1. Tony says

    Hide your altar boys! The foreign leader of a foreign cult has slithered up to pass judgment on us all. Thank you, founding fathers, for making him irrelevent.

  2. graphicjack says

    Congratulations to the new Grand Wizard. May he have all the red Prada shoes, gold lamé gowns and alter boys he desires, along with a key to the big gay sauna, all while he tells us how immoral WE are. Can we just incite a revolution and abolish this plague on society?

    Organized religion is the biggest threat to society and to sanity. Why are dead religions “myths” and new religions “cults” when they are as equally illogical as established religions and none have been proven to be true? If people want to believe in a magic sky fairy, that’s their business, but it doesn’t give them a pass to tell others how to live, nor does it excuse organized religions causing war (crusades), genocide (Inquistion), illegal executions (death by burning), hindering public health (statements that claim condoms cause AIDS and should never be used), subjugation of women (pro-lifers, inequality of nuns vs. priests), racism (KKK, Nazis), and homophobia. Athiests UNITE!

  3. gregorybrown says

    I suspect that a quick decision has little to do with guidance from the Holy Bird and more with the unwillingness of all those old nances to hang around cooped up too closely with each other.

  4. Paul R says

    Aside from saving a few of the cultural artifacts inside, it’s too bad that smoke emerging means they’re choosing a new BS leader and not OH MY GOD THE PLACE IS BURNING DOWN AND THERE’S NO ONE TO HELP US.

  5. tinkerbell says

    @GraphicJack — as one atheist to another, I could not agree more with your essay.

    Thank Dog they’ve decided on someone, I am so tired of this being on every TV channel I change to. Paganism is not my cup of tea (although a Brazilian Papa in a samba-school costume COULD make my day…).

  6. beef and fur says

    I haven’t been this excited since Sir Topham Hatt was promoted to Head of the Island of Sodor Railway.

  7. Hoss says

    Can’t wait to see the Pope after-show where all the cardinals who lost go into the Interior Illusions Lounge have Absolute cocktails and kiki about “Miss Thing

  8. beef and fur says

    In honor of new Sir Popetastic Beauteous Corpus I offer this riddle:

    Q: How do you get a Nun pregnant?

    A: Dress her up like an Altar Boy.

  9. Moz's says

    cardinal begolio

    Italian descent, Born and raised in Argentina, against gay marriage but has spoken on respecting gay people

    will take name Francis

    thus the prophecy …this pope who was supposed to be the black pope /last pope pre anti-christ and end of the world would take forbiden name PETER which no pope has ever taken since peter

    malachy prophecy thus proven false