1. Strepsi says

    @AngelaChanning: so true — the humble retiree suddenly arrives by helicopter? Sooo Alexis Carrington Colby Dexter!

    On the other hand, given the old pope quit his job to duck legal scandals, this story is really more akin to Sarah Palin meeting Sean Parnell.

  2. Lymis says

    I didn’t think the “I only use mass transit” idea would last long. Not that it’s inappropriate for a head of state to travel by private helicopter, but it’s so annoying when reality intrudes on a good media theory.

  3. Caliban says

    “Benedict, who wore a simple white cassock.”

    My @ss. That looks more like some down-filled floor length designer coat he nabbed off a (underaged) runway model.

    “What? This old thing?”

    The Papal fashion war is ON!

    If those two don’t end up rolling around in the fountain at St Peter’s Square, slapping each other and pulling (sparse) hair I’m going to be severely disappointed!

  4. homogenius says

    1. I hate to ruin a good meme, but the new pope using a helicopter is actually a favor to the people of Rome, in addition to greater security. I despise the popes as much as the next rational thinker, but I prefer sticking to substance for my criticism.

    2. Any thought of Pope Ratfucker (I recently learned that Michelle Malkin cited me from DKos for that name back in 2005) continuing any significant influence is undermined by his frail appearance. Looks to me as if his days are numbered (but he won’t need that quilted coat in hell). Which leads us to…

    3. The quilted coat and the cane are revealing. Here’s an old man in rapidly declining health.

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