handcuffed and crying. Having broken up plenty of “twink” fights in my day it’s really not that hard. Oh and I’m not even sure what trolling is but didn’t you just give a speech about that? Yet your so quick to call me one? I think its pathetic how deeply this little kiwi has gotten under your fingernails that every comment against you must in your mind must be from him. It seems to me ratbastard that you thrive on this kind of back and fourth, playing devils advocate and I have zero interest in debating you or your ilk; I bet your just a scream at cocktail parties. Just wanted to tell you to eff off and I’ve done that so later biatch.

  44. ratbastard says


    F.U.,boss. That the best you can do,Alfito? And why mention my ‘race’, Alfito?

    I’ve never claimed I’m special or important, Alfito.

    And I put quotes around ‘hate’ because I think all assaults are hate crimes, in addition to the fact a lot of them as reported turn out to be false.

  45. ratbastard says


    You broke up plenty of ‘twink’ fights?

    *eye roll*

    Whatever. Yes, you sound naive in understanding how police are trained and instructed to behave.

    And NO, I’m not excusing abuse of any kind.

  46. Ken says

    Witnesses say the violence at the hands of the police was “traumatizing,” and that the victim didn’t do anything to provoke the incident.

    Bottom line: Always do what an officer says, and take your dispute up later.

  47. din says

    Can’t watch the video so distressing! So horrible, disgusting police in a civilized country. Bloody errogent police , he is insane, mad sick! Is this Australia???

  48. David Hearne says

    David Ehrenstein – Wouldn’t it be better for you to admit that your limited IQ renders you incapable of grasping a complex and objective take on things? I mean, it’s not your fault that your grandparents played in the mud, but you could aspire to rise above it.

  49. David Hearne says

    As angry as this makes us, it’s important to remember that this was one incident and not necessarily indicative of the entire police force or culture. I have seen a fair amount of cop bashing on comment boards in response to such things. Usually it has to do with the treatment of blacks or latinos. Usually those comments would make a passing disinterested party believe that the police force is racially and culturally homogenous. That simply isn’t the case anymore, and hasn’t been the case for 40 years.

  50. Steve says

    There’s something missing in this story. I was there, with half-a-dozen friends, and tens of thousands of other people, about a block from Oxford/Crown or Oxford/Riley. What happened before? Why did the police choose just this guy, and not the thousands of others? When we came across cops, they were directing traffic, watching the crowd, ordinary things — what happened here?

  51. agboinv says

    Alright, so, it appears clear in my estimation that this man is intoxicated, although still relatively coherent. Thank taken into account, the force still appears extremely excessive in nature, especially given the relative size difference, the fact that he is in hand restraints and that there are sufficient back-up officers in the vicinity. While he was resisting, I don’t see any indication of him assaulting the officer.

    As for any legal concerns regarding other legalities of his detainment (or was he fully arrested? this is not clear): Australia does not have what I would deem a similar system to the American Miranda warning; unless he was actually being charged, he need not be provided any warning of his rights and responsibilities and even then the warning is typically very minimal. I believe that charges can be delayed as long as 4 hours in a case like this, so his demands to know what he is being charged with theoretically need not be responded to by the officers.

    I wonder if there is an Aussie solicitor out there who could confirm my understanding?

    Nonetheless, the excessive force is concerning and harmful. I have heard before about corruption and power mentality are rampant in Sydney’s police force, and with laws like those mentioned above, they are just enabled to harass disfavored groups at events like this.

  52. Francis says

    Rat, of course, most think to call 911 or some sort of security, find some sort of security or police, when you’re in a threatening situation. That’s what they are there for, police is supposed to protect their citizens. It’s not hypocritical to do that but also recognize the fact that a lot of police are corrupt, and a huge amount of them are homophobic. Because we know that’s the case. It’s pointing out the reality a lot of police don’t do their jobs. There are good ones out there, but too many are just as homophobic as these Aussie cops here. And we have a right to be angry about that because LGBTQ persons are routinely harassed and physically assaulted by these thugs.

  53. ratbastard says


    My point is gay and non-gay people place too much faith in police and not enough in themselves. It’s not as bad here in America, but in some other similar countries you can and people frequently are prosecuted for defending themselves with force. And there are many ‘progressives’ gay and otherwise who would have no problem passing laws making it difficult for people to use force or [gasp] a weapon to defend themselves. These very same people often [not all of them, I understand that] mock and even hate ‘pigs’, so how do they expect to protect themselves or defend themselves against crime, including assaults? Police in fact can’t be everywhere, and are under-staffed in many areas, especially rural areas. I think many people have un-realistic expectations regarding police.

  54. SFshawn says

    Due to the fact that it is on video and the fact that they have a least one name and badge# on record the state MP for Sydney,Alex Greenwich should be able to gather the FACTS easily and make an example out of these ‘police’ thugs.

  55. bareback rider says

    Pro Tip: After being placed under arrest, the best course of action is to comply.

    Failure to comply allows arresting officers to escalate use of force in order to affect the arrest.

  56. ratbastard says


    I agree. There does appear to be something missing with this story. I suppose it’ll eventually come out.

    And if you watch the video closely as I just did after someone pointed something out, it appears the young man tried to kick and push the cop away when the camera is focused away from the two, then the camera flips back around as the cop flips the young man around and onto the ground, then places his foot on his neck.

  57. andrew says

    The amount of hateful and violent speech by some of those opposing the Sydney Police brutality is stunning. Examples: JJ wants Ratbastard “to get cancer and die”, Jordan in opposing the police bashing of the young man, wants “a bashing in the near future, to take Ratbastards life. WOW! Posters like them are troubled individuals indeed.

  58. Bill says

    While it is one thing to give police officers the benefit of the doubt when they have to arrest a possibly dangerous suspect who might have a weapon or might be violent, in this case the victim was already handcuffed before the video was started. Whatever he might have done before that point is not relevant, and with no shirt on and wearing shorts, it is not like he had a lot of places to hide a knife or a gun.

    So my opinion, based on the video, is that the thug pretending to be a police officer should have the book thrown at him. All this young guy did while handcuffed was to cry and ask why he was being arrested. It deserves a complete investigation from the top levels of the Australian government.

  59. Derrick from Philly says

    “Examples: JJ wants Ratbastard “to get cancer and die”, Jordan in opposing the police bashing of the young man, wants “a bashing in the near future, to take Ratbastards life. WOW!”

    Well, Andrew, in the words of Richard Burton in “Who’s Afraid of V. Wolf”–he said to Elizabeth Taylor, “Yes, baby, you bring out the best in me… Ratbastard.”

  60. andrew says

    If that level of hatful and violent thought is already in them to be brought out, they are in serious need of professional psychological help.

  61. Thomas says

    @Andrew–While I strongly disagree with Ratbastard’s assessment, you make an important point. It is pretty troubling how much personal attack gets floated around here without any moderation.

    My parents both died of cancer. I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. It’s horrible for the individual and the family and friends involved. So are other wishes of death. It’s just mean.

    @Ratbastrd: I don’t think it’s clear this guy is intoxicated. I have friends who seem intoxicated sometimes due to medication or preexisting health conditions, etc. A lot of things can make it seem like this. My brother was arrested once because he had a seizure when he was pulled over for speeding and they thought he was on drugs. The point is: looks can be deceiving. And even if he were high, it doesn’t appear to be the kind of substance that leads to aggression. I’m not sure what the rules of engagement are, but if they promote this response then they need to be rethought.

  62. Francis says

    I can see your point, Rat, but I don’t find it relevant to the discussion being had here. I think we all know that the police isn’t always going to be there and you need to protect yourself and if you don’t know that, then you better know. I see what you’re saying about guns as well but one can defend themselves without one. Personal safety and looking out for self is #1 and a gun isn’t necessary to make that happen, nor is police, HOWEVER, the police is supposed to be there to serve the public in the end and they often don’t. I know mace isn’t legal to carry in every state and that needs to change. Mace and tazers should be legal-weapons to carry on you at all times in every state, and that will reduce ambush crimes. Basic self-defense measures often prevent attacks as well.

    The police needs to have the back of the people. Again, LGBTQ persons are regularly beaten by police and if we so much as lay a hand back to defend ourselves, we’re charged. We have every right to be angry.

  63. says

    I can’t find Sydney Australia’s facebood site. If someone can please point it out to us, we can leave comments there.

    I can’t find any emails, but this email came up on the domain registry for Sydney:

  64. Bill says

    @Darren : someone might point out to your MPs that this incident is getting world wide attention and just might result in people going elsewhere for a vacation. Who wants to sit in a plane for umpteen hours to visit a place where they might be gratuitously beaten by the police?

  65. Ken says

    Another video has surfaced which shows the earlier part of the dispute, where is is being rouged up and is squirming and pushing and takes what looks like a weak swing at an officer as he is trying to get his balance. This will be used by the officers to justify the subsequent force, but once the tiny guy is handcuffed there is still no excuse for throwing his head to the pavement and stomping on his head.

  66. William says

    I was absolutely disgusted to see that cop pushing his foot into an innicent person’s back even though he was cuffed! Wht is this world coming to? When the USA wrote the declaration of independence, it specifically noted “..swarms of officers” …now, these “officers” were by order of her majsety the queen. WHo in Hell does she think she is? How dare ANYONE violate anyone’s freedom …..”freedom” is becoming a novelty only for the powers that be. They think “we” are disposable, even though we are becoming more and more vulnerable to their corruption. Something’s got to be done to stop these blatant injustices on the common man. We must start with Agenda21 and clean up this ever increasing imbalance, lest we all become victims of “laws” that are taking away everything we stand for as human beings – we are not animals that must be “controlled” by someone who dons a uniform under the facade of “serving and protecting” the very people they ought be TRULY serving and protecting!

    William Alexander

  67. HOCKEYJOCK says

    I’d just like to add that Minnesota cops can be COMPLETE uncalled for, overly abusive of their power @$$holes as well to this conversation! I’ve seen some truly appalling things where they far, far, far overstepped there power, completely unnecessarily.

    I understand that maybe cops are trained to use excessive force, but I think what ends up happening, is that they just use it in all situations. As if they do not possess the ability to differentiate between an actual threat, and a non-threat. Better just beat someone into submission just to be safe, right? And then of course, claim they were the ones assaulted. Especially if the victim vastly underweighs the police officers, is obviously not armed, not attacking them, and you have no need to actually use force. It just makes them want to abuse their power more. That’s police mentality for you! Sadly, they feels their victims do not have the right to ask questions about why they are being beat on. I think they interpret that as ‘verbal assault’, giving them an excuse to physically assault citizens. It’s quite pathetic, and that’s why I have little respect for cops.

    And yes, Ratbastard is an insane (and suspect homophobe) troll. You don’t need to read Towleroad for long to see how much of a foul jerk he is 90% of the time.

  68. Book says

    I can’t even watch the whole thing. Omg, I just want to take a baseball bat the the head of that cop. Seriously, I’d get myself shot defending a helpless person like that if I saw it in real life. Awful.

  69. ron says

    All you hand-wringing, outraged, posters have been duped. Another video has popped up on Same Same showing this event at another angle. The little party boy was clearly punching, kicking and assaulting the police, therefore, getting a well-deserved beat down. I guess this little twink was so used to being adored and pursued by older men, that he thought he was special.

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