Brendon Ayanbadejo’s Bod, Workout Regimen: PHOTO


Writes Brendon Ayanbadejo on Facebook today with the photo above:

Attacking today with an enthusiasm unknown to man kind! 

Today's work out:

Chest press 20 reps
Military press 20 reps
Pull downs 20 reps
Triceps extension 20 reps
Bicep curls 20 reps
Leg curl 20 reps
Leg extension 20 reps
Crunches 150 
1/4 mile sprint

No slacking off since leaving the Ravens!


  1. Willowy says

    Interesting as a physical specimen, but too thick for my personal aesthetic.

    I do chuckle, however, at how straight men are just as big camera preeners as we are.

  2. Michael W. says

    So does he only do one set, 20 reps each to look like that??? I may have to start lifting some at the Y, instead of heading straight to the steam room…

  3. Keisha Kornbread says

    He needs to clean that mess up behind him. There’s nothing cute about being messy or a slob. It’s not like he’s busy working.

  4. SC David says

    Before anyone gets too worked up about achieving that build with 20 reps, remember his workouts as a football player were optimized for explosive power. He can run a mile well under 7 min, which is solid for a 225-pounder in his 30s. Brendon is a nutrition fanatic as well. He gives himself the occasional cheat meal, but his typical meal is a lot of calories in the form of high protein, complex carbs, healthy fats. Actual example: 16 oz chicken, kambucha drink, brown rice with quinoa, kale, spinach, salad of romaine with flax, sunflower seed, raisins according to

    His big challenge if he stays retired from football is to taper off and avoid having the muscle mass go to flab the way it does for a lot of retired players.

  5. Fanzy Pantz says

    So, when he talks about how there are active players in the NFL who were planning to come out…do we still think he isn’t one of them?

    In any case, I’d hit it.

  6. Ryan says

    My dad was a guard/special teamer in the NFL back for most of the 70s. He went for long, long runs everyday in the off-season.

    Not to say he didn’t do the weight training, too, but it was a much different (and leaner) game back then.

    He was still very imposing from his regimen in the photos that I’ve seen, but almost looked like a country runner compared to Brendon in this photo.

  7. Chuck Mielke says

    My, my, my! I grew up on superhero comics so this guy’s just a joy to look at. Eyebrows? Be still my heart! Face? Sweet, intense, exotic. Plus, he’s an ally. I might actually watch football if he’s one of the 4 he expects to come out soon.

  8. Derrick from Philly says

    @”Who is he exactly?”

    Well, Jon, actually he is the youngest candidate ever to run for the governorship of Alabama. Even though he is young some believe he has a fair chance of defeating his Republican opponents in the primary–then he’ll smash whatever Democrat runs against him. It’s very exciting to see the political posters all over Alabama saying, “Ayanbadejo For Alabama!”

    Very exciting.

  9. Markt says

    Glad he’s out of football cause he has a great brain that needs to be in public service. I’d hate for him to get concussion syndrome. He really should be a superhero in one of the many hollywood products flying onto the big screen. I think he acted in college.
    How do we ensure that we continue to follow his progress in the off-season? It looks like it could be very important.

  10. Acronym Jim says

    David Hearne has already relinquished his credibility by posting under several different sockpuppet nyms on the earlier Paris assault thread.

    I’m cross-posting my comment about that here:

    “We now know that David Hearne/DHearne/Oh dear/bobby/DH/Hagatha/Sean are all the same person.

    We also know that NOM’s tactics are to establish a division between equal rights for GBLT movement and the ongoing African-American community’s continuing struggle against stereotyped discrimination.

    I suspect that David Hearne et “al” is a NOM crony.

    He and NOM generally, fail for one reason. We as GLBT citizens are comprised of every race, nationality, gender and sex.

    NOM just doesn’t get it. Sexual orientation is ubiquitous and unchosen across every community regardless of race, nationality OR sexual “preference”. The cluelessness of NOM continues to astound.”

    In this case it’s less racist and more sexist. Trolls gotta troll.

  11. Icebloo says

    Ok this didn’t make any sense to me. I do WAY more than this at the gym and I am nowhere near as built as Brendon.
    So… I found his original Tweet and it seems Towleroad, as usual, missed a very important part of Brendon’s regime. At the end of the Tweet it says “REPEAT 4X”. He does that whole workout FOUR TIMES – not just once.

    Can you please report things more accurately in the future Towleroad ?

  12. Anony6 says

    Dude is the total package! Cute face, sexy bod, and a huge…brain.

    Diesel workout to, especially when repeated 4x like Icebloo mentioned above.

  13. Lee says

    He seems to be a smart, kind, and intelligent guy, not to mention his handsome face and incredible body. But PLEASE, to whoever is doing whatever they are doing to his eyebrows: STOP!!!

  14. David Hearne says

    Acronym Jim – What the hell are you babbling about? I have posted as David Hearne, Hagatha, Dhearne and I think that’s it. As I have explained to two other idiots on here, David Hearne and Hagatha are two different computers I use. Dhearne and Hogotha were names I used when I dumped cookies to see if the site was misbehaving or simply refusing my log. Do you understand now? Or are you going to continue on some simpleminded routine because you don’t like what I have to say? If you don’t like what i have to say, feel free to CORRECT it if it’s wrong.

  15. says

    Very impressive physique. In terms of what his workout is usually like, I highly doubt that his workout has always been like this. Serious athletes often periodize their workouts, alternating between high weight low reps, lower weight higher reps, balance training, etc. However, I’m sure that he has done some higher weight lower rep training in the past given his physique development.

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