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Detroit Tigers Pitcher Justin Verlander Says Gay Player Would Be Welcomed by the Team: VIDEO


CNN's Carol Costello was at spring training with the Detroit Tigers and sat down with pitcher Justin Verlander, asking him if there are gays in Major League Baseball and whether an openly gay player would be accepted.


Said Verlander: "I'm sure there are [gay players]. I think as with any sport, a gay player would probably be hesitant to come out, but the sheer number says there absolutely is."

Verlander added that a gay player would be welcome in the Tigers' clubhouse:

"Yeah, I don't see why not.  Given the right situation, and a team that's a family atmosphere, and I feel like we have that atmosphere here. I don't think one of our players would be scared to come out. We got 25 guys, it's a family, and our goal is to win a World Series. What your sexual orientation is, I don't see how that affects the ultimate goal of our family."

Costello then asked Verlander why he thinks there is so much controversy about it:

"I think it's a tricky subject because you start getting into locker rooms and walking around nude, or whatever. And I think that would be more of a tricky subject than anything. You know, your life decisions and sexual orientation - like I said, I don't think that plays any effect on what we're trying to do as a team, so I don't see why that would matter."

Added Verlander: "I wouldn't mind it."


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  1. How come my straight male friends have never had a problem when I shower with them at the gym?

    Maybe because they know that I'm gay, and Out, and thus don't need to "get any" from a straight dude, as there's a world of gay men I can choose from?

    Trolls like Rick will always hate "visibly gay" or "perceived-effeminate" males. Why? Because those males don't live in fear of what others are thinking, and trolls like Rick are crippled by it.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Mar 6, 2013 3:37:05 PM

  2. "why would we ogle straight guys, anyway? we're gay. we like GAY men"

    LOL. 98% of the men who are held up as sex objects on this site are almost never see an actual gay guy held up as a sex object.....and that is no accident....

    Posted by: Rick | Mar 6, 2013 3:40:48 PM

  3. We're already in their locker rooms. And if society were somewhat more evolved being naked would not be any big deal. IMO people are WAAAAY too uptight. Naked does not and should not equate sex, but sadly to many it does.

    Posted by: Casey | Mar 6, 2013 3:43:25 PM

  4. is that why you remain completely closeted in your post-middle age, Rick?

    you never found a gay man who lived up to the straight man of your dreams?

    i don't have that problem :D

    btw, ever gonna show yourself or are you still giving excuses for remaining such a cowardly little wimp?

    :-) i'm in town. we could grab a drink. ;-)

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Mar 6, 2013 3:44:06 PM

  5. you show me a locker room or shower that's free of gays and i'll show you a unicorn.

    Posted by: Little Kiwi | Mar 6, 2013 3:46:20 PM

  6. When I'm in the locker room I am usually in a hurry to shower and dry off. I need to get about my business......ogling straights ? I don't think so.
    And as for "showering with women" or "sex objects on this site", And I'm "living in the gay ghetto" ?
    WTF are you talking about ?

    Posting a picture of a model on this site is a deliberate act which we all understand is to be "ogled".... both ogler and oglee.
    But what has that to do with straights and gays in the locker room ?

    It was the same old tired argument in DADT....."oh my god, we will be showering with gays.......they will be ogling us....."

    As CASEY says ; we are already in their locker rooms.
    We were already in their military forces.

    BTW, I've even seen straights in our bars and in our least there we have time and licence to ogle.
    Straights and gays sharing either sports settings or leisure settings or work environments is not that big a deal any more.....get used to it.

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Mar 6, 2013 4:22:47 PM

  7. An openly gay player is going to be respectful of his teammates in the locker room or anywhere else. That's what it means to be part of a team, and any player of integrity--the kind that goes along with being honest about who you are instead of hiding in shame--is not going to go around ogling teammates. Noticing another man is quite different than ogling, and it's no secret that a lot of straight men who are secure in their masculinity have no problem being noticed by women or by other men.

    Posted by: Ernie | Mar 6, 2013 4:50:51 PM

  8. Nice to know that his is more than a sexy-goofy jock

    Posted by: jaragon | Mar 6, 2013 6:05:50 PM

  9. RYANINNWYO GFU. Pretend you like baseball, they'll still find you.

    Posted by: Jack | Mar 6, 2013 7:31:25 PM

  10. Justin is very articulate and seems to have a great sense of humor and more importantly seems to be a genuinely nice guy.

    Posted by: andrew | Mar 6, 2013 8:15:59 PM

  11. Sexy man

    Posted by: hornlongjohn | Mar 7, 2013 10:40:20 AM

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