1. Ant says

    Ban Ki-Moon has the admiration ,respect, and pride of many South Koreans. Hopefully this will change the views and altitudes of the South Koreans toward their fellow LGBT citizens.

  2. candideinnc says

    I don’t believe in a god, but if there were one, he/she would bless this man. This is why we need to support a United Nations. Leadership and conscience.

  3. Adam says

    Why doesn’t Ban Ki Moon go and say this at the actual UN instead of some audience-specific gathering? Audience-specific gatherings simply serve to isolate our concerns from the mainstream. Ban Ki’s words will not resonate beyond this audience-specific meeting.

    Ban Ki Moon should directly address the UN representatIves of Asian and Middle Eastern and African countries that discriminate and even kill us. Pigs might fly.

  4. JONES says

    Ki-Moon has made speeches before the UN General Assembly on the role of leadership in the fight against homophobia as well as ending violence and criminal sanctions against gender identity and sexual orientation.

  5. simon says

    There is a link above on his speech to the Human Rights Council. At lot of Asian and African countries members just walked out. Actually US and UK carry more weights than the UN and they can cut off foreign assistance to these countries. UK has already threatened to do so.

  6. Francis #1 says

    This is a big, big deal, Ban Ki-Moon is an awesome advocate for equality. The message has been made clear—if you’re a member or supporter of the UN, you need to support equality for our community. No questions asked. It’s a major step in the right direction and sets the tone that countries worldwide will be judged according to.

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