1. says

    That is one astounding display of complacency.
    For Cantor speak of “tolerance” demonstrates that he is a small mined ideologue…..he ignores the rabid anti women , anti gay actions of the Republicans.

    Je me souvien, as they say in Quebec.

  2. MikeKV says

    I’m so tired of these assholes saying, “We ought to be tolerant, but if someone has religious beliefs….” Screw you, and screw your religious beliefs.

    “Why can’t we spend more time on things we agree on?” Why can’t we spend more time on stuff we *DON’T* agree on?

    What a jerk… I’m SO tired of people like him.

  3. RMc says

    If your “opinion” includes illegally controlling any aspect of MY life and illegally forcing me to adhere to your religious “convictions” not only violating the establishment clause (which you, Cantor, took an oath of office to uphold) but violating my 1st and 14th amendment rights then NO I absolutely do not have to and will not respect you.

  4. SoLeftImRight says

    Boom! RMc you said it! I do not have to respect bigots who most certainly do not respect me or my human and civil rights.

  5. AllBeefPatty says

    The Repubs hooked their wagon to a bunch of mental midgets and they are going over the cliff with them.

    You’ve made a stand and now you’re dead.

    Buh Bye

  6. John Freeman says

    Lets all remind Cantor – Separation of church and state! His religious convictions are irrelevant to the issue of equal rights.

  7. Mark says

    I’m so sick of the word “tolerance”. While I understand the original intent of that word in regard to teaching tolerance, the Republican concept/definition of this is “to put up with”. They see gay people as something wholly negative and undesirable and the word tolerance just gives them a verbal pass when discussing these subjects. Then when they don’t really concede anything on the issue they trot in red herrings like like the economy–as if the issue they stay focused on is suddenly a non-issue. WTF?

  8. AJ says

    Ugh. I am just SOO sick of this topic. There, I said it. Let’s get it legal and move on. The same arguments, the same clueless bigots, nothing new is being said or presented. As Willow would say, “Bored now.”

  9. anonymous says

    I’m sure that since Eric Cantor is Jewish he also has a “personal religious conviction” about whether people should eat bacon. But, I don’t see him trying to outlaw it.

  10. Francis #1 says

    The thing is, men like Cantor have no real regard for our lives. If we all died today, he wouldn’t care less. So any argument on the merits of equality, on the damage being done towards couples without it, means absolutely nothing to him. He doesn’t care because he doesn’t care about us.

  11. Rafa in Toronto says

    Also, if religious convictions have any legitimacy as an official inspiration for policy, I might mention that my religious faith embraces equal marriage. Thus, Cantor’s policy is an intolerant violation of my religious convictions.

  12. Arrant says

    It’s impossible to watch Eric Cantor speak about anything without wanting to punch him in the face.

  13. Kevin says

    Sorry Mr. Cantor,when you try to impose your religious beliefs on me through civil law,my “tolerence” for you ends.

  14. Richard says

    Poor Eric just wants some tolerance for his intolerance. Jews should disown this guy. In fact, humanity should disown him.

  15. Hamish says

    Yeah, those f’ing intolerant people who actually want civil rights for all citizens.

    People like Cantor should take a long look at a clip of another anti-civil rights person who said he was the tolerant person saying “Segregation today, Segregation tomowwa, segregation foreveh” and see how Cantor and his ilk are going to look.

  16. AJ says

    Arrant: :)

    I’m not some moron with my head in the sand. I live in Minneapolis and we got POUNDED with this issue over the last election. It was EVERYWHERE before we defeated the marriage amendment. I’m just so tired of it. And every single political yahoo out there that “evolves” on this issue deserves their own post? Just. Bored. It’s 2013. I can’t believe this is still an issue. We should be ashamed as a fairly progressive country that we have been so mired down by religious BS that we are still fighting this fight. The generation behind ours totally gets it. Old stuffy people need to die and this will go away.

  17. ernstroehm's ghost says

    Just a thought for Towleroad readers…

    Strictly speaking, religion cannot be removed from public policy. Religion embraces almost every aspect of life. For example, the laws against theft and murder trace back in our culture to the Ten Commandments. Our secular law criminalizes those deeds BECAUSE the lawmakers were originally influenced by Church teachings. It is theoretically possible to abolish the laws against stealing and allow “Whoever’s smartest to keep the goods.” Ditto for murder. So there are two laws firmly based on religion.

    The notion that religion can be abolished as an aspect of public society is unrealistic.

  18. jaragon says

    Religious people have a right to express their views but at the same time they can not dictate government policy just because this offend their GOD. ( well at least when it’s convenient) And why don’t all these anti-gay bigots fight to end divorce which is a real threat to ” traditional” marriage ?

  19. jaragon says

    Religious people have a right to express their views but at the same time they can not dictate government policy just because this offend their GOD. ( well at least when it’s convenient) And why don’t all these anti-gay bigots fight to end divorce which is a real threat to ” traditional” marriage ?

  20. Merv says

    Yes, ernstroehm’s ghost, the prohibitions against theft and murder come directly from the Ten Commandments. That’s why theft and murder are legal in countries such as Japan. Oh, wait.

  21. Houndentenor says

    People’s perception that you don’t care about other people is accurate, Eric. That’s why it bothers you so much: you know it’s true.

    There was a great PBS documentary series in the early 90s called “Eyes on the Prize”. In it they showed a white woman (archival footage from the early 60s) whining about losing her “right” to eat in a whites only restaurant. “Why isn’t anyone talking about my rights?” That’s what this crowd will sound like in a few decades. To some of us that’s what they already sound like. The right to deny other people their rights is NOT a right. Acting as if you deserve tolerance for being a bigot is the definition of absurdity.

  22. anonymous says

    @ernstroehm’s ghost…

    I always find it very amusing that those who believe in any particular religion assume that those who do not believe cannot possibly have any moral convictions because you know, morality only comes from a belief in religion….

  23. AJ says

    I actually just read something about atheism.

    Christian: “If you don’t follow the church, how do you know not to rape, rob, murder and steal?”

    Atheist: “I don’t follow the church and I rape, rob, murder and steal as often as I want. Which is never.”

  24. says

    He’s an outcast in his own family on marriage equality and he’s unpopular with pretty much everyone. No wonder it always looks like there’s something poisonous lodged in his small intestine.

  25. Duration & Convexity says

    religion is the catalyst to so much hate toward my gay brothers and sisters, yet we have to sit back and pretend it’s not. tired of how society is forced to treat organized religion as sacred

  26. Burt says

    Ten Commandments? Hmmm… Great Flood? Hmmm.. Adam and Eve? Hmmm… Belief in one god? Hmmm…

    Archeological evidence would suggest that all of those arose elsewhere, and likely ended up in the Jewish bible because of their great teaching value..

    So let’s not bring religion into a discussion about gay marriage, shall we, Mr. Kantor?

  27. Bob R says

    It would seem ernstroehm’s ghost is very loosely educated in history. To state that laws prohibiting murder and theft stem from the 10 Commandments is just ignorant. No doubt a Christian zealot that fails to recognize humans and civilization existed and had laws long before the mythical God of Abraham, as well as religious beliefs that pre-date Christianity and Judaism. Laws were even codified in stone long before Moses delivered the big ten. Like the Code of Hammurabi, circa 1772 BC. Now, granted man has always feared some “God”, in Hammurabi’s time it was the main god, Marduk, one of many Babylonian deities. So perhaps it can be said that religion has always been a part of human society, but the preponderance of evidence would support God or Gods being creations of man rather than the other way around.

  28. says

    the preposterous thing about “religious beliefs” and “opinions” is that they have no justified application to written law.

    y’all are free to keep on thinking that gay marriages “aren’t real” or are “wrong” – just as y’all think everything that an Atheist or someone from a different religious affiliation does in life is “wrong”.

    but you cannot force your religious beliefs onto those that dont’ share them. because that makes no freakin’ sense.

  29. Tim says

    Eric Cantor and those like him are trying to hold others back and keep them unequal (in this case LGBT people). That is not okay and won’t be tolerated by those being held back and their supporters who don’t believe in holding others back.

    Pretty simple. Humans don’t like to be held back; they will strive not to be held back. Why do you have the need to hold people back? Remember, once you answer, it’s the ones being held back that get the final say on if they’ll tolerate and accept it since they’re the ones being held back. See how that works?

  30. Rees Cramer says

    Mr. Cantors religious convictions are his and if I understand our constitution I can have my own. Religion is a choice that a young man or woman comes to at some point of adulthood. Mr.Cantors, and my sexuality, were never a choice.

    Does he love his wife? he does.
    I just want to marry the man I love.
    Would he deny his wife that right?

    It comes down to love. that is what matters.

  31. Bernie says

    lol lmaoff do these republicans ever hear or listen to what they say?????……”we are portrayed as not caring about people” well, that might be the first honest thing Cantor has said….almost everything Repbulicans propose or say demonstrate their lack of humanity and care for people

  32. Geoff says

    Someone else said it better than I, but ‘Removing the ability to oppress others is NOT oppression!’ He’s done (on both sides). Republicans: idiots and proud of it…for at least fifty years!

  33. eb says

    Don’t disagree with a queers desires unless you can tolerate the tantrum. This is another “ME” issue, don’t confuse it with anything else. Be careful what you wish for. Anything can be rationalized, but the emotional response can be unexpected.

  34. Peter M. says

    Cantor: LGBT people wanting to have the same rights as everybody else are intolerant against Christians who want to keep marriage for straights only. Christians should have the freedom to dictate how much rights gay people can have.

  35. Michael says

    I know a lot, I mean a ton, of drag queens and that guy screams “DRAG QUEEN”.

    His whole demeanor is like, “darling, we need to be tolerant of yadda yadda yadda”.

    I’d bet the farm if I had one he’s a cross dresser.

  36. Edward says

    No, he’s no drag queen. That’s your fantasy. What he was was a pretty hot looking young man.

  37. ble.d_out.colo.r says

    The key words here are PERSONAL religious beliefs. As in, beliefs that do not reflect, and should not represent the rights of any other citizen but yourself. Religious people seriously boggle my mind in their capacity to be completely oblivious to what should be obvious logic to the rest of us.

  38. DC Arnold says

    I am quite certain that the likes of Canker sore will soon find themselves with nothing to worry about as we vote them out for being bigoted assholes who cared nothing for the country and got paid for it.

  39. says

    Hey, you heard him, he wants respect for all viewpoints regardless of logic, merit or intent.

    SO, viewpoints lose all meaning and value.

    SOOOOOO, Eric Cantor is a pro pedophile, cannibal satanist who is for murdering all 34 of his illegal, underage brides. It’s really quite insulting that you wont value his side of things.