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Catholics Ordered to Skip Communion if They Back Gay Marriage

Edward Peters, a Detroit professor and legal adviser to the Vatican, and the archbishop of Detroit, Allen Vigneron (pictured), are telling Catholics who support same-sex marriage that they are not welcome to take communion, the Detroit Free Press reports:

VigneronIn a post on his blog last week, Peters said that Catholic teachings make it clear that marriage is between one man and one woman. And so, "Catholics who promote 'same-sex marriage' act contrary to" Catholic law "and should not approach for holy Communion," he wrote. "They also risk having holy Communion withheld from them ... being rebuked and/or being sanctioned."

Peters didn't specify a Catholic politician or public figure in his post. But he told the Free Press that a person's "public efforts to change society's definition of marriage ... amount to committing objectively wrong actions."

Archbishop Vigneron agrees:

And the archbishop of Detroit, Allen Vigneron, said Sunday that Catholics who receive Communion while advocating gay marriage would "logically bring shame for a double-dealing that is not unlike perjury."

UPDATE: Jeremy Hooper notes that Ed Peters is the father of Thomas Peters, Communications Director for the National Organization for Marriage (NOM).

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  1. Even if Catholic church was theologically correct in opposing same sex marriage (which they are not!), support of a civil procedure with protections for religious institutions cannot elevate itself to the level that this dumb ass thinks. This sort of behavior is the sort of thing that those watching for Pope Francis for early signs of inserting sanity back into the church find discouraging but predictable. If there is a God, may it strike these evil people down...

    Posted by: Richard | Apr 8, 2013 11:10:41 AM

  2. Its O.K. to unbundle your beliefs. It is also O.K. to find a new church! Left Catholic Church decades ago. Churches are like travel agents for God. You can always book direct!

    Posted by: Tom in Long Beach | Apr 8, 2013 11:11:30 AM

  3. Woody is right. This is completely off base from actual Catholic teaching about when it is appropriate to deny communion (it's a very, very narrow circumstance that is almost never met). Moreover, supporting marriage equality in the civil sphere is simply NOT A SIN.

    Posted by: Thomas | Apr 8, 2013 11:12:21 AM

  4. Oh, yeah, this is going to go over really well with the few remaining reasonable Catholics in the pews. After all, you aren't supposed to be taking communion if you are using birth control, and I don't know a single person who follows that rule - while parish priests pretend not to notice Catholic families are getting smaller and smaller. Hell my father was allegedly excommunicated when he got a vasectomy, and they still took his donations until he left the church after their BS during the MA marriage fight (when he referred to the bishops as "homophobic, pedophile sons-of-bitches," I was so proud of him that day).

    Of course, to the Church marriage is a man and a woman who actually marry in the Church for life. All other forms of marriage, including remarriage after divorce, marriage in a civil ceremony only and marriages in churches not recognized as valid by the Church (including both Mormons and Baptists) are sins. Somehow I'm assuming Catholics who respect the First Amendment are not going to be required to forgo communion, right?

    Posted by: CPT_Doom | Apr 8, 2013 11:13:01 AM

  5. Being a child who was indoctrinated into the Roman Catholic religion I see the Archbishop is pulling out one of the two major weapons the Church uses. He's unleashed shame next weapon to be used will be guilt
    It's all they have

    Posted by: mikro | Apr 8, 2013 11:13:08 AM

  6. I meant that even supporters of doctrine contrary to the Church who persist in their opposition are also excommunicated. he is not making this up.

    The Church is just as vicious as it was to the Albigensians..........I'm glad to live in a later era at least we just get excommunicated not burned.

    Now Pope Francis were you welcoming people back to the Church at the weekend and did your message get through to the USA ?

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Apr 8, 2013 11:18:00 AM

  7. Wow!My Mom's third husband could not take communion until he was divorced by the church. She could not until she became Catholic which pissed me off.
    Wait til she hears this. She came to our committment but refuses to acknowledge our legal marriage.
    This church has a lot of rules. Is it really worth it? So glad I'm Pagan

    Posted by: BJ Jackson Lincoln | Apr 8, 2013 11:18:11 AM

  8. These is not in line with real Catholic doctrine

    Posted by: Steve | Apr 8, 2013 11:20:27 AM

  9. Perfect. Want to hear the pope say it as well. Commit suicide RCC.

    Posted by: jleo71 | Apr 8, 2013 11:20:50 AM

  10. "Will no one rid me of this meddlesome priest?" -- Henry II

    Posted by: mike/ | Apr 8, 2013 11:21:34 AM

  11. "Logically then, this would extend to any Catholic who has or is currently committing adultery, having pre-marital sex, masturbates, or using any form of birth control in the marital bed (other than the Catholic approved, but rarely successful, Rhythm method)."

    Of course, it does. That is what the Church teaches: anyone who is currently engaging in something the Church defines as unrepentant sin, which would definitely includes the aforementioned behaviors.

    Posted by: Jake | Apr 8, 2013 11:31:31 AM

  12. Like the figures in the background, the archbishop should put some light bulbs on his head. It is getting too dim.

    Posted by: simon | Apr 8, 2013 11:32:42 AM

  13. When will Catholics tell these ridiculous drag queens to stuff it?

    Posted by: Hagatha | Apr 8, 2013 11:32:45 AM

  14. It all reminds me of Monty Python's song;
    "Every sperm is sacred "

    Posted by: JackFknTwist | Apr 8, 2013 11:56:49 AM

  15. When the Church enters the public square to advocate for or against an issue of civil law, that makes it my business, and gives me the right and the obligation to engage and oppose them as I would any other organization doing that.

    But what a church I don't follow does internally with respect to their doctrines and how they enforce them on their membership is of no interest to me, and none of my business.

    Posted by: Booker | Apr 8, 2013 12:13:33 PM

  16. So, is this the ONLY rule of the church? Aren't there any other rules they command one not to break?? Do they tell adulterers not to show up? Those who covet? What else?? WHY this focus on gays? So pathetic.

    Posted by: princely54 | Apr 8, 2013 12:22:23 PM

  17. The R.C. Church continues to make itself ever-more-irrelevant to the civilized world. Good. The faster they do this the sooner they will simply disappear.Good riddance.

    Posted by: Alex Parrish | Apr 8, 2013 12:22:35 PM

  18. Right, it's wrong to support marriage equality, but okay to have premarital sex, have abortion, eat bacon, have a divorce, use drugs and take the lords name in vain.

    Also, nobody has the right to deny others communion or sacrament. It's between them and God. And it is totally possible to support gay marriage and not have your morals at stake. I believe, in God's eyes, love and kindness is what it's all about and not somebody's sexuality or their biology.

    Good grief.

    Posted by: Jordan | Apr 8, 2013 12:23:34 PM

  19. What does this mean for gay priests? Do they deny themselves communion?

    Posted by: thepolarbeast | Apr 8, 2013 12:30:42 PM

  20. So?

    Posted by: johnny | Apr 8, 2013 12:35:15 PM

  21. Jesus has sided with hatred. BIIIIG SURPRISE THERE...

    Posted by: anachro1 | Apr 8, 2013 12:45:40 PM

  22. In a time when fewer than 1/3 of Catholics in the U.S. regularly go to church, this just seems like another of the Catholic Church's self inflicted wounds. That's a good thing.

    Posted by: andrew | Apr 8, 2013 1:46:15 PM

  23. The church is not harmed by stating the belief of the church, just the people that want to do as they wish and want the church to change to their chosen lifestyle. The story of Sodom and Gomorrah are teachings in all christian bibles, so joining a denomination that claims the bible but ignores its teachings says more about the denomination than some bible thumpers want to discuss. As for divorce, it is not illegal in the church if two people choose to separate a civil union. It is remarriage that is the sin in the Catholic Church. If there is an annulment then the church recognizes the separation. In these days of societal confusion, it should be easy to prove that the marriage never really existed because folks have stopped teaching the responsibilities of marriage, and only teach either the sex, or the business end of combining incomes. Raising children is now a state responsibility, and fathers and mothers are assumed not to be required parts of a whole family as long as you have a single parent, usually a mom, earning money outside of the home. If one person is enough, why are the school dropout rates so high and the prisons so full? Married couples are exhausted and sometimes forgo romance. Yes, it takes two genders to make a child, and this patchwork feminist child rearing is failing children miserably. One man one woman was not invented by any church, but by hundreds of thousands of years of family planning and child rearing, after tested all other family styles in every situation around the world. Folks can still exercise free choice, and have a church as they want them; just not the Catholic Church. Get over it and drink the wine at the table that you are in communion with.

    Posted by: Ray | Apr 8, 2013 1:52:22 PM

  24. The Catholic Church once again says 'go away' to people who accept the natural variations of humanity.

    Are they in competition with the Mormons for being the nastiest so-called christian church?

    Posted by: TonyJazz | Apr 8, 2013 2:08:01 PM

  25. Fine, keep your lousy wafers!

    Keep driving people away, yea!

    Posted by: lewlew | Apr 8, 2013 2:17:09 PM

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