1. Duration & Convexity says

    Why did ESPN allow this segment, one that completely took away from Jason Collins moment, not even two minutes after he came out?

    THAT FOLKS is the million dollar question.

  2. Alejandro says

    Duration and Convexity,
    That’s what alarms me about this. Everything on television is mapped out well in advance, including segments like this. Talking points are discussed. Why would ESPN hijack a perfectly positive story and allow it to be turned into this INSANE Fox News like sermon. It’s absolutely crazy to me. ESPN completely dropped the ball here.

  3. Kevin says

    Sorry but I fully blame ESPN here. they got real messy here. real, real dirty. their ass knows they’d never be having a clip like this with one of their senior writers blasting the first openly Muslim NBA player. Or first openly Jewish NBA player. Just imagine y’all if this bull right here was directed at the first openly Muslim or Jewish player in NBA. And they were judged and berated for not being Christian with Christian values. THERE’S BE DAMN PROTEST ON THE STREETS and ESPN would be havin a press conference.
    ESPN knew exactly what it was doing. Real down low and dirty with this move.

  4. Spence says

    I’m sick of the effin apologizes and “clarifications”. Either stand by your words, and tell people to deal with it if they don’t like what you had to say, or don’t say it at all. IRL no one apologizes for their POV — no matter how stubborn or “offensive” it may be to others, but scaredy cat Hollywood is always apologetic for what some may not like or take the wrong way and it creates this false reality. Reaction to JC’s announcement has actually been VERY mixed with colleagues and fans, but that gets sugarcoated and the naysays gets downplayed and it just looks like everyone is congratulating him. So fake.

  5. Two Dads says

    ESPN wanted LGBT viewers because they know that’s where the money is at for advertisement. So they did this whole fake campaign about supporting and encouraging gay players, followed by an ‘It Gets Better’ campaign and first major athlete in mainstream sports to come out and what does ESPN do? Not even a hot minute later they have one of their most prominent employees ripping the gay athletes head off for being gay and slamming his integrity.

    Thanks ESPN for showing your true colors. And I hope before LGBT organizations call this Broussard clown out; they let ESPN know what’s up.

  6. Alenjandro TX says

    Why was Collins sexuality even being debated? He’s gay. Why are they having an anti- gay talking head to oppose his sexuality?

    Why did a sports network spend five minutes talking about an athlete not being religious enough?

    Why is a players sexuality being questioned in comparison to his religion on a SPORTS network?

    ESPN has some more explaining to do than this manufactured PR statement.

  7. Scott Johansen says

    This was one of the most messed up things I’ve ever seen, and I too blame ESPN, and I’ll tell you why. Jason Collins has devoted his whole life to this game and has had an incredible career with some of the best teams in the league. His family, including his NBA star brother, has devoted their life to this game. For ESPN to treat his triumphant day in this disrespectful manner is a slap in the face to him and all his many many years of hard work and dedication to the game. That’s what bothers meost about all this.

  8. TreesJeans says

    I trust ESPN will also have a segment with their Christian senior analyst preaching the sermon EVERY time an athlete has a child out of wedlock (which, if you follow sports, is literally every other day)….No?

    So when straight athletes announce on twitter their girlfriend just gave birth to their child, we’re NOT going to get ESPN having their Christian employees coming on air bashing them to pieces for not being Christian enough?

    I want GLAAD to ask them why? ESPN wants to be CBN now. It’s only fair they be consistent.

  9. johnny says

    Technically, ALL christians live in sin under the code defined by their bible. “All have sinned and live short of the glory of God”. That’s the whole concept of christianity, you sin, you get Jesus, you are forgiven.

    So by that standard, Broussard is a sinner as well. And also, he’s judging someone else, ANOTHER thing you’re not supposed to do as a christian.

    Gee, Chris, not a very good example of Christ’s love. Typical hypocritical christian, I have yet to see one that isn’t.

  10. Klien says

    Chris Broussard, the judgmental ESPN clown criticizing Jason Collins for not being Christian enough, is on twitter. And while his homophobic twitter fans are ripping Jason Collins to shred on there…….you guys might want to join in on the conversation on twitter on Chris Broussard twitter page.

  11. Krajci says

    I blame Collins. He’s the one who created this circus. Can’t have it both ways and say it’s about the game and skills of the player…but then create a media blitz around someone coming out.

    Collins went from being a basketball player to a glorified token/caricature; proclaiming his sexual orientation in one breath while acting like he’s just your average pro basketball player on the other. You’re either a sideshow or you’re not, and if you’re not you won’t create a scene like one.

    Furthermore, why pretend that every reaction will be a positive one, and then be shocked at one that’s negative? I have a problem with people who are willfully naive/idealistic and try to play dumb just so that they can GASP at the not-nice comments that they know they’ll inevitably hear.

  12. scott says

    People like Chris Broussard were to be expected, as was his statements. What I sih would happen is for some gay Anonymous members to hack his computers and reveal what he does and looks at in his downtime. Can’t say 100% for sure, but I bet he isn’t entirely Christian in his viewing/googling habits. And THAT is the real issue here- even if one thinks of being gay or being in a gay relationship as sin, it’s doubtless that person is doing/living a “Christian” life all the time.

    I think everyone expected something lioke Chris Broussard to happen, but it was wrong of him to doubt and declare Collins as “not a Christian.” Unless Broussard is living a clean, honest life all the time, and calling out and reprimanding guys inn locker rooms or in conversations any time theyre talking about sex outside of marriage, or drugs, or porn, then he’s a hypocrite. And I wish someone could expose him for what he is.

    Cuz that’s what most guys are doing in the sports world- talking like that- and they would treat you like sh*t or like you’re crazy if they started getting the actual treatment Broussard said he believes in- supposedly calling out all sins. Bullsh*t. Only the gay guy, cuz theres only one of him right now, and he seems like easy pickings.

  13. Jim Brown says

    Broussard states “as it relates to Christianity”… Jesus Chris NEVER said a word about homosexuality. Ever. These people can claim some sort of ‘religious’ belief, but they cannot claim that it is from jesus Christ. Jesus Christ came to break the binds of legalism. Broussard may be some religious fanatic, but he is NOT a Christian!

  14. says

    Here are a couple of ‘abominations’ he, himself, is guilty of….

    Leviticus 19:27 Do not cut the hair at the sides of your head or clip off the edges of your beard.

    Leviticus 19:19 Do not wear clothing woven of two kinds of material.

    If he is going to use the ‘Christianity’ crutch to spew his bigotry, then he needs to abide by the words of the Bible.

  15. Dastius Krazitauc says

    How many other times has this *sports reporter* gone on TV to trash the faith of an athlete or call him/her a sinner? Does it happen regularly or does he just save that for the gay athlete?

  16. Roscoe says

    ESPN would never allow the Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan to spew hate about Collins’ race, but they allow an evangelical Christian to spew hate about Collins’ sexual orientation because, you know, that’s religion and it’s okay. This kind of implicit endorsement of Religious Based Hate needs to be stopped.

  17. Amir says

    Ignore the troll , Karjci, a couple posts above with the homophobic commentary. Trolls want attention. Don’t feed them.

    ESPN definitely dropped the ball with this one. Their legacy as a network will FOREVER be the venue that reacted to the first openly gay player with this divisive segment whereas every other sports show including NBA Now, TNT, and local sports media all congratulated and or reported on Jason Collins, with out the need to debate who he is, unlike ESPN.

  18. Jackson says

    An NBA player was arrested a few weeks ago for beating his girl friend. ESPN didn’t even so much mention it, much less do a Biblical lecturing on the player. Jason Collins has to have his whole self worth questioned on air by ESPN.
    ESPN….the Faux News of sports.
    I prefer NBC Sports anyway.

  19. Cal Hein says

    The man came out in a climate where people are fired, killed, abused, and mistreated for coming out. He should have been accepted and celebrated for accepting himself. That’s how a truly evolved society treats the news of individuals accepting who they INHERENTLY are.

  20. Real Talk says

    I expect a full segment filled with shunning and shaming dedicated by ESPN to every athlete who is caught at a strip club, caught making out with a women outside marriage, caught having a child outside marriage. ESPN better keep it consistent and start shaming every athlete not living up to the Christian word, because as we all know, every athlete is Christian or has to be, and if not- ESPN is an episode away from really putting that athlete in place.

  21. Kenneth Chicago says

    Where was this ESPN Christian fanatic the past ten years when some hundreds of women have been the victims of domestic violence by the hands of professional athletes?

    Woman have been HOSPITALIZED by professional athletes and ESPN failed to cover the news. A man states he is finally accepting his innate sexuality and ESPN does a holy segment, complete with pseudo pastor employee of theirs to bash him?

    Something stinks here.

  22. DatDude says

    Tweet Chris Broussard your thoughts. Don’t just post it on here.

    He felt entitled to get preachy and judge. Let’s use our freedom of speech and express our POV.


  23. Michael says

    As an ordained RC Deacon, I am always amazed when someone will spew forth ignorance and claim it in the name of God. My only question is: How did you arrive at the point where you decided what was, or was not, acceptable to the God that you profess to believe in and honor? I’m missing your logic. Maybe you should reconsider your thought process. And, as for ESPN, maybe you don’t want to be associated with someone with such flawed logic.

  24. kdknyc says

    Somehow, though, the heteros who are “living in sin” get a pass with these guys, because they’re, well, hetero. “It’s different”, they say, as weak justification.

    What a boob.

  25. Lyle says

    ESPN has had talking points about domestic violence, gangs in sports etc. There is nothing wrong for ESPN to have talking points about how people view homosexuality, especially in sports.
    The problem is that why is this news anyway. Who cares about Jason Collins sexaulity and why is this news. he wasn’t even a good basketball player in the NBA and his stats proved that. Move on people-nothing to see here.

  26. Dastius Krazitauc says

    If you have to ask, “Why is this news?”, you have stumbled onto the wrong site, Lyle. What does it say up there in the banner, underneath, “Towleroad”?

  27. Yeek says

    I don’t have a problem with people being assholes as long as Jason Collins gets to be who he wants to be. Actually, the honesty is refreshing in a world where everyone uses polite euphemisms all the time. Broussard is an idiot, and I don’t mind him showing it off.

  28. Caliban says

    Did Chris Broussard bring up his religious beliefs when Kobe Bryant was accused of rape? No? How about in regard to the MANY NBA players who are living with women they are not married to, committing adultery, using drugs, fathering multiple children with multiple women, driving drunk, accused of statutory rape, lying, and committing domestic violence on wives or girlfriends? No again. So basically the only time he has brought his religion into his job as a sports writer is in relation to Jason Collins and all the sudden he’s Mr Religion? Seems pretty hypocritical to me.

    He’s not the sports commentator for The 700 Club. He doesn’t comment on personal fouls with, “Well the BIBLE says….” because it would be inappropriate then and it was inappropriate here too. You want to talk about your religious beliefs? Become a preacher. Otherwise ST*FU.

  29. Michael says

    1st off, playing basketball is abomination, that is if you’re playing with the old-school leather ball.

    2ndly, does this guy even remember how the Bible was used against black people? Maybe he’s forgotten how the Story of Hamm ‘clearly’ indicates blacks are the inferior race and how the Bible beyond-clearly condones slavery.

    3rdly, Jesus said of a gay man, via the Roman Centurion, “Never have I seen faith greater than this” and He also mentions gay men as ‘born eunuchs’ and neither time does He condemn.

  30. Persino says

    If they wouldn’t have this segment about the first openly Muslim, black, Latino, or female athlete in a sport than it’s insulting, offensive and indeed willingly bigoted to do it for the first gay athlete and they deserve all the criticism from the community for taking away from Collins.

  31. Allstart505 says

    This attention starved Bassourd is wanting to steal the limelight away from Collins as everyone celebrates his courage, and get some media attention for himself. How desperate does this Christian broadcaster have to be for attention to hijack someone else’s moment. Pathetic

  32. Nigel says

    I like everyone’s comments and I am glad to hear them. To be most effective however, people should be contacting the advertisers on ESPN and expressing how chris broussard’s personal religious comments negatively influence your decision to purchase their product. For example, I love ESPN and watched it daily. Now I am concerned if the sportscaster is so unprofessional then the products advertised here must also be unprofessional.

  33. Gerry says

    I don’t watch ESPN – not a big sports fan… but WTF? Why does a sports network have one of their commentators start preaching about the religious values of others? First of all, it isn’t any of their business… second it doesn’t have anything to do with sports. What next, having Pat Robinson on being a guest commentator?

  34. jamal49 says

    Chris Broussard is Exhibit A as to why the only good christian is a dead-silent christian.

    That ESPN would give airtime to a born-again, evangelical horse’s ass to spew the ideological christian party line about LGBTQ people not only shows how deeply-rooted homophobia in professional sports is, but how idiotic the news media has become in its attempt to provide “all” points of view.

    An idiotic sermon from an evangelical lackey that has nothing, absolutely nothing, to do with the humanity of a man who made a very courageous decision about revealing his personal life in such a public forum displays crass opportunism by ESPN.

    Who gives a rat’s ass WHAT Broussard thinks? Why the hell would they give Broussard the “counter-point” to demean and slander a man who simply and honestly stated the reality of his own humanity? Broussard is a coward and a bigot. I beg the opportunity to confront Broussard and give him what he deserves.

    As for ESPN, none of us should take this outrage without raising a stink to high-heaven. It’s time for GLAAD and anyone else who thinks they support the LGBTQ community to take ESPN to task.

  35. Steve says

    Asking him that question was like inviting Tony Perkins on their air for some token opposition. It was part of an anti-gay agenda under the guise of journalistic “balance”.

  36. paula says


  37. Caliban says

    I see the f*ckwit brigade has shown up. Interesting that all three used ALL CAPS so it’s probably the same person.

    You know, when people cite the Bible like Broussard did I want to go through their life with a fine-tooth comb and look at all the ways they break Biblical laws in their own life because basically they’re ALL friggin’ hypocrites. They ignore all the rules that apply to themselves because it would get in the way of them doing whatever the f*ck they want to do but they’re Johnny-on-the-spot to start banging the old book when it comes to gays. Pure hypocrisy and nothing but.

  38. Francis #1 says

    It’s things like this which prove we still haven’t made it yet. Our lives are still a controversy. Being anti-gay is still given legitimacy. When that stops, I will know we’ve made it. Until then we haven’t truly gained acceptance in our society.

  39. paul R says

    He should just be fired!! make an example that we are tired of this kind of crap, as many people pointed out, there is a time and place for everything, he was not hired to sit in judgement of other people and if he was a Muslim or some other kind of religious person, he would have been fired!! and once again, double standard, did he sit in judgement of all of the sports players who have been involved in extra-marital affairs… I think not!!

  40. Eleanor T says

    I appreciate you Chris,it’s right to stand on what you believe,God bless you and your family,that’s the kind of role model I talk to my kids about

  41. DavyJones says

    OTL is an Op-Ed show, they discuss lots of issues that are tangentially to sports and this is one of those segments. In that context Broussard should be free to express his opinion as he sees it, just as others are free to express theirs.

    He’s not calling for Collin’s to face some type of retribution, nor is he making particularly hateful statements about him. The moderator asked about Collin’s article relating his Christianity to his homosexuality, and Broussard gave his opinion (which is an opinion shared by many of his fellow Christians).

    We have a right to demand equal treatment under the law, we have a right to demand that we are not persecuted or unduly mistreated because of our sexual orientation, but we don’t have a right to demand that others change their religious opinions, nor that they hold silent when they disagree. We have to work hard at converting these people the hard way, not by silencing them, but by proving them wrong.

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