1. Marc says

    Love this! I’m seeing us on the brink of a new wave of hip hop. As gender norms relax, as society embraces LGBT people, as straight audiences can enjoy Drag Race as much as a gay audience, it only makes sense that a gay hip hop artist could do well.
    I think the door is opening. And this is a fun way to open it!

  2. steven says

    no thanks, i was hoping for quality in the music. since there is none, all the trappings dont matter. but ill admit she made me smile until i heard the n word and that skanky rapshit.

  3. Jake says

    No offense to the current crop of gay rappers, but we need some real masculine bisexual and gay rappers. Right now, the only gay rappers out there are very effeminate, non-masculine, and non-mainstream characters who reinforce archaic stereotypes. There are no real thuggish, macho, or even just mainstream bi/gay rapper dudes. That is why Snoop Lion is skeptical about their ability to integrate into popular hip hop.

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