1. Don Draper says

    I thought it was weird that after the flight attendant told him to turn his phone off, he looked at a few more pictures and “liked” one of them.

    Facebook Home should have Alec Baldwin as their celebrity spokesperson.

  2. princely54 says

    I give FB some credit here (even though I loath the site itself). I was pleasantly surprised when I saw his ‘friends’ were trans! It actually made me pause, when I usually Tivo right through commercials. I was with my folks and I almost pointed it out, but thought better of it. Although, I think my Dad got it without me pointing it out.

  3. Andres Duque says

    I was also surprised last night when this commercial ran smack in the middle of the NCAA semi-finals. A whole nation of sports nuts getting to know Calpernia and Shangela is not a bad thing at all. Kudos to FB for running with the ad and not shying away from featuring it in big ad buys.

  4. JSH says

    Queue all the anti-Facebook comments. “OMG! I hate this ad for Facebook because I hate Facebook, which is why I posted it on Facebook, which I hate, so I could tell all my Facebook friends that I hate this ad because it’s for my least favorite social media company…Facebook”

  5. AngelaChanning says

    Don Draper: “Suspension of disbelief,” pumpkin. That’s why it was not weird for the drink cart to come down the aisle before take off. LOLs.

  6. Brian says

    Wait, so which one isn’t a drag queen?? :-p

    I guess the commercial is okay but I don’t think Facebook was taking that big of a risk by featuring them for a whole 2 seconds (if that?) But hey, good on them….

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