This Is What The Facebook Marriage Equality Map Looks Like

Facebook has released data
for those red and pink social media pro-marriage equality profile pictures you've been seeing all week. CBS News reports:

"Facebook reported that by Tuesday, about 2.7 million
people changed their profile picture at around the time the HRC began
prompting supporters. That number is a 120 percent increase from the
previous Tuesday. While it does not show that each person changed their
picture to the pink-on-red equal sign, the trend suggests that a
significant amount of users showed support for marriage equality. The data also suggests that those closest to 30 years old had the greatest amount of profile updates."

Relatedly, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco has created a few anti-marriage equality versions of the logo (one of which is 'man + woman = child') that it is encouraging people to share. You can sign a petition asking them to remove these inappropriate logos here.


  1. Bill says

    The logo from the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Francisco is correct in all two many cases if you interpret it as a mathematician might: it implies that a man and a women together are “equal” (i.e,, exactly the same as) to a child. “=” is simply the wrong symbol for what they intended, but even then they got it wrong. If you read it closer to what they intended, it suggests that a man and a women results in an abandoned child – it should have been
    “man + women –> man + woman + child”, similar to the notation used to describe chemical reactions.

    If someone wants to have fun with them, the obvious counter-logo is:

    man + women –> child
    child leadsto (child + man + man) wedge (child + woman + woman)

    where leadsto is a squiggle ending on the right with an arrow and wedge is an upside down ‘V’ (logical symbol for ‘or’).

    The counter logo suggests that, when a man and a woman make babies a gay or lesbian couple can end up taking care of the child.

  2. UFFDA says

    Steve – I too was thinking along those lines. Besides the South would have screwed up so badly over time that we could have gotten it back without losing so many northern soldiers.

  3. Bill says one thing to keep in mind is that Facebook measured the percentage of users in an area that changed their profiles, not the reason for the change. Some could have put up something to explicitly oppose same-sex marriage. You could get an idea by doing a random sampling and checking those profiles manually, but Facebook didn’t do that.

    The lack of response in the Bible Belt states could simply mean that they don’t pay attention to what is going on elsewhere.

  4. David Hearne says

    There is no way for Facebook to take into account the vast number of people who support marriage equality but saw absolutely no purpose to the avatar changing, or demonstrating outside the Court.

  5. Sargon Bighorn says

    To think so many people waste so much time with Facebook and other “social media” while at the same time so many Americans state how “alone” they feel. Such a disconnect.

  6. Ninong says

    Using the division symbol with the reference to Luke 12:51 means that the SF Archdiocese predicts their teachings will divide families and that’s a good thing — according to them. There is no other way to take that. Thanks, Archbishop Sal “DUI” Cordileone. Drunk driving will divide families, too.

  7. Reality says

    The map of Indiana is interesting. Three deep red dots, on top of Indiana University, Purdue University, and Ball State University. If this doesn’t prove something like 80% of the younger generations approve of equality, I don’t know what will.

  8. says

    It might interest your readers to note that the Facebook page, the Equality Mantra, more than doubled its size between Tuesday, the first day of the SCOTUS hearings and Friday, three days later, going from about 46,000 likes to the current count of 107,683. This is ALL down to the massive groundswell in favor of marriage equality for the United States, and the world. This tide for equality and justice cannot and will not be turned back. And for that we are enormously grateful. ~Rachel Hockett, Founder, the Equality Mantra on Facebook

  9. Elouise Swanson says

    There is too much quiet from the Christian Right. There is too much Left Sexual Activity secretly going in Catholic Churches. Will someone please tell me what happens to human anatomy,blood cells with this kind of sex that causes HIV??? As a child, I was attacked by a younger girl who had unusual strength.I learned later that her father expressed signs of molestation to his children. Sexual unions should be a choice. Financial assets should be honored according to legal, written will. It was God, not man who set up Adam & Eve for marriage. Pledging vows does not make one married. I believe Snowflake/Artificial sperm should be stopped. God said, multiply, replenish the earth which was flooded. I pray to see more open discussion on same sex unions from human medical ethics. Should sex create AIDS? Respectfully, 4/8/13

  10. Elouise Swanson says

    Instead of sexual activities being taught to children, let’s get back to basic education of: English, Math, General & Advanced Science,Homemaking,Budgeting/finance History, Civics,World Religions and Physical Education.I believe it will enhance the ID, Ego, and Super Ego. What we feed the most will grow from the inside to the outside.
    Thank you for the opportunity to share these views. Comments are welcome. Elouise Swanson 4/8/13

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