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Transsexual Actress Calpernia Addams and Drag Race Star Shangela Light Up New Facebook Home Ad: VIDEO


Transsexual actress and activist Calpernia Addams (below) wrote to alert us to a new ad for Facebook's new 'Home' launcher app in which she and RuPaul's Drag Race star Shangela are featured.

Here's the synopsis of the ad:

A boring business trip gets a lot less boring, when Facebook Home brings a guy's friends on the journey with him. And all it takes is a few glances to reveal that his life isn't as conservative as his khakis.

Mark Zuckerberg featured the ad in his keynote this week, Calpernia tells us, and the ad makes Facebook one of the few companies to feature a trans actress in a commercial in a positive light.


UPDATE: Business Insider reports that the ad is receiving "a wave of negative reaction":

The ad's intent seems to be to show that having Facebook Home means that no matter where you are, you'll get all the wonderful, unadulterated weirdness of Facebook. But it also gives the odd impression that Facebook Home will turn your life into a visual clown car, with an endless stream of trivia spewing randomly from your phone.

The ad was created by agency Wieden + Kennedy, which also did "Chairs." Facebook spends very little money on TV advertising — why should it, it's owns its own audience of 1 billion people after all — and thus needs its ads to go viral in free online video media. Ads generally don't go viral unless they're very unusual. So what's happening here is that Facebook is being deliberately weird in order to get your attention.


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  1. YUK.

    Posted by: UFFDA | Apr 7, 2013 12:16:01 PM

  2. not much of an ad, really.

    Posted by: Sully | Apr 7, 2013 12:25:27 PM

  3. I thought it was weird that after the flight attendant told him to turn his phone off, he looked at a few more pictures and "liked" one of them.

    Facebook Home should have Alec Baldwin as their celebrity spokesperson.

    Posted by: Don Draper | Apr 7, 2013 12:52:47 PM

  4. I don't like it. I like Calpernia and Shangela, but what a terrible commercial.

    Posted by: JT | Apr 7, 2013 1:01:41 PM

  5. I give FB some credit here (even though I loath the site itself). I was pleasantly surprised when I saw his 'friends' were trans! It actually made me pause, when I usually Tivo right through commercials. I was with my folks and I almost pointed it out, but thought better of it. Although, I think my Dad got it without me pointing it out.

    Posted by: princely54 | Apr 7, 2013 1:06:35 PM

  6. I was also surprised last night when this commercial ran smack in the middle of the NCAA semi-finals. A whole nation of sports nuts getting to know Calpernia and Shangela is not a bad thing at all. Kudos to FB for running with the ad and not shying away from featuring it in big ad buys.

    Posted by: Andres Duque | Apr 7, 2013 1:13:23 PM

  7. Queue all the anti-Facebook comments. "OMG! I hate this ad for Facebook because I hate Facebook, which is why I posted it on Facebook, which I hate, so I could tell all my Facebook friends that I hate this ad because it's for my least favorite social media company...Facebook"

    Posted by: JSH | Apr 7, 2013 1:27:32 PM

  8. I cannot wait to share even more with Facebook.

    Posted by: Jay | Apr 7, 2013 1:29:45 PM

  9. Gross.

    Posted by: Darren | Apr 7, 2013 1:36:41 PM

  10. Don Draper: "Suspension of disbelief," pumpkin. That's why it was not weird for the drink cart to come down the aisle before take off. LOLs.

    Posted by: AngelaChanning | Apr 7, 2013 1:37:31 PM

  11. While I'm not overly fond of Facebook anymore, kudos is deserved here. Good job, Facebook.

    Posted by: C. Foley | Apr 7, 2013 4:28:26 PM

  12. Loved it. A very pleasant surprise during the game! Go Shangela!!

    Posted by: Rocco | Apr 7, 2013 5:31:26 PM

  13. During the NCAA semi-finals? That was a great move, Facebook!

    Posted by: | Apr 7, 2013 6:12:13 PM

  14. Harmless.

    Posted by: ty | Apr 7, 2013 7:11:55 PM

  15. Haleloo! Shangie is making coin.

    Posted by: Billy Crytical | Apr 7, 2013 7:35:56 PM

  16. "Don't you worry about drag queens, but start paying taxes!":

    "Facebook hid £440m in Cayman Islands tax haven"

    "Facebook getting a $429m tax refund even though it owes $559m"

    They are doing the same thing in Ireland,too!

    Posted by: iban4yesu | Apr 7, 2013 7:58:58 PM

  17. Wait, so which one isn't a drag queen?? :-p

    I guess the commercial is okay but I don't think Facebook was taking that big of a risk by featuring them for a whole 2 seconds (if that?) But hey, good on them....

    Posted by: Brian | Apr 7, 2013 9:57:58 PM

  18. Shangela popping out out of a big box is always going to annoy some. Girl is werking.

    Posted by: Tristram | Apr 8, 2013 12:20:57 AM

  19. Shangela popping out out of a big box is always going to annoy some. Girl is werking.

    Posted by: Tristram | Apr 8, 2013 12:20:58 AM

  20. Shangela popping out of boxes again! Love that queen.

    Posted by: Jonathan | Apr 8, 2013 5:42:58 AM

  21. @JSH That's my reaction! Minus the posting to Facebook part because I will never be a member there.

    Posted by: spraypaintedgold | Apr 8, 2013 2:11:01 PM

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