1. Myackie says

    the comments on that UO link are very revealing. These “students” should do their little act somewhere else…somewhere that will actually prove that they’re morally superior, instead of just harassing pedestrians. The way they’re acting would only make me pissed, too.

  2. UFFDA says

    That drag queen guy/chef, I could only watch so much…apart from his bedecked immortal soul he really IS tacky. It’s too ridiculous…so shabby it’s beneath camp, which is pretty shabby. Something much higher class is called for. Something where you figure it out, it doesn’t shout out for attention in every repetitive, artless move. And no it’s not so bad it’s good. It sorta stinks.

  3. Greg says

    Good job on “Luke’s Change: and inside job”, but it’s a shame that so much work is marred by the mistake of repeatedly referring to Alderaan as Aldebaran.

  4. Ninong says

    At least Univ. of Oregon law instructor James Olmsted is getting a lot of free publicity. Don’t know if it’s the sort that will help his local law practice, especially if Eugene is “to the left of Berkeley.”

    He was cited for theft for taking that girl’s cell phone and refusing to return it and two counts of physical harassment. His teaching responsibilities have been reassigned.

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