1. George F says

    IMO Popcorn zombie-monster-vampire-robot-alien movies are ok…and occasionally fun to watch.
    But the fact that they leave little to zero room for movies with heart and real people makes me sad.

  2. bandanajack says

    @marshall did you ever notice the subtitle of TOWLEROAD?
    a site with homosexual tendencies

    it doesn’t say anything about being a world changing compendium, or 100% gay every day. when you criticise what’s in here, you are criticizing the taste of it’s host, rather like a dinner guest entering and criticizing the decor. its just rude.

  3. Greg says

    Looks like it’s going to be a fun filled summer. From The Great Gatsby to Despicable Me to Monsters University, I am rather excited.

    Also, to the above negative commentators: I feel sadness for you. Why? Because while some of these movies might be crap and might be reason for you to not go to the movies(I’m looking at you Fast and Furious Six) there are other films that are quality. Pixar for instance. Aside from the dreck that was Cars 2, it’s produced masterpiece after masterpiece

    Try to be less myopic. And maybe that one commentator who wonders why this site panders to mainstream culture – hi, we are a part of mainstream culture too. Come out of the ghetto you’re in. We have an entire world out here.

  4. David says

    Will the visual trend of fade up from black, show a few seconds, fade down to black ever leave trailers? There has to be a more creative way to show what a movie is.

  5. Marshall says

    @bandana jack – point taken. It’s just that we seem to constantly be putting mainstream culture above our own… when I see the same things on gay sites that I see everywhere else, I wonder why I’m here.

    @Greg – I used to criticize people who lived in the gay ghetto all the time. Then I realized that was my own internalized homophobia talking. Why you feel it necessary to criticize an interest in gay culture is for you to decide.

    I don’t think it’s too much to remind these sites of why we (or at least I) come here. I can get this on Entertainment Tonight.

  6. scott says

    What is gay culture?

    I mean that sincerely… is is John Waters films, or drag shows- or leather balls, or Broadway musicals or operas- or Gus Van Sant films, or those (mostly cheesy) gay rom coms, or Rufus Wainwright music or…. what?

    I think it’s ok to be proud of gay entertainers and gay whomever-they-are that bring happiness into this world, but it’s probably a bit nebulous when one truly starts to define “gay culture.” This is similar to a book review I once read where the reviewer was pointing out the massive flaws within the book’s arguments- it was “How to be Gay” or something. The author’s idea of “gay culture” consisted mostly of Judy Garland/Barbara Streisand music, ’40s cinema, cocktail recipes, and the best drag tips. That isn’t what a lot younger gay guys are into today, so it represents a small portion of the gay community’s tastes. Now, there’s great culture in there- I love ’30s and ’40s cinema.
    But I don’t know Judy Garland or drag or many cocktail recipes.

    My point is- we are part of the mainstream culture, and most of what we like is mainstream. Yes, it is important to recognize our cultural forbears, but that’s not to say we should stagnate and let that be the only standard of what culture is that we adopt.

    Now, where was that Lone Ranger preview- I think it’s missing from that supercut!

  7. Marshall says

    @Scott – all good points. I think gay culture is different for each generation and different for different groups – there’s also a lot of intermingling and mixing. And certainly I understand that we all exist in the larger mainstream culture.

    We do however need to continue creating a gay culture or perhaps many linked cultures… if don’t ask for it, it won’t exist.

  8. Kevin_BGFH says

    Looks like an exciting summer! I love the Oscar-bait films that come out late in the year, and the indie films with heart and a message, but I also love the rollicking blockbusters with the sole goal of entertaining. Guess when it comes to films, I tend to be a glass-half-full-not-half-empty kind of guy.

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