YouTube Protects Admitted Gay Basher by Removing Video of Him Committing Assault


Is exposing a man on your street who confesses he called you a "faggot" and then assaults you an act of bullying or harassment? Apparently YouTube believes it is, because they took down the video posted yesterday of a man doing just that.

What do you think?

UPDATE: A commenter notes, the clip is back up here. The original is still down as of this update.



  1. Polyboy says

    Youtube’s “standards” have always been laughable. The number of gay videos placed behind age barriers as opposed to the straight videos is indicative of a pattern of anti-gay behavior and they’re silent about it in the face of complaints. It’s like Google’s behavior with gay blogs a few years ago.

    “Don’t be evil” my eye.

  2. Tempest in a Teapot says

    Completely appropriate. There was as much (or more) evidence of harassment by the filmer than by the alleged “basher”.

    If I were on a jury determining guilt/innocence of the alleged “basher”, I would not convict because of the baiting behavior of the filmer.

  3. dego says

    alternately.. It’s user-driven and then can be reviewed.. It is possible that another user watched it and misinterpreted it as being posted as an assault on the man rather than what it really was: him posting it as a rebuke of the interaction. People don’t always see things as they are…

  4. Francis says

    The video is up again:

    Youtube needs to do a better job with it’s regulations to prevent things like this from happening. A lot of bigots more or less go out of their way to find gay videos and have them either placed under age restriction or totally removed.

  5. jamal49 says

    Typical YouTube has it bass-ackwards. When does posting a video of someone being harassed, threatened and bullied–showing the truth of the situation as it were–constitute a violation of YouTube policy? This makes the man who was assaulted by the bigot a victim twice over. An opportunity to expose that bigot and let the world see his face and know who he is has been lost. Perhaps the guy who was assaulted could use a gay posse to come, hunt that bigot down and then kick his ass clear into next year.

  6. Paul R says

    Filming some jerk against his will while arguing with him, then posting it online, isn’t the greatest idea. Of course people complained. I’m sure the bully himself complained.

  7. Ken says

    Videos are generally not reviewed by anyone at YouTube. If enough viewers flag a video compared to the ratio of views to date, the system will automatically act.

    I’d suggest people download this video while it is still available, using keepvid (dot) you-know-what and upload it to video services other than YouTube, to keep it alive.

  8. says

    But I thought he was a big tough proud man? I thought he was a big ol’strong anti-gay idiot. He’s not. Wow. What a stunning third-act surprise.

    So, he’s only comfortable with the people whom he harasses IN PERSON knowing he’s a bullying bigot? Not the whole world?

    Is this like those who criticize “douchebagsofgrindr” because it “unfairly Outs” people? Unfairly Outs them how? They’re fine with gay men knowing that they’re racist and self-loathing, but they don’t want non-gay people knowing that they’re racist and self-loathing?

    Here’s an idea – if you don’t want all of Cyberland to know that you’re a bullying bigot, dont’ act like one in real life.

    See also: cops using excessive and unnecessary force.

    Sorry, the world is now armed with video cameras. Record it all, folks.

  9. mikeflower says

    Compare & contrast this video w methods used to convict Arab-Americans for “terrorism” by the FBI.

  10. Fensox says

    It’s not Googles fault… They have to manage an insane thing, it will never be smooth or perfect. When you create a future government operating while the old government is in place and single handedly managing the future of this countries infrastructure, and you perfect video takedowns in a way that everyone is always right, please write Google a letter and let them know how you did it.

    Also, I HATE takedowns like everyone else, but it’s little comfort to this bigot, damage done!

  11. antb says

    TIAT – WTH? You’re blaming the victim because he chose to shine some sunlight on a person harrassing him? This video is exactly the kind of response that will put an end to the casual bigotry and bullying that guy is doing when he walks down the street calling people faggots. I hope to god if i’m ever bashed that you’re not on the jury when the basher goes to trial since you clearly think that behavior should be unchallenged and rewarded.

  12. says

    ANTB – concur. Remember last summer when there were those INSANELY racist tweets about The Hunger Games by tweens? All the post-election racist tweets about Obama? They went viral. People freaked out. And…why? They got upset that their “casual bigotry” went global? Oh well.

  13. Bill says

    @Frank O’File: I just saw it by clicking on the link labeled “here” in the article above.

    I can see why youtube removed it – the video doesn’t show this character actually saying the ‘f’ word, so you can’t tell if he is a bigot being “educated” or if he is an innocent victim being harassed.

  14. Caliban says

    I *just* got finished watching this video. Most of the time I don’t watch things like this because there’s enough cr*p in the world to be p*ssed off about without seeking out new outrages.

    But I don’t know WTF some of you are going on about, that the person taking the video is a “stalker.” This random @sshole called someone a faggot (and has also apparently said the same thing to a teenage boy.) He DESERVES to be publicly shamed!

  15. G says

    I have run up against Youtube’s anti-gay leanings before. They are well known to be anti-gay in their banning and deleting policies.

  16. says

    I won’t be surprised if Google gets called to court to produce the video if the man files a formal complaint against the man. Plus, I’m assuming the man still have the original video, which too will be used in court.

  17. Bill says

    @G: youtube is owned by Google, which is one of the most gay-friendly companies you can find.

    What is more likely is that youtube gets a huge number of requests to delete gay-related videos, and some get acted upon by mistake. With all the videos being posted, youtube has to be complaint-driven – nobody has the time to go through everything. The guys processing the requests probably have a huge backlog that they have to try to handle each day.

    Basically, if you get 10 times as many requests per video against gay-related videos than other videos, it would not be surprising to see a removal rate 10 times higher.

  18. Andy says

    The guy behind the camera way over-reacted to being called a f**. Besides, the guy saying the word f***** was probably a f***** himself.
    It’s not illegal to call someone a name. It is illegal to follow and videotape someone when they have repeatedly asked to be left alone.

  19. says

    Nice failed attempt at logic, “ANDY” – i bet you’re a real force to be reckoned with in the real world ūüėČ

    So let’s see if i can dumb this down enough for you to understand it – if you want to be “left alone”, and don’t want to be filmed, you might not want to verbally harass someone on the street, specifically calling them a “f@ggot”.

    it’s quite simple. he wanted to be left alone? really? then why did he call him a “f****t?” simple: he didn’t think the guy would do anything. and the guy did. and it got filmed and the video went viral.

    likely the last time this cowardly sack of waste will call someone a “fa***t”

    so there. suck on that,

  20. says

    “It is illegal to follow and videotape someone when they have repeatedly asked to be left alone.”

    btw, it’s not. if it were, there’d be no such thing as Paparazzi.