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Gay Man Confirmed to Second-Highest Civilian Position in the Air Force

Eric Fanning, nominated by President Obama in August 2012, has been confirmed as Air Force under secretary, the Washington Blade reports:

FanningPrior to his confirmation, Fanning served starting in July 2009 as the deputy under secretary and deputy chief management officer for the Department of the Navy...As part of senior leadership within the Air Force, Fanning is responsible for recruiting, organizing, supplying and mobilizing the service in addition to other duties.

...In addition to his military career, Fanning has been involved in LGBT acvitism. He’s a former board member of the Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund and served on the board of directors from 2004 to 2007.

Allyson Robinson, executive director of the LGBT military group OutServe-SLDN, praised the Senate in a statement for the confirmation of Fanning.

“This appointment is yet another example of this administration’s commitment to affirming the contributions and service of the LGBT community and underscores the new reality of open gay and lesbian service in our ranks,” Robinson said. “We look forward to working with him to advance the cause of full military equality.”

More at the Blade...

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Growing Up, Coming Out, and Learning to Speak the Language of Love: VIDEO


The process of coming out as gay and falling in love for the first time is explored in the new short film The Language of Love written by and starring 17-year-old Kim Ho, who developed it with Australian playwright Tommy Murphy and the Australian Theatre for Young People in Sydney.

Watch the touching film, AFTER THE JUMP...

Ho's film, directed by Laura Scrivano, began as a monologue called 'Transcendence' he wrote for a competition for The Voices Project.


A brief piece about the making of the film:

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The Silliest DOMA-Themed Take on The Village People's 'Y-M-C-A' You've Ever Seen: VIDEO


What do you get when you combine a discriminatory marriage law, the Supreme Court, and an iconic 70's disco classic?

Find out, AFTER THE JUMP...

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Interview with an Underwear Model: Greg S - VIDEO


The Underwear Expert continues its interview series in which they ask the important questions.


Previously: Philip Fusco, Mark MacKillop, Go Green.

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Why Do We Cry? - VIDEO


A look at the science behind tears - of reflex, sadness, and joy.


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Obama Salutes 'Big-Hearted People of Boston' in Weekly Address: VIDEO


President Obama capped a very rough week for the city of Boston by saluting the "stories of heroism and kindness; resolve and resilience; generosity and love" in his weekly address:

If anyone wants to know who we are; what America is; how we respond to evil and terror – that’s it. Selflessly. Compassionately. And unafraid.

Through days that would test even the sturdiest of souls, Boston’s spirit remains undaunted. America’s spirit remains undimmed. Our faith in each other, our love for this country, our common creed that cuts across whatever superficial differences we may have – that’s what makes us strong. That’s why we endure.


I've also posted his remarks from last night, shortly after the capture of the second bombing suspect.

NBC News makes this note:

"When a tragedy like this happens … it's important that we do this right. That's why we have investigations. That's why we relentlessly gather the facts. That's why we have courts," he said. "That's why we take care not to rush to judgment -- not about motivations of individuals, certainly not about entire groups of people."

There was a small element of politics amid an essentially criminal pursuit of the at-large suspect in the Marathon bombings, an event that was regarded as a terrorist attack. Sen. Lindsey Graham, S.C., and Rep. Peter King, N.Y., both Republicans who speak out frequently on national security issues, quickly urged law enforcement against reading Tsarnaev his Miranda rights, which would entitle him to certain legal rights in the criminal justice system.

But the administration said it would invoke a public safety exception to the Miranda rule shortly after Tsarnaev's apprehension, and would withhold the warning normally read to suspects under arrest when the accused terrorist is physically able to be interrogated.

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