1. Bryan says

    They grow these guys in tanks, right? Jelly beans have more character. If the ad were an accurate indicator, the cologne would smell like vinyl.

    Short of being a child-torturing priest, is there anything more dishonorable than advertising?

  2. unruly says

    @BandanaJack, you’ve got him confused with Myles Crosby (who just finished high school.) This guy is 21 and is not quitting modeling anytime soon.

  3. candideinnc says

    What is wrong with eye candy? Pretty boys selling their bodies to video companies before the fat settles in unappealing places. Very legitimate.

  4. Omar says

    I am of a different mind.. I don’t think he is only a hot model. There is something extra here. I haven’t taken notice of Calvin Klein underwear models in many years and this one made me sit and say, G-Damn!!

  5. Markt says

    It’s kind of old. Do young people have any interest in stylized black and white? Really as old and ugly as i am – I could have done that with the same photography crew. I feel like there’s a foot in the grave here it’s so retro not-in-a-good-way.

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